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When no one else understands what the fuck Chris is saying, I do. Certified for employment as a Cat IV cryptological linguist; chooses to spend time researching the internet's favorite manchild.

I salute you, good sir Armed Forces
This user is a member of the military, and is required to maintain a flat top haircut.

American Flag Americunt: This user is an Americunt and refuses to use unnecessary vowels. Uncle Sam would be proud!
Mail Operation Mailbag
This user contributed to the Mailbag and had their e-mail answered by Chris.

This user is STRAIGHT. The men like dykes and china while the women like pickles & balls. Unlike Chris, they don't mind da homos.
Christian cross Christian
This user is a Christian and has accepted GodJesus as his/her savior.
This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.
I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcribes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.
2008 Misses Old Chris
This user misses Chris's old shenanigans, and never wanted it to get this depressing.

I am a box

I cram key points into a nutshell.