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Sonichu Franchise Games are a pillar of Christian's imaginary Sonichu Media Empire, and represent one of his primary goals for pimping his TOTALLY ORIGINAL characters. As such, they've occupied a substantial portion of his personal army requests, and acted as the lightning rods for some epic trolling.

Being the total fucktard that he is, he wants Nintendo, Sega, and Sony to team up and create games starring his shitty characters. Between this and his naivete, he is almost as easily tricked by trolls pretending to be game developers as he is by trolls pretending to be girls.

A CWC Production


When pressed for details about future Sonichu games, Chris is extremely vague about what he envisions his ideal games to be, presenting himself as an 'ideas man' looking for partners to work out the details. He's perfectly willing to let the trolls highly competent game designers to take full charge of every other aspect of designing these games.

Of course, like everything else he does, when Chris's 'ideas' materialize, they're almost exclusively ripoffs of titles that already exist. These mock-ups are generally topical, coming and going based on the games and consoles Chris is currently playing. Without bothering to get into too many details, Chris is quick to remind the fans that there's games galore up in his head:

I got so many more story arcs in there than meets the eye, yes- I mean multiple character switches and I have all the story plots, I'm- I have all the story plots in my head, and ON PAPER. On paper. Including like, you know, "Hey, whatever happened to Wild Sonichu's scyther(?) father?" He gets kidnapped a long time ago. You know? He gets kidnapped. And then Sonichu actually- and then Wild Sonichu actually goes and find him. And Bubbles is on her way to an amusement park. W-, uh... Angelica goes and defend her new church. Punchy is out for a new challenge, and Magi-chan, I'm not sure about him yet. And Sonichu is out for- is out to- he's accept- he's accepted the challenge from Metal Sonichu.[1]

Chris's herculean marketing efforts have, to this point, included:

  • Pitching the idea of Sonichu-based games with a letter-writing campaign and personal army requests.
  • Protecting his intellectual property, the Sonichu characters (which are 100% his and no one else's, and even the proposed Nintendo/Sega partnership needs permission from him).
  • Laying out the role of his developers ("make these games for me").
  • Laying out his role in the production (making advertisements and offering to act as a voice actor).

The Personal Army

Chris works his efame as hard as he can to sell this product.

As seen on CWC's Sonichu Site:

----And All This CAN come to Fruition... with YOUR HELP!----

The populace of Sonichu, Rosechu and Christian Chandler fans. All I ask for in minimum, is to contact Nintendo of America AND SEGA of America by way of POSTING in their respective FORUMS, sending them E-Mails, and, HIGHLY Recommended, Hand-Written Letters to BOTH Companies, that You Want Sonichu, and that they should get in touch with me, Christian Weston Chandler, via Telephone, Snail-Mail, or In Person; I will NOT accept E-Mail, because apparently THAT CAN be Faked.. Both Companies have my information in their computers, as I have written to them a number of times in my lifetime[2].

Issues 2 through 6 of the Sonichu comic series also featured personal army requests.

The Partners

JK Productions

Main article: JK Productions

In Captain's Log, Stardate August 28th, 2008 Chris describes what he envisions for the upcoming Sonichu game being developed by JK Productions.

Nintendo of America

Main article: Miyamoto Saga

In the beginning of 2009, Chris thought he was in talks with Nintendo about releasing the game on the Sony platform. He was, however, being trolled by legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aimé.

Of particular interest here (from the game design point of view, as well as deciphering Chris's intentions) was the PowerPoint presentation he made. Yet, even this presentation will disappoint most people greatly: one slide that maybe even dares to mention the topic of the discussion at hand - to wit, the Sonichu games.


Chris has taken the proverbial bull by the horns on rare occasions; so far, LittleBigPlanet has been his platform of choice. This has produced a jawdropping brand of failure, as Chris's design practices generally consist of flow-of-thought plots, strictly linear game-flow, sparse-or-nonexistent testing, and walls of text to read.

The results:

Video Games

Pokémon: Lightning Version

Pokémon: Lightning Version is a Pokémon game for the Gameboy Advance that Chris planned on releasing, probably featuring Sonichu as the starter Pokémon. This would make it similar to the game Pokémon Yellow version, where Pikachu was the starter.

Sonichu Advance

Chris's proposed Sonichu game for Gameboy Advance, the title is an homage to the Sonic Advance series. These were GBA ports of Sega Genesis-style Sonic games with sprites updated to the Sonic Adventure art-style, and other graphical improvements.

Sonichu Advance first featured in an advertisement in Sonichu 0. It also appeared on Chris's second hand-drawn Nintendo Power cover, as featured in his Sonichu Chronicles Powerpoint presentation for Nintendo.

Sonichu Adventure

Sonichu Adventure is a game Chris dreamed up for the GameCube and GameBoy Advance before deciding that he himself was a far more interesting topic for a game, and diverted his attention towards Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles.

The game is a blatant rip-off of Sonic Adventure, as evidenced by the title and its release for the GameCube (Sonic Adventure was originally released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast, but was later re-released for the GameCube).

Sonichu Adventure was one of the ads in the premier issue of the Sonichu comic. In true Chris style, the design of the game never went beyond a mocked-up bit of box art and a Nintendo Power magazine cover that displayed the depths of Chris's awesome talent. The E rating is surprising, considering all the *AHEM* ROMANCE.

In early promotional materials, it was titled "Sonichu's Adventure", but the "'s" was dropped in the final box art and images in-game. Details about the game are elaborated in the hand-drawn Nintendo Power.

John's Custom Gundam: Sisterly Rescue

You would play as the guy on the right.

Another one of Chris's shitty game ideas, this game weaves together elements from the Sonichu universe, Megan Schroeder's family, and the mecha franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. Like the rest of Chris's game ideas, few details exist beyond the mock cover[3]. Interestingly, this piece was produced sometime in 2008, which suggests that it predates the drama over Megan's discovery of ShecameforCWC.jpg.

The most notable aspect of this game is that someone other than Chris or Sonichu is the protagonist. Instead, it's John Schroeder, Megan's brother. The picture states that John is to pilot a custom-built Gundam to rescue Megan from Mary Lee Walsh and her "overgrown army," the Jerkops, Dr. Eggman, and some random antagonists from the original anime series, the Principality of Zeon.

The title of the game is slightly odd, considering the back cover states it's John who's rescuing the sister; nothing indicates that John would have sisterly tendencies. Or, one could draw the conclusion that Chris is retarded.


  • Hi-Res 3D Graphics!
  • HEWLY animated scenes!
  • Earn the right to play Chris-chan's Side of The Story!
  • Help John Schroeder be a darn good Big Brother!
  • Voices by Christian Chandler and Megan Schroeder!
  • Rated T for Teen, suggesting that it doesn't feature the level of HONEST content found in Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles.

It is more than likely that Chris copied most of this off from the cover to the PS2 game Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo, which is part of his game collection.

Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles

Main article: Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles
And I HAVE the idea for the Video Game for myself, if I can swing that with SEGA as well, an epic tale of my tragic Adult Life straight from my tortured heart and soul. I will bring the pain to the Jerkops, I will kick Mary Lee Walsh into her cauldron to burn, as well as the other villians. And I will have support from my Electric-Hedgehogs, my mother and father, my Closest Gal-Pals who I've grown to love; Megan Schroeder and Anna McLerran to name a couple, sparingly in the game. And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half. I plan to have THIS GAME ALONE go Multi-Console between Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 (with downloadable content); screw the HEX-Box.[4]

Add-Ons for 3rd Party Titles

Transcending history and the world, a tale of jerkops and trolls, eternally retold:

Other Game Media


EX-CWC is a proposed expansion deck for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Catch the power of Sonichu in the Pokemon Trading Card Game! EX-CWC brings new strategies with over 60 new cards with new Pokemon, trainers, and a new energy card!
Ad in Sonichu 1

Yet another merchandising opportunity that mainstream gaming companies have so far failed to exploit.