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*[http://flipnote.hatena.com/5348F770A0A92AE8@DSi/movie/A92AE8_0AC4B7BDC90C4_000 Original]
*[http://flipnote.hatena.com/5348F770A0A92AE8@DSi/movie/A92AE8_0AC4B7BDC90C4_000 Original]
[[Category: Flipnote Hatena| 2011-06-19]]
[[Category: Flipnote Hatena| 2011-06-19]]

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The Hippo Flipnote is an untitled Flipnote animation uploaded by Chris on 19 June 2011. It shows a hippo like the one from HippoOnYourHead running back and forth for a few seconds while a high-pitched noise can be heard in the background.

It was the last Flipnote uploaded by Chris before the site shut down in May 2013.

The video

Stardate 19 June 2011
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Animation Test, FlipnoteFlipnote Flipnote
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3DS Flipnote


"Buck Williams" is the name of one of the protagonists of the popular Evangelical Christian novel series Left Behind. While the standards of theology in that series are only slightly higher than Chris's own, it is unknown whether he has actually read the books.

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