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The things described in this article are still happening, or are still being looked into. As a result, it may be subject to frequent change, and the information provided may not be entirely reliable.

The Post-Merge Era refers to the ongoing time period in which most Chris-related drama occurred outside of Chris' involvement due to his incarceration. The term originates from how Chris made a ridiculous statement about the Dimensional Merge during his arrest, where he plainly shows that he didn't understand the seriousness of the current situation. He claimed that "things will fall into place", as the Dimensional Merge was just about to occur. (In a manner of speaking, think of this era as the fallout from the "Dementia Merge" and all the horrors tied to it.)

The Orbiter Wave

Soon after the incest tapes were leaked on 30 July 2021, the affair became the 4th trending hashtag on Twitter. As a result of this and the following mainstream media coverage, thousands of people were exposed to Chris for the first time. Out of this new infamy the orbiter wave arose. It is dubbed as such due to the sheer volume of new people following Chris's life story. These people can be roughly broken down into three groups:

  • Those who were curious to see what went wrong in his life leading up to the fucking of his own mother.
  • Those who saw him as nothing more than another deranged rapist, blissfully unaware of Christory.
  • Carpetbaggers: Those who took advantage of Chris's string of unlawful acts, including having sex with his own mother and the theft of $750 from her, in order to gain some degree of attention from it.

This section will primarily focus on the third party, who wanted to take full advantage of the growing awareness of Chris and his life story, and used their platform to attempt to profit off of it.

Airsoft Al

About a day after being sent to prison, a once anonymous troll going by the alias Airsoft Al, left a sticky note on his car and stole his license plate. Not too long after he posted about on 4chan.


A day after the leaks (and despite having all monetary support from Null being severed), Chris decided to go to a hotel in Richmond. Owning a conspicuous car, it wasn't long before Reddit user Chrisisaman managed to track down Chris's location at Regency Inn and post photographic evidence of his find to Reddit.


Ethan Ralph

Ethan Oliver Ralph is the loathsome host of the controversial Killstream podcast. For reasons beyond the scope of this wiki, he holds an intense grudge against Null. After the fallout of the incest revelations, Ethan saw both an opportunity to exploit Chris for views, and a chance at convincing Chris to publicly denounce Null, or even get him into legal trouble by linking him to the case. When Chris was located at a motel in Richmond, Ethan livestreamed himself driving to the motel in search of him, knocking on every door on the second floor and ordering pizza in a failed attempt to lure Chris out. After being kicked from the motel premises for loitering, Ethan soon returned upon being notified that police were in the area, and filmed Chris's arrest, all the while screaming comments and questions at Chris.[1] Embodying the worst aspects of weens and a-logs, Ethan's commentary is particularly insufferable, though his footage of Chris's arrest is the only complete video of the arrest (one of his friends caught the last part of the arrest from a different angle).

He made a reappearance on the 16th September 2021 to get footage of Chris's trial, which would have taken place on that day. Unfortunately for him, he was informed that the trial was continued to a later date, resulting in an anti-climactic end to an already insufferable two-hour long stream. Even more unfortunate for him is the fact that many courts (if any at all) do not allow recording devices into their chambers, which means that even if he got through with entry, he would have been asked to surrender all of his recording devices at the security checkpoint, which would relegate any content to his word-of-mouth only (barring him illegally recording through a hidden camera, which would land him in a lot of trouble.)

It should also be noted that unlike most Carpetbaggers listed, Ethan goes the extra mile by attempting to sell t-shirts with Chris's likeness on it in his online store, without the latter's knowledge or permission, with no plans whatsoever to even compensate Chris for any sales made.


Devon John, better known by his YouTube name GiBi, is a YouTuber specializing in Chris-centric content since 2019. He would upload videos summarizing Chris's weekly activity, while giving commentary, typically in the form of reading articles from this very wiki. He was desperate to showcase the events of this scandal early for his YouTube channel, even if it meant collecting information from questionable sources.

Immediately accepting Bella's story that the entire scandal was the fault of the Everfree Suitress, GiBi then leaked the Suitress's phone number in one of his videos for thousands to see. After being blasted for doxxing someone with no evidence of their guilt, GiBi took the video down three hours later.[2] GiBi then claimed that the reason the phone number was left intact was because the uploading of the video was held back by three hours, and to "allow the people discussed" in the video to see it, in order to make sure he hasn't doxxed the wrong person. These "people" included Bella and "his friend".[3] GiBi decided to upload the video a second time without removing the Suitress' phone number, spreading her personal information to even more people, but deleted that video after only two minutes for unknown reasons. GiBi had also attempted to upload the video a third time.[4]

Winfield Winfield

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Dylon James Winfield, better known on his social media as Winfield Winfield, is a self-published author of the first book in a planned a horror novel series. Dylon has had a history of attempted self-promotion of this book, including the spamming of messages on Reddit chats. He also attempted to get some coverage of this book from Chris himself, promising in June that he will send a copy to both him and Barbara in the following month. The leaking of the incest calls had made this much more difficult.

He would, however, persist in this endeavor on 6 September 2021, where he filmed himself trespassing 14 Branchland Court, and took pictures of the property[5], both in a petty attempt to gain clout for his book series. Throughout the video, he makes all kinds of agonizing commentary regarding the house and its surroundings. Afterwards, on 7 September 2021, when he uploaded the recording, he messaged GiBi about this attempt on Twitter. He then deleted the video within an hour after being showcased on the Kiwi Farms. Nevertheless, despite its cringey commentary, and being made solely for a ham fisted advertising campaign, the video itself has the benefit of providing a decent picture on the state of the house after Chris' arrest.

Chris Chan Outdoor House Tour (September 6th, 2021)
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Stardate 7 September 2021

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