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This is my sandbox for other changes I am making.

Transcription for the Analysis Anarchy Reaction Livestreams page

[Chris idles for a few seconds and then sighs] Hey everybody, this is Sonichu live comin' from... this house once again... and today we're doing a live stream of... Analysis Anarchy part 2, my l-- my reactions to the video. Yeah, just kind of--hold on, doing some... [Chris adjusts his laptop, causing the video to skip at 0:20-0:21] Yeah. [Chris sets down something] So I'm just... making sure everything's set up; this is my first time using the laptop. [Chris looks at his laptop for about 10 seconds] First time using the laptop for streaming at this point. [Chris looks at his laptop again, this time for about 20 seconds] Um, so, trying to-- so I don't know how to do screen on screen in this thing... but at least I'm able to, uh, see the video still and y'all should be able to hear it loud enough. [Chris returns to his laptop for a few seconds] Yeah... Anyway, so, yeah I'm doing...

exclaiming I'm just like a finger it's time to kill something allow me for the option of us application hmm they don't not don't know how this thing works anyway so there's that I did that just put coming in on me I'm dr. wolf strain so now I wait for the video the 81 minutes no just something on the phone I'm topic dead I know I mean but yeah by being early bird type of individual and I don't know that's new to me this video using a laptop for this I'm this is the first time using this laptop for this type of thing but at least the camera does work microphone works she's upstairs Barbara is upstairs okay kill time just flow into comments yeah well you're too loud she's upstairs alright stop asking about Barbara this is a reaction video for tf2 Mouse's anarchie red versus blue part 2 and we starting very shortly at least I have a little time to do this alright yeah Thank You vanderrocks Oh point our super chat thank you at least well there you go that's the first time this body gets to see some of your comments so yeah last month when we were when I reacted while watching part 1 it allows me last month it's aren't you yeah yeah we like to psych movie it's really good almost time it's progress the merge continues to be in progress everything is happening only fast my dear - I guess at least yeah I'm back on the tf2 window so no longer reading your comments sorry hey Lise y'all get to get the pleasure - they seem to the perspective of the laptop camera this time [Music] eight seven six five four three two one Sheldon honey [Music] so earbuds won't fit seriously technology is so bigoted sometimes DSi and they had cable and penis I'm sorry you want to repeat that nothing nothing creatures repent hey sweetie are you sure it's a good idea to bring me along I mean I been with you guys for that long and we really haven't any boys my cookies hunters reunion Oh will eggs ninja I want in here the professional atmosphere the sneak on have fun and you'll be fine [Music] greetings you good sir thanks for your request I have gathered our greatest mercenaries and we stand ready to fulfill the most dangerous missions and open up vocations how many we be of service today gracious employer you know I'm surprised but this is just perfect casting focus please so how can we help you today mr. um please just call me blue man red man will do just fine here for this one I triple dog I was just offering you a biscuit yeah I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid this guy works for the company that makes all those stupid robots if little toys trying to kill all of us what that was him are you certain mr. Boies 100% or my name is snuffleupagus manga some extent this my company does manufacture those robots we didn't use to but one of our lower managers the director made a non unintentional joint operation with a competing company that actually made the robots we didn't really have a saying what he was using the robots for so we kinda overlooked it but rest assured we open bug on this little operation so even bother you lot anymore it seems to be time the truth Jasper so I think Boston now so put the gun away from now [Music] wait a minute you there from the suit the suit yes Billy what's dr. Cobb well since you want we're the only ones available I expect nothing but the best from you I have a very difficult mission in mind and honestly if you can get halfway through this one in one piece I'm certain there will be nothing but with the opposition well thank you your confidence in us is overwhelming I'm glad you asked here is retard Josh hi guys oh there was an incident I wouldn't underestimate the power of Disney if I were you hey don't see there's advertising I mean somebody's got to pay for this flop and movie to happen full details know is it's personal nothing personnel you a position in bronies react totally my purview even though I don't edit the videos what is that is a good thing is it for you it's a good thing when they buddies react to whatever like us we're reacting to this video right now already oh yeah does this mean you might actually kill your teammates this time [Music] smirks ela smirks I foresee them going to get each other this both teams [Music] [Applause] drug is always a NY [Music] up here we go make the middle it's gone what are you guys doing here to be continued yep continue absolutely been waiting for next week next month next month battle or discussions your choice to keep it whatever but yeah yeah why reaction from the left up birthday so thank you all for watching in chop it up it's they say

Transcript for Live Drawing Stream - 05152017

[Chris stands in the middle of his room]--ve fro--from home once again, with another live drawing... special. But except this time, we have already done the drawings, and scanned them into the computer... of which we are going to put... these pictures... onto to the pre... taken... photographs... for my--for the eleventh book. So, right now, I'll be transferring you live to my laptop.

[Chris sits down and sighs] Now I gotta switch the input... oh, wait, no I don't... yes I do

Transcript for Sonichu's Update on the Dimension Merge and Sermon - October, 2020

CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the audio. If the audio is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

[The video opens on an intro depicting lightning strikes set to a heavy metal song about Chris. Text appears in coordination with the lyrics.]


[TN: 0:14 to 0:17 is illegible, same with 0:21 to 0:23.]

["The text "A SONICHU FILM" appears in the center of the screen, before the video abruptly cuts to black and then to Chris at a podium.]

Chris: [sigh] Hey everybody! Sonichu here, still in... Mama's body for like... six–for like six months since she and I body swapped... uh, but anyway, so, I wrote my own little speech that talks about updates that happened since when Mama... originally talked about the Dimensional Merge... that's still in progress. She wrote about that nearly two years ago, so... I recently rewrote, and all that by hand, and I finally got... so I wrote my par–my PIECE, that, is pretty much an update on what happened since, and a little bit from me, so... the emotion and heart and everything is all there, so, let's get down to it. [sigh] So, let's see, hm, [1:07 is unintelligible], right, so anyway, without further ado, let's talk about the communities, and what y'all in 1218 here, can and should do!

[The screen cuts to black between 1:11 and 1:17. The text "What you should do / To prepare for the Dimensional Merge" appears during this time. It cuts back at to Chris at 1:17.]

[1:17] Chris – So, Mama's tweets said... we're shown to everyone in C-197, [Text fades in to the right of Chris that says "Dimension 1218 / Our current Dimension"] as well... when they got typed up... nearly two Octobers ago. Since then, the common-folk around the Earth has been... mind-set on prepwork, all of the local government peoples have consulted with our overpowered psychic types, the Justice League, the Avengers, the CPUs in Gamindustri... the world leaders, and so on, to get the details, make the plans... and kept the larger details coded down for everybody... everybody else's comprehension. And it is actually better for all to... remain calm, patient, alert, and focused, instead of overthinking things, I mean, it's nothing personal, or insulting anybody's intelligence, it's just... easier this way. Now, we gotta keep calm and focused, and all that. Think, think, think! Mama encourages that, and I'm encouraging it as well.

Transcript for Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian

Chris: Hey everybody, Sonichu here, still in... Mama Chris-Chan's body for over seven months now, and, in this particular recording, I'm gonna be taking look at a... rough draft of a fanfic... or, possib–or, possibly a retelling of... a past event. Anyway, it's... based on Mama's real life event, you know, finding Bionic the Hedgehog back in high school days, and so forth, but anyway. I felt like this thing needed personal critiquing... and I can–I been–I just felt like I couldn't do it over...multiple number of tw–tweets or commen–comments. Anyway I found it on Twitter, anyway, so... this is from... The Crimson... Libertarian, @hm... @hmarine59, that's on Twitter. So... [Chris sighs and adjusts his camera] Huh, so this is kinda like an opening draft of this–of this fanfic called "My Friend Sonichu; Based on the Life and Works of ..." She doesn't go by Christian anymore, she goes by Christine, alright, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu is her full name. Y'might wanna fix that: "Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu." Alright?

So, anyway... so this guy opens up with, uh, obviously, it's–it's past–it's past tense right now 'cause it opens up with, uh

CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the audio. If the audio is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.