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The only thing Chris was mildly reliable on

Chris is easily one of the most unreliable people on the internet, if not ever.

This is a list of things that Chris promised, but not delivered on:

  • The first, and quite possibly the most notable, it Chris's inability to keep his Sonichu comic up to any regular scedule. However, towards the end of 2009 Chris did start to give out daily updates on Sonichu 9. He eventually did fail, and missed a few days. Which is odd, because Chris is unemployed, single, and lives at home with his parents.
  • Despite claims of "honesty and loyalty", Chris has cheated on him numerous e-girlfriends. Troll or not, Chris thought they were real, and still found it ok to cheat on them with other women over the internet. The times that Chris has a new "sweetheart" seem to overlap. In fact, during the Liquid Saga, when Chris was trying to win Kacey's love, he tried to prove his loyalty by making her a Little Big Planet level, but as it turns out, the level had already been made for another girl!
  • During the Miyamoto Saga, he proclaimed that he had gone to Redmond, Washington to see Reggie Fils-Aimé to work out a game deal. When in actuality he never went to Redmond, and it was really trolls merely pretending to be both designers.
  • He asserts that he is able to lift 50 lbs (22.7 kg) and can do 30 Push-Ups. When he can merely just lift some soda cans and hump the floor.
  • Both jobs that Chris has had, he got fired from, having only worked two months in his life, Chris continues to tell trolls to "Get a job".
  • Chris is incredibly unreliable with his, and his parents, money, to the point where he put him and his family in debt. All of it spent on video games and fast food.



Chris is about as reliable as a home-made rollercoaster.