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I'm mostly here to watch the The legendary train wreck that is Christian Weston Chandler. (Also I'm new editing wiki pages so tell me if I should fix thing on my user page)

About me

I'm 1/2 White and Native American (Though I wouldn't really say I'm completely 1/2 half because I don't really know about my ancestry but I live on a reservation for most of my life and I'm considered Native American by the government)I live in a small town in Minnesota filled with mostly mouthbreathers, so there not much for me to do around here so I mostly watch Anime(Slayers being my favorite) and play Video games mostly JRPGs (Shin Megami Tensi being my favorite) Also don't expect me to say much because I'm not really a talker.

Where I found Chris

I'm Found this Manchild while browsing Tvtropes and happened to look at the So bad it's Horrible webcomics page (Both now Ruined by the bastard "Fast Eddie") and found this gem of crap called Sonichu and now I am fascinated by this Autistic Manchild freak of nature"s misadventures through life.

User boxes

American Flag Americunt: This user is an Americunt and refuses to use unnecessary vowels. Uncle Sam would be proud!
This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.
This user is STRAIGHT. The men like dykes and china while the women like pickles & balls. Unlike Chris, they don't mind da homos.
Chris Acting Black White
This user is white and finds Chris's race relations embarrassing.
Chris's Imaginary Ancestor Native American
This user is Native American and finds Chris's portrayal of the race offensive.
Robert G. Ingersoll Agnostic
This user is agnostic and is highly skeptical of your claims about deities.
BLANK Hikikomori
This user should SUCK IT UP and DIVE RIGHT IN to the public scene.
Observer Observer
This user is taking it Easy. He/She has followed Chris-Chan's movements, but hasn't contributed to the trolling efforts.
TVTropes Logo Troper
This user would edit the CWCki, but is too busy browsing TV Tropes.
Kimmi Weeaboo
This user is a weeaboo and is devastated by Chris's taste in animu.
Because this person is geek, anime was not liked by Sudie Endure chestnut.
Clyde Clyde Cash
This user supports Clyde Cash, who is a true Patriot.
Wii Wii
This user owns a Wii, complete with a magic wand, and would do anything to get into Shigeru Miyamoto's pants.
This user is the proud owner of a HEXBox. Chris does not approve.
Desi Chandler Desi
This user thinks Desi is the best Chandler cat! :3
Sigmund Freud Armchair Psychologist
This user analyzes Chris's psyche WAAAY too much and should just accept that Chris is nothing more than a retard.