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The Post-Merge Era refers to the ongoing time period in which most Chris-related drama occurred outside of Chris' involvement online due to his incarceration. The term originates from how Chris made a ridiculous statement about the Dimensional Merge during his arrest, where he plainly shows that he didn't understand the seriousness of the current situation. He claimed that "things will fall into place", as the Dimensional Merge was just about to occur. (In a manner of speaking, think of this era as the fallout from the "Dementia Merge" and all the horrors tied to it.) Chris would later claim that the prophesized event had finally completed at some point while he was incarcerated.[1]

The Orbiter Wave

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Communications from Jail

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Messiah Complex

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Since his initial incarceration, Chris's ego has seemingly inflated tenfold. As early as 19 September 2021, Chris has claimed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. Much like the Savior, Chris believes that his incestuous affair with his mother was an act of healing. He has also claimed association with every known God and Goddess, including Allah.

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