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November 2005 issue of Shojo Beat

Shojo Beat was a manga anthology magazine (specifically geared towards young girls) published from July 2005 to July 2009. Chris sent a letter to them, which got published in the November 2005 issue.[1] A response letter from "Eris" was published in March 2006.[2] In addition to offending countless other women, Chris also managed to piss of his then current object of affection, Megan. She responded to his jealous, sexist rant the way any other normal woman would: By calling him out on all his crap.


By Chris, November 2005

Cropped version of the two letters

Riiko Izawa in Absolute Boyfriend sort of has the same problem I do: She can't get a guy, and I can't get a girl. Here's my sitch. All the pretty girls are already paired up with some jerk, leaving me with none to choose from. Also, nobody can tell, off the bat, a paired-up from a Boyfriend-Free Girl. At first, it's equally hard for Riiko to find a Girlfriend-Free Boy, but then she is granted this wish where she gets a Girlfriend-Free Boy (although he is a robot) delivered to her doorstep. Lucky girl. I'm 23 years old; one would think I'd have gotten a girlfriend by now, but no, I haven't. I'm stuck in the situation where if my parents should pass away, I will be a very lonely virgin.

Christian Chandler

Reply, March 2006


In your November issue, a guy was complaining about how he couldn't find a girlfriend. Why is he only looking for "pretty" girls? There are plenty of girls who are not supermodel gorgeous whom he could date. It's not the outside of the package that counts, but the inside. A girl can be pretty on the outside but might be mean and self-centered or have other problems, whereas another girl could be "plain" or even "ugly" on the outside but quite a beautiful, kind, intelligent person on the inside. If more guys would think about what qualities they look for in a girl, and make sure those qualities don't just focus on her outer appearance, they might just find a girl to go out with. Otherwise, many girls will think, "Why bother? He'll just leave me for the next pretty girl he sees." —Eris


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