Timeline of the Financhu Crisis (2021)

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This page lists the 2021 timeline of the Financhu Crisis.

March '21

  • 30th - LVNV Funding files a Warrant In Debt against Barb Chandler, with a hearing scheduled for 19 May 2021 (ref GV21000117-00).[1]

April '21

  • 26th - Chris spends $165 on three months' worth of boxes filled with "magical" rocks.[2]

May '21

  • 19th - The court case against Barb is postponed to July 14th.

July '21

  • 14th - The LVNV Funding, LLC. vs Barb case is heard in court. The court rules in favor of the plaintiff (LVNV) and finds Barb liable to the sum of $692.82 accordingly with a 6% interest fee tackled on top of it.