Skylanders Imaginators Leader Christine W Chandler: random Review N' Stuff

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Chris's first video of 2017. He tantalizes his true and honest fanbase with a new exhibition of his wonderful and original merchandise. Order Now! Before Chris inevitably gives up on this latest attempt to solicit money from his audience.

In the video, Chris continues his newest making money scheme by showing he will be selling custom Skylanders gear from the official company including T-shirts, cards and figures of his in-game character which he admits doesn't look a lot like the actual thing. He removes the bell-top of the 3D-printed figure by force despite the product warning and seems blissfully unaware that the company producing them has a cap on how many a person can order to stop overpriced reselling, which is exactly what Chris is doing.

He also takes pride in attributes for his character, gloating on how tall she is on numerous occasions, compared to other characters, along with how strong she is, despite these things being seen as less feminine traits by society. He once again plays with toys, many Sonichu characters included, on camera and imitates their baby voices, one month before he turns 35.

He ripped off a YouTube channel named emgo316 in making the video's "skits."

Creating Skylanders Imaginators Leader Christine W Chandler: random Review N' Stuff
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Stardate 12 January 2017
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Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Z-Ring Fun Extra
Paid video: Happy Anniversary Fraun & James


Finally arriving about a month and a half after ordering it is my custom 3D-Printed Self-Skylander figure, and now I finally get to have fun reviewing it similar how to emgo316 reviews this and that. Complete with my own created skits, with a borrow from the "Yooung Warrior" running gag. Thank you, emgo316 for inspiring this video. He gives great reviews and makes awesome toy skits. Check him out.

If you would like this figure ($50), card ($15) or shirt ($25; available in Youth Small to Adult 3X, in Blue or White), message me on my Facebook or Text me at (434)-760-0848, and we'll work out the payment details. Thank you.


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[A lot of Skylanders merch is scattered everywhere, including a Skylander figure of Christine Weston Chandler, with card. Chris is offscreen, raising a Sonichu Skylander up to the camera. Sonichu is voiced in Chris' normal voice.]

Sonichu: Wow... I never thought Christine could look more pretty! What do you think, Rosie?

[Chris raises a Rosechu Skylander up, voiced in a falsetto.]

Rosechu: Oh yes, I quite like it very much.

Sonichu: Yeah, I didn't think she could look more better. Except for... She wearing goggles?

Rosechu: Aww, look at the picture, she's not wearing goggles, she's wearing glasses!

Sonichu: ...Look a bit thick.

Rosechu: Oh well, we can't [unintelligible] Somebody else made this thing.

[The two figures move offscreen, jump cut to a sign reading "NOT THE FREAKIN GEEK REVIEWS (Homage/Parody of Emgo316's Title Card; apologies offered) Emgo makes Awesome Skits and Great Reviews" with several reversed letters. Chris hums in a way that tries to be dramatic.]


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