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[''In a stereotypical [[Native American]] accent''] Here, smoke um [[Wikipedia:Calumet (pipe)|peace pipe]], find [[Chris and anger|inner peace]]!
[''In a stereotypical [[Native American]] accent''] Here, smoke um [[Wikipedia:Calumet (pipe)|peace pipe]], find [[Chris and anger|inner peace]]!

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Wigwam is a video Chris uploaded on 25 October 2010. Chris, summoning his Native American heritage, pretends to smoke tobacky, nearly four years after proclaiming that he would shoot every last ounce of it to the Moon.[1]

Note that actual Cherokees did not build wigwams, and their ceremonial pipes do not resemble ballpoint pens, but were usually made from clay or bluestone quartzite.


Stardate 25 October 2010
Subject Matter RacismRacism Racism, JackieJackie Jackie
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Red BlueRed Blue Red & Blue


A five-pack of CWC-brand tobacky.

[Chris makes weird noises, takes a puff from a ballpoint pen attached to a small sack, makes more weird noises, then hands it to the viewer.]

[In a stereotypical Native American accent] Here, smoke um peace pipe, find inner peace!


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