I’m stressed, but I am working

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I’m stressed, but I am working is a video Chris uploaded on 11 April 2018, following a post about the matter on Patreon (at that point, he had gone for 74 days without updating the comic). It includes a quote referencing Seinfeld for no reason. He also begs for sales money on eBay in the description.

Patreon posting

Apologies for delayed content updates

But, essentially, I am really having to catch up with current events and going-ons in Cwcville, and I am sorting a whole ton of details out there personally. I Really should have Never ever taken that hiatus from 2011 to 2017. Please, bear with me; I am ending up making pages for Later Books to catch up with current events, but I Shall be returning to book 12-9 as soon as I can. It has been stressful on me there. Thank you all for your patience.


I’m stressed, but I am working
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Stardate 11 April 2018
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Hey everybody, Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again! In response to the post I just… made on my Patreon to give y’all a little bit of an update… just… it’s definitely true, I have been catching up on a whole bunch of CWCville events, but anyway, to pretty much summarize it up definitely in a bit of a quote [Chris closes his eyes, scrunching up his face] pretty much how I’m feeling everything… [Breaths in and proceeds to scream into the camera] ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. I HEAR YOU. I'M COMING DOWN. THESE PRETZELS. ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY.

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