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I'm going to try transcribing things when I stop being lazy. If I do something wrong, kick my ass for it.

BLANK Grammar Nazi
This user edits the CWCki to exterminate all typos and grammatical errors. HEIL GRAMMAR!
BLANK Hikikomori
This user should SUCK IT UP and DIVE RIGHT IN to the public scene.
Pic Unrelated Sweetheart
This user is someone's sweetheart, but that doesn't mean they're safe from Chris (just ask Kacey).
I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcribes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.
Kimmi Weeaboo
This user is a weeaboo and is devastated by Chris's taste in animu.
Because this person is geek, anime was not liked by Sudie Endure chestnut.
Bisexual Bisexual
This user is bisexual and likes both pickles and china. Simonchu would be so proud!
This user is the proud owner of a HEXBox. Chris does not approve.
Chris Acting Black White
This user is white and finds Chris's race relations embarrassing.
BlueSpike BlueSpike
This user is a BlueSpike fan, and takes delight in Christian's pain.
Liquid Liquid Chris
This user believes in the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler.
Evan Evan
This user feels sorry for Evan and his drilled off dick.
Jack Alec Benson Leary
This user is a proud member of Alec Benson Leary's true and honest fanbase.