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Currently rooming with a Jerkop.

Ideas that surely hold importance somewhere

Found here.

Visual analysis of Chris's work over the years.

Stupid questions I ask

  • Who evolves first? I refer, of course to our favorite nuclear family larvae. Assuming that Chris doesn't want them hopelessly locked in childhood so he can re-live his playtime vicariously through them, he's got to show them grown up some time in the future, like he did with Metonic and Vamprosa. Some day, they've got to get out of those revulsion-inducing Sonee forms and become marginally less intolerable Sonic recolors. So who comes first?
    • Cerah, by virtue of her being the eldest
    • Christine, 'cause she's a super special shiny pwetty wosey as well as a Sue for Crystal
    • Robbie, because he's the boy and a Sue for Chris himself
(This assumes, of course, that Chris has any idea of character development, which we all know is one of the innumerable things he fails at. And yeah, this is just my curiosity at how Chris will design their evolved forms. They will no doubt be ugly and poorly designed.)
But j0's designs are pretty cool.
  • Doesn't ANYONE have a copy of the Sonichu Fan Promos?!
  • Does "Blangry" a portmanteau of "Black" and "Angry"?
  • Who the fuck is Fritz Richmond supposed to be? Since Chris lacks originality, he's got to be based on some IRL minister.

Next major task(s)


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