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* [[PlayingHouse]]
* [[PlayingHouse]]

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Chris is just as fail in his Lego form as in any other.

Lego™ is a brand of plastic building block toys. They are noted for their durability and ease of use allowing the creation of almost anything imaginable.

Chris has relied heavily on Lego blocks to put his creations into reality. They were a staple gift during his childhood Christmas, his late teens, and his early twenties. The truth is, there are many AFOLs (Adult Fan Of Lego) around the world; some of them are even in their 40s and have families. In the video game industry, respected designers like Hideo Kojima think Lego makes building level prototypes easy. Chris obviously isn't quite there yet.

Chris Lego Brick creations

Panoramic vista of CWCville, in all its blocky glory.

Chris has also found other uses for his Lego blocks besides simply building stuff. In his AIM chat with Vivian Gee, he noted that he uses his Lego figurines to "rehearse" imaginary conversations with women.


Bionicle, a very successful line of sets based on the adventures of biomechanical beings each gifted with elemental powers, may have (along with Pokémon) influenced the creation of the Chaotic Combo. It should be noted, however, that the former came out about four years later than the latter, so Pokémon likely left their imprint first, especially since it had more elemental types.

Inspired by his Mario Kart 64 Lego Raceway, Sonichu and Rosechu have a pair of Lego go-karts in their garage, the only vehicles they are shown to possess. This raises a number of problems; first, we are expected to believe that a bunch of giant plastic blocks, held together by frictional force alone, without visible seatbelts or a rollover cage, constitutes a road-safe vehicle. Second, each kart can only seat one individual. That's fine and dandy for the two adults, but where does that leave their children? Third, as they lack proper seats and possess a studded surface, they would be uncomfortable to drive in.

启蒙 (Enlighten) Bricks Police Station set

One of these things is not like the other...

In one of Chris's birthday photos he is seen holding what appears to be a new Lego "6332-1 - Command Post Central".[1] Upon further inspection it is apparent that is merely a rebranded 启蒙 Bricks "POLICE SERIES" set which is almost a direct clone of the original Lego set. Presumably the 启蒙 Bricks logo was altered by a third party and replaced with "LEGO bricks". Chris's parents probably bought it relatively cheap at a discount store that carries knock-off brands, so it's not like they were shopping for a quality present for Chris in the first place. It should be noted that 启蒙 Bricks are much more fragile than Lego and are of generally much poorer quality than Lego sets are, something that probably went unnoticed by Chris.


Gallery of Lego

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  1. Link to Peeron page on set "6332-1 Command Post Central"