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Welcome to my user page!

I am Superspongebobbros: connoisseur of garbage (which is one reason I started following Chris in the first place), Sonichu lore specialist, and master of pointless trivia. I make edits, but then again, a lot of people here make edits so it's not very surprising.

Things I have done

Things I plan to do/Things I am working on

My history with Chris-Chan

I can't remember what was the first time I heard of Chris-Chan or Sonichu, but I was at least aware of Sonichu by 2016. However, in 2018 this would change. First, I was exposed to the world of Chris at large from the Know Your Meme page on Chris some time around 2018. Later, I watched Fredrick Knudsen's video on Chris, and even visited the Encyclopedia Dramatica page on Chris. Later on, by early 2019 I had a concept for a series of "repaints" of various 3D Sonic games with Sonichu replacing Sonic and Chris replacing Dr. Eggman, among other things (they never went anywhere). Eventually, I discovered the CWCki, and I never looked back since. I lurked on the site until 22 July 2020, when the CWCki performed its regular "open account creation to everyone for a brief moment." In the midst of all the spambots, I was one of the few TRUE and HONEST people who managed to create an account.

Stuff I did related to Chris and observations I made

  • Once I wrote a letter to Chris asking him to make an issue of Sonichu involving Pmurt and a character I liked. I never sent it since I realized that this made me look like a ween and that trying to have a normal conversation with Chris is impossible nowadays. It also contained questions for Chris, some of which I put in the "Questions for Chris" section below.
  • Chris's coping mechanism of body swapping is just him crashing into slumber so hard he no-clips out of his own body and into someone else.
  • Chris's art skills have gotten better since the 2000s, though that's only when comparing how he draws Electric Hedgehog Pokémon between then and now. He still sucks at drawing people.
  • Megan was surprisingly a good fit for Chris since, like him, she also had an interest in drawing Pokémon as Sonic OCs.
  • Chris predicted KonoSuba since both Sonichu and KonoSuba feature characters with names related to water that are slow-in-the-mind.
  • The vandalization of the CWCipedia was arguably ween-driven, since it made no real attempt to mess with Chris other than "Chris hates pickles so let's spam the site with pickles," which even then is just the regular modus operandi of your average 4chan user.
  • The only good thing about Sonichu #13 is the implication that Monika was turned into an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.
  • I am enough of a weeb to tell what art was traced in Fistofthesonichu.JPG. Both of the sources for Chris and Sonichu come from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Specifically, Chris's appearance was traced from an image of Jotaro Kujo featured on the cover of volume 16 of the manga, while Sonichu's appearance was traced from an image of Jotaro's stand, Star Platinum, from the cover of volume 21.
  • My favorite Chris video is CHRIS!!! CHANDLER!!!.
  • The CWCipedia Mailbag was a mistake on everyone's part.
  • I am waiting for the moment when Chris incorporates Sonic.EXE into his lore. (trust me, it will happen eventually)

My Questions for Chris

These are questions I have for Chris. Every now and then I'll post on on the CWC Questions Depository page in the hopes that Chris will answer it. Questions in bold are ones that I have posted to the page and are pending Chris's answer.

  • Is the Sonichu medallion that Chris gave to Blanca the same as the original medallion, or was it modified or remade between 2000-2008?
  • Has Chris watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ever since he called out DIO, and if so, what are his thoughts on it?"
  • Besides BNA, Cells at Work, and presumably The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Serial Experiments Lain (and JoJo, depending on the previous answer), what other anime has Chris watched recently?
  • Will Chris resume Sonichu #16?
  • What are Chris's thoughts on David Bowie?
  • A lot of people have theorized that Chris's Colossal Chan form is based on the Super Saiyan 4 transformation from Dragon Ball GT. Is this true, or was something else the inspiration for Colossal Chan?
  • What happened to Flame the Sunbird after Sonichu #3?
  • Of the three initial villains in Sonichu #13 (Kuromi, Akan, and Monika), Monika is the only one whose fate hasn't been revealed, so what happened to her?
  • Is the Ian Brandon Anderson from Sonichu #13 the same as IBAChandler from Sonichu #9?
  • Why was the comic version of Liquid Chris named IBAChandler?
  • What are the songs contained in Christian's Favorite Hits 2?

Other Cool Things

Sandbox for rewriting articles about Sonichu.

Sandbox for transcripts.

Sandbox for rewriting other articles.

Quote of the Day

"I diagnose you with dead." - Dr. Pig, 2017