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Pampering of Chris

Yeah, but then my Mom is pretty much jealous of me loving another woman more than her.
Chris, describing his Oedipus complex[1]
Barbara evolved into Snorlax as she raised Chris
Chris and Barbara in an intimate moment

According to Cole, Bob and Barbara left Chris alone every day for years with the abusive babysitter while going out drinking, effectively ignoring the onset of the earliest symptoms of autism.[2] After Chris's initial diagnosis, and when their negligence was inevitably thrown back in their face, Barbara resorted to any means necessary to coax Chris into talking, most notoriously by bribing him with toys.[3]

While both Chris's parents are largely responsible for Chris's current state, Barb has more often than not been the most active in protecting Chris from recognizing any failure or shortcoming on his part, doing everything from being his sole commission with Cutco to going as his date to his seinor [sic] prom.[4]

This pattern of accountability continues even into Chris's adult years. On at least two occasions, most notably after he was banned for good, Barbara visited the GAMe PLACe attempting to protect and defend her little snowflake and argue his case with Michael Snyder, but to no avail.

Barbara constantly babies Chris and tells him how handsome he is.[5] As a result, Chris believes he is so irresistible to women that PandaHalo would not stop kissing him once she met him.[citation needed] This behavior extends to Bob to some degree as well, as she spends most of the Matthew Noble call denying that Bob was yelling at anyone. Chris allegedly revealed in private conversations that Barbara occasionally spoons with him.[6]

In the fall of 2007, after a photo of Chris taken at the store wound up on the internet, she interrogated Mimms as to the origins of the picture and threatened legal action.

She is extremely paranoid regarding Chris's online misadventures, likely because she fears that he'll get arrested and go to prison. Given some of the violent state of some of his videos and Chris's track record, she's probably not too far from the truth. She may also suspect that Chris is a pedophile, as she thought it possible that he may have fallen for a To Catch A Predator-esque sting operation during the Julie fiasco. She also interrogated Ivy for about half an hour before letting her speak to Chris.[7] She even seems to suspect that Megan Schroeder, one of the few women Chris has known who wasn't out to troll him, is partially responsible for the persecution he has endured over the years.

Like Bob, she was ashamed of Chris's effeminate escapades, claiming that she didn't raise a daughter, and that "tomgirl" is not a thing. She tried and failed to get Chris to stop wearing a bra and panties, even offering to pay him to stop.

While having a special needs child is a major stressor in any marriage, rather than getting genetic counseling and family therapy to cope with raising an autistic child, Chris's parents have gone the old-fashioned route of expecting little to nothing of their son and treating him as an imbecile, with a modern "victim complex" spin, his entire life. This would have been understandable in the days before psychology — like when Bob was growing up — but nowadays it's known that even sufferers of Down's syndrome can lead healthy and fulfilling independent lives if they receive supportive parenting and appropriate professional help.