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Lime (right), on the look out for vandals.



Is a vandal on the loose? Tell me!

I'm Lime, a wannabe troll from Ohio who has way too much free time. As a Jerkop, my duty is to patrol the recent changes and protect the CWCki against vandals not that I've done much of that. I contribute to the CWCki by being a grammar nazi for the most part, though I'll create or expand upon an article if I can. I also like making userboxes.

Major Contributions

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Shit Nobody Cares About

Sonichu (And Related) Characters I've Made in Games

3D Custom Girl

After obtaining this game legally I decided to mess around with it and create a few Sonichu characters. You can download them here, you perverted weeaboo (... wait).

The Sims 3

Chris-chan Dies in a Fire (in The Sims 3)
Stardate 25 August 2010
Made By Me
Subject Matter Chris in The Sims 3
Video Type Machinima
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos