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Sup people, been a long time fan of Chris-Chan and his "The Room" of webcomics, Sonichu. I hope to contribute to the CWCki as well as providing artwork for some of the articles that lack an image for the reader to visualize

Flag of Australia Australian: This user hails from the land down under and lives in constant fear of bush fires.
2008 Misses Old Chris
This user misses Chris's old shenanigans, and never wanted it to get this fucking depressing.
Observer Observer
This user is taking it Easy. They have followed Chris-Chan's movements, but hasn't contributed to the trolling efforts.
This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.
PS2logo.png PS2
This user owns one of the many PS2 systems that isn't covered in Pixelblocks and Legos.
This user is in possession of a life upgrade, and treats it with the respect it deserves - unlike Chris.
Wii Wii
This user owns a Wii, complete with a magic wand, and would do anything to get into Shigeru Miyamoto's pants.
This user is STRAIGHT. The men like dykes and china while the women like pickles & balls. Unlike Chris, they don't mind da homos.


To be updated in the future~