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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This is a metatemplate for constructing navigational templates. The format for using this template is as follows:

| name  = Navbox/doc
| title = [[Sonichu|Dumb Navbox that's not really about Sonichu]]
| image = [[Image:Molvania_svg.png|80px|link=|alt=]]
| imageleft = [[Image:MyWoodenBadgeWasDelicious.jpg|80px]]
| group1 = Herp
| list1  = [[American Rabbit|Derp]]

| group2 = Genitals
| list2  = [[Sonichu Balls]]{{•}} [[Giant Penis Comic]]{{•}} [[China]]

| group3 = Dumb ideas
| list3  = [[Patti|Dig up Patti]]{{•}} [[Chris and sex|Get Chris to have sex with a tranny]]{{•}} [[Liquid Chris|Let's all impersonate Chris like Liquid did!]]{{•}} [[Autism papers|Break into his house and steal the autism papers]]{{•}}[[Asperchu|E-mail Chris and pretend he created Asperchu]]{{•}} [[Chris and money|Let's get his SSI taken away!]]{{•}} [[Video|Make a "rant" video about Christian Weston Chandler]]

| group4 = What if...?
| list4  = [[Sonichu (comic)|What if Chris never created Sonichu?]]{{•}} [[Cwcville|What if Cwcville were REAL?]]{{•}} [[Chris|What if you woke up and YOU were Chris?]]{{•}} [[DIRTY CRAPPED BRIEFS|What if Nick Fury fought World War II in Outer Space?]]

| group5 = Quotes from Transformers: The Movie
| list5  = [[Optimus Prime|One shall stand, one shall fall.]]{{•}} [[Megatron pistol|Why throw away your life so recklessly?]]{{•}} [[Optimus Prime|That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron.]]