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CWCki is a lot of things. While not a comprehensive list, this is a basic overview of what CWCki is and what it is not.

CWCki is about Chris

As obvious as it sounds, this is ultimately an encyclopedia about Christian Weston Chandler, not so much the trolls who troll him. People mentioned on this site are mostly mentioned because they are directly connected to Chris in some ways (see here and here for some details) and that they have an expansive influences over Chris's life.

In other words, we are not so much concerned about Matthew Devoria himself, only in regards to this phone call in which he talks about Chris. Likewise, we are not so much concerned about Leonard Bearstein as we are about his role in Chris getting his name changed.

CWCki is not always right

Just because CWCki says it, doesn't mean it's right. Any wiki is not guaranteed to be correct 100% of the time and because we don't have over 9000 editors to constantly edit CWCki every given second like Wikipedia, it'll sometimes take a while for bad information to be corrected.

While we're typically right on things, just because CWCki says it doesn't mean it's to be taken as the literal word of God and the Bear.

On a similar topic, 99 out of 100 times something is not on CWCki doesn't mean there's some grand conspiracy about why it's not on there (there are exceptions though). Sometimes, people haven't gotten around to adding e-mails, transcribing stuff, making articles for aspects, etc. If something needs to be done, GO WORK ON IT.

CWCki is not a forum

Main article: CWCki:NAF

There's plenty of places to discuss Chris - PVCC (if you have an account there), /cow/, #sonichu and Kiwi Farms. But CWCki itself is mostly about documenting Chris.

The article talk page should serve as a place to talk about how to improve the articles, not so much the content. Discussion about the content to clear up a misunderstanding that may influence the accuracy of the article is fine, but using the talk page to talk about how Chris is an idiot, how you've got an awesome trolling plan, that you think you've figured out why Chris is really messed up, that the content itself is stupid, etc. is strongly discouraged. Frequent offenders will be banned.

CWCki is not Encyclopedia Dramatica

We're not about Laughs Under Lucricities, for the most part. The Chris-Chan ED article was what spawned CWCki, but that doesn't mean we're intended to be an extension of that website. CWCki is intended to be a useful resource in documenting Chris. We're not about spouting memes, randomly putting pictures and/or GIFs of people mass debating into articles for no reason, offending those with autism, generalizing those who like certain shows out of its target range, and mocking tragedies just for cheap laughs. Non-Chris related memes are discouraged, and so is photos with nudity that bear no context in the topic at question.

Likewise, let Chris's fail speak for itself. Don't go to great lengths to mock Chris, and don't insert commentary into quotes; people can determine how fucked up Chris is himself without being told to. The CWCki serves mostly to explain Chris, not so much to mock him. Some semblance of NPOV is the aim. If Chris says something outrageous, it should be cited where he said it. Unsubstantiated claims on Chris's nature doesn't fly here. People can draw their own conclusions about Chris without being shoved in his face. Likewise, as outlined in the POV policy, don't try too hard. If Chris is lying, then he is a liar, not "the next Hitler".

In other words, we mock Chris by documenting him and showing how fucked up he is that it serves to mock him. We take facts about Chris and present them with relevant explanatory content or commentary to decipher what the hell is going on such that the reader will be able to draw their own conclusion about Chris. ED will frequently generalize and jump to conclusions which may not necessarily reflect the absolute truth.

CWCki is not Wikipedia

In many ways, we strive to be more like Wikipedia than ED, in trying to be a reliable source for Chris and to do so in a critical yet somewhat fair manner.

However, we're not Wikipedia. CWCki does not have an army of admins and moderators to check article quality on a constant basis and the format, content, and size allows for more leniency than Wikipedia. At the end of the day, you're dealing with a fairly critical wiki devoted to the life and times of an autistic manchild whom the Internet mocks and its primary demographic are Internet trolls who find mocking Chris to be amusing.

Don't take CWCki so seriously. If you think an article is poor quality, by all means edit it but do not expect every single article to reflect the same sort of quality seen on Wikipedia.

CWCki is not TV Tropes

Many people who discover the CWCki discovered it through TV Tropes. While TV Tropes is a fine wiki with its own goals and standards, the CWCki is different. Because of TV Tropes's unique focus, its editors are allowed free range in determining what constitutes a trope and when it's used, meaning that conjecture is encouraged and allowed. While this is perfectly acceptable for TV Tropes, CWCki, however, tries to remain to the facts about Chris. CWCki aims to focus to present Chris as he is as opposed to Chris as people think he is. As a result, conjecture and theories about Chris are strongly discouraged and should be kept to a minimum, as we don't have special WMG and Headscratchers pages for that. See also "Brevity is wit"/"Surpress your own autistic urges".