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This page lists various vlogs and podcasts which mention Chris.


Honest Game Trailers

Three minutes into the video, Chris is brought up as an example of the horrors of the Sonic fandom, particularly showcasing Warning - Naughty Women ;). Less than a minute later, Sonic is jokingly referred to as Sonichu.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (Honest Game Trailers)

Harry Partridge

"Actually, it is excellent; I would not change a thing about it." -Chris, Mailbag 9

Animator Harry Partridge (best known for his slanderous mockery Saturday Morning Watchmen) has made several references to Chris and Sonichu, the first of which is a drawing of Rosechu uploaded to Newgrounds.[1] An animated version of Chris appears briefly in the animated cartoon short "Nicolas Cage Wants Cake", a musical remix of a scene from The Family Man.[2] In the animated short "Skyrim", Son-Chu's "SONICHU" license plate can be seen in the background during the first scene.[3] In the Followup, "Song of Skyrim", Chris makes a brief cameo in the crowd [4]

Harry himself has commented on TheCWCvilleLibrary's upload of the Christian and the Hedgehog Boys song "I'll Never Leave You, Ivy", jokingly stating "I want this played at my funeral."

When interviewing Harry Partridge on Animation Aficionados, the hosts asked Harry about Chris's cameos in some of his videos (from 0:19:43). The discussion the hosts have with Harry about Chris is quite lengthy, during which Mr. Partridge admits that he is "obsessed with him":[5]

I really am obsessed with him... I check, the wiki about Chris-chan and his weird life, if not daily, every couple of hours... there must be more written about Chris-chan than George Washington.
Harry Partridge

During an episode of SleepyCabin, it was revealed that Harry actually contacted Chris to ask him if he wanted to work on a game together, in which Chris declined saying that Harry's animation style wasn't that good at all, despite many considering Harry to be one of the best animators online. The reason why he wanted to work on a game with Chris is unknown to this day, whether it be for trolling or because he actually wanted to.

Atop the Fourth Wall

Comic book reviewer Lewis Lovhaug (a.k.a. "Linkara") goes on a brief tirade in his 99th video "Top 15 Things I Will Never Review" about Sonichu on the subject of webcomics at the 24-minute mark.[6]

Linkara Discusses Sonichu & Chris-Chan

"But wait!" the internet cried back, "let me tell you about the horror that is called Sonichu!" Yes people, I have heard of Sonichu. I really wish I hadn't heard of Sonichu. I would be a much happier man if I hadn't.
Linkara, speaking for everyone who has ever become aware of Sonichu.

While he'd previously made the point that he wouldn't review webcomics in general, Linkara didn't want to review Sonichu in particular because he didn't want to acknowledge it further. He describes Chris as a "creepy stalker". Towards the end of the episode, a character tries to pressure Linkara into reviewing Sonichu before Linkara settles on reviewing a Sonic the Hedgehog comic for his 100th episode. At the end of the video, he uses "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Do I Creep You Out?" as the credits music, a possible jab at Chris.


=3 - I will end you!

Wait a minute, did he just say he recycles his...HOLY SH*bleep*IT! Oh, that is some NASTY sh*bleep*t, oh, oh GOD!
Ray, representing pretty much anybody who saw the video for the first time

In an early episode of =3 (pronounced "equals three"), vlogger Ray William Johnson made fun of Chris's habit of recycling his navy. Though he never gave Chris's name, referring to him rather inaccurately as "your average Star Trek fan", he did provide a link to Chris's old channel. Jump to 2:09 in the linked video.


Chris has been on the BlackBusterCritic's Sonic Brainfart's videos where BBC highlights the points of Chris' wrongdoings. Jamin also has a part two of the series, but it is unknown what happened to it.

SonicBrainFart Christian Weston Chandler Chris chan Part 1 1 2

Bruva Alfabusa

Alfabusa is a YouTuber well-known for his Warhammer 40,000-themed videos and the "If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device" series. In the 11th episode of the series, towards the end, the God Emperor of Mankind implied how he lived one of his past lives as Chris.

If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device - Episode 11: Intervention

"...Or when I spent 50-something years as an overweight, mentally unstable manchild creating grotesque crossbreeding products out of already existing characters owned by different companies, in the hope of having mankind realise that their ways are faulty so they would pick up the torch and head for the future rather than sitting idly by and engage in pettiness, superstition, gluttony, and hatred for one another. That plan was genius. Too bad people were too fucking stupid to find the enlightening messages hidden in all those holo-recordings I made."
The God Emperor of Mankind, reflecting on his actions during his life as the manchild we know today

Filthy Frank

On October 8, 2014, popular YouTuber Filthy Frank uploaded a video deriding weeaboos, using an image of Chris as an example in his song about them; he can be seen at 10:08 in the video.



Sleepycast is a podcast hosted by many famous internet animators, including OneyNG, Psychicpebbles, Stamper and Spazkid.

On 14 December 2014, Spazkid, creator of Sonichu the Animated Series, described his fascination with Chris, how he began trolling in 2007 and why he ultimately regrets doing it, even though he doesn't hesitate in calling him a retard and being aware that Chris is still a despicable human being.

Chris-Chan is—he’s an enigma which to so many people—they thought he was a troll. Because they’re like, “there’s no way this motherfucker is real” because he’s like the most saddest human being ever. And it’s SAD because it’s like… I spent four years of my life fucking with him and people are like, “bring it back!” And I’m like, “NO! LET IT DIE.” It’s like depressing—it’s not the golden age—it’s the depressing age.
Spazkid, rebuking the weens.

In another podcast they made, they all got into a heated argument when Spazkid said that he believed that Chris-Chan at least tries to make decent content with a huge majority of the podcast members completely disagreeing with him.

They occasionally reference him sometimes in other episodes.

Interestingly, the Sleepycast members reveal that Harry Partridge once contacted Chris about developing a game with him. Apparently, Chris turned Harry down because he thought he wasn't a talented enough animator. Jump to 1:43:25 in the link.

SleepyCast 11 - [Spooktacular Q&A Spectacular]

Radio Dead Air

Main article: WTFIWWY Segment

On the 29 December, 2014 edition of his What the Fuck is Wrong with You? podcast, Radio Dead Air (and Channel Awesome) star Nash and his co-star Tara discussed the 26 December 2014 incident. Until this point, Nash had shed away from discussing Chris for much the same reason as Linkara, but decided he had to discuss it to the overwhelming volume of attention and e-mail the incident generated, along with the utter insanity displayed by Chris.[7]


Chris Chan Assaults Gamestop Employee Over Sonic Boom

On 2 January 2015, ReviewTechUSA made a video about the 26 December 2014 incident.

The Mysterious Mr. Enter

Animation reviewer The Mysterious Mr. Enter made a slight nudge at Chris while preparing to rant about the infamous "I Am Autism" commercial from Autism Speaks (one of many reasons why the organization is disliked among the autism community), saying that it "makes autistic people look worse than...I dunno, Chris-Chan does." Jump to 2:15 in the linked video--and by the way, that is a microphone, not a giant Icee cup. He also mentioned Sonichu near the end of his review of 12-oz. Mouse.

Mr. Enter Speaks About Autism Speaks

Game Grumps

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Too Easy - PART 13 - Steam Train

Ross: "You'll be like Sonichu- the electric hedgehog Pokémon."

Suzy: "Oh man, my dreams come true..."

In an episode of Steam Train, Suzy walks into the Grump Room mid-recording to quietly grab a blanket. Ross and Dan draw attention to her anyway, and they warn her the blanket is full of static electricity and it may just make her like Sonichu, to which Suzy is less than enthusiastic about. Jump to 6:00 for the whole conversation.


Boom Shadow

Chris appears at 1:13 where the song mocks him for disliking the blarms. Of note is that Mike Pollock, the TRUE and HONEST English voice actor for Dr. Eggman, has commented on the video and given it his approval, meaning yet another of Chris's heroes is at least tangentially aware of his existence.

Larry Bundy Jr.

Chris made a cameo appearance in the "Apaches" episode of Films Yanks Can't Wank, during a mention of Jimmy Hill. Jump to 1:55 in the linked video.

Films Wanks Can't Wank - Apaches (HD)

Eight years later, in "5 Totally Messed Up Influences of Video Game Mascots" episode of "Fact Hunt", Larry mentions how DMA Designs "did a Sonichu" when revealing that the Lemmings were a direct knockoff of The Wombles.

5 Totally Messed Up Influences of Video Game Mascots

In another episode of "Fact Hunt", "5 Game Breaking Glitches that Bricked your Console", Larry mentions a newspaper article written about the game Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor, written by "Chris Chan"; he clarifies that this is not the same one you're thinking of. Jump to 7:21.

5 Game Breaking Glitches that Bricked your Console


CatalystEXE, most famous for being the voice of Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, made a drawing of Christian, Rosechu (with a china for a mouth), a pickle, and Sonic during a live stream. Watch from 46:12-58:21 in the video to see him draw the picture. He also made two comments regarding Christian.

The drawing in question. Reads: "My feet are so hot and sweaty from running around all day! Maybe you can help me cool off!"
His first comment
His second comment


Drunken Peasants

Chris appeared on the Drunken Peasants podcast (starring TJ, also known as The Amazing Atheist) episode 129 on July 10, 2015.

TJ Slaps Stevie - Confederate flag Taken Down in SC - Stupid Ads - DPP #129

Your Movie Sucks

33 seconds into YMS's review of Cyberbully, the infamous picture of Chris wearing Barb's bra and panties is shown when Adam says "You can control what you post." The photo was actually leaked, but the point still stands given that one can control what pictures they take of themselves.

YMS: Cyberbully (Full Review)


On 26 November 2015, iDubbbz, well known for his Content Cop and Bad Unboxing series, received a (fake and dishonest) Sonichu Medallion from a fan, who made it and wore it for a convention cosplaying as Chris. iDubbbz then mentions how he knows a little about him and wears it throughout the video. (Jump to 3:00 for the unboxing)

Straight out of Compton - Bad Unboxing


Main article: Chris Chan Documentary (Sachumo)

Sachumo is a YouTuber who gained moderate popularity after making a documentary on Chris's life. The video has since garnered over a million views. On 22 September 2017, Chris finally viewed the documentary, writing about its traumatic effects in a Facebook post.

On 21 October 2017, Sachumo did a live stream in which he chatted with Chris.

Fredrik Knudsen

YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen, known for his Down the Rabbit Hole videos, made a video talking about Chris. He also posted a live stream on Sonichu the following year.

Sonichu and Christian Weston Chandler (CWC) — Down the Rabbit Hole

[Archived Livestream] Sonichu: A Critical Analysis


Main article: BraveryJerk Interviews

On two separate occasions in 2016, BraveryJerk, a group of exceptional individuals who run a subreddit affiliated with the popular /r/circlejerk, interviewed Chris, producing three videos on two YouTube channels.

Mister Metokur

On June 30, 2017, a popular YouTuber, Mister Metokur, compared an atrocious webcomic, the Light Bringer, made by another lolcow, Linkara, to Sonichu in that they are both self-insert mary sue comics filled with one-dimensional characters in his video TGWTG Episode 3: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He also mentioned that the only difference between Chris and Linkara is that Chris has autism and Linkara "hasn't been diagnosed".

TGWTG Episode 3: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Chris and Sonichu are occasionally referenced on RebelTaxi's 'Pizza Party' podcast. Episode 61 even includes Sonichu in its thumbnail.

61-Pizza Party Podcast-The DIAPER FETISH SONIC Special


BIRDMAN (also known as Anthony) is a prominent YouTuber who has displayed "Eugene" (typically people like Chris) on his YouTube channel to analyze. He only found out about Chris in late 2017, uploading the video The Biggest Eugene You Will Ever See.

The Biggest Eugene You Will Ever See


VideoGameDunkey is a notable YouTube let's-player known for his reviews, commentaries and walkthrough videos for a variety of video games. On 17 March 2017 he uploaded a video called The Good Year, in which he praised the new games released that year. During the video, a picture of Chris is shown when he talks about how Sonic fans are weird around 5:07.

The Good Year
Now, Sonic fans? These guys are-are weird man, they're-they are legitimately insane.


OneyPlays is a gaming channel on YouTube run by popular animator Chris O'Neil, better known as "Oney" or "OneyNG." He and his friends Ding Dong and Julian occasionally reference Chris in their banter. An example of this is how, during their playthrough of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, they come up with a humorous scenario where Chris replaces the title character as the main protagonist of Harry Potter. They have further mentioned that their favorite video of Chris is THAT IS MY HOUSE. Among the three, Julian seems to be, at the very least, the most respectful toward Chris Chan, this is seen when he became somewhat upset when Chris O'Neil called Chris Chan a retard in the F Zero play through and also, in the Sonic Adventure one, when Ding Dong joked about Chris Chan committing suicide by electrocuting himself with an Xbox, though despite all this, he does always end up laughing.

Oney Plays - Chris Chan Compilation
Oney Plays - Chris Chan Compilation 2

Bad Creepypasta

Bad Creepypasta is a YouTube show in which, as its name implies, sub-par creepypasta stories are read and made fun of. In the episode "OG Nina the Killer," the hosts imagine a character in the story named Chris to be Chris-chan, and make many references to Sonichu and CWCVille throughout.

BAD CREEPYPASTA - OG Nina the Killer

Logan Hub

The YouTube series Logan Hub used an image of a shirtless Chris in their video on weaboos (the picture is at the 0:39 mark):


Logan later did a video on bad webcomics, in which Sonichu was featured as one of them, even mentioning that he will do an entire episode on Chris later (he starts talking about Sonichu at 4:44):

The Weird Side of the Internet | Episode 7: Bad Web Comics


Diamondbolt is a YouTuber known for his videos on Transformers and other popular media. In his video "Sonic the Hedgehog Characters in One Quote!", Sonichu can be seen when describing Sonic OCs.

Sonic the Hedgehog Characters in One Quote!

Shoegazer Productions

In their 60th episode of Lost Media Chronicles series, this time covering the lost pilot episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon series Rocket Power, sound-clips of Calling Out "Tito" - Don can be heard during the credits as a possible homage to the troll Surfshack Tito.

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 60 Rocket Power Pilot

The Rpg Monger

In his analysis of the Sonic fandom in his The Fandom Files series, Chris is mentioned as one of the most infamous figures in the fandom where critics try to point to reasons why to hate them.

The Tragic History of Sonic’s Fandom - The Fandom Files

Lumpy Touch

As part of his CurseBound series of pixel artworks, Lumpy Touch's rendition of the Sonic Totem is seen as the final work shown in the 4th part of the series.

CurseBound - Cursed image pixelart with EarthBound music PART 4

Sam O'Nella

When talking about Phineas Gage in his video "Improbable Tales of Survival", he described how "Shiva Gautama Christ-Chan" the "one true god" decided that Gage would survive having his head driven into by a tamping iron. The figure sports a T-shirt that resembles the stripes on The Classic. This depiction might also serve as an indirect jab to Chris's current delusions of godhood. It should also be noted that Sam O'Nella follows Chris on Twitter.

Improbable Tales of Survival


Made a podcast where he talked about him for a bit.

Who is Chris Chan? And more


Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers made a video on Chris where he reacted to Believe in the OCs and Deities! and gave his thoughts on Chris's delusions on the Dimensional Merge and his current state as of 2019.

Sonichu Has Gone Too Far...


In his video "How James Rolfe (AVGN) Avoids Drama", Nate lists four reasons how James Rolfe, the man behind the Angry Video Game Nerd avoids drama. The second reason is the fact how he keeps his private life away from the Internet. Chris is then shown as an example of a famous Internet figure who got embroiled in dramas due to his propensity to revealing everything from his life.

How James Rolfe (AVGN) Avoids Drama


JelloApocalypse is a channel known for parodies of pop culture in series such as Welcome to... and So This is Basically. In the video “So This is Basically Sonic the Hedgehog” there is a visual reference to Sonichu at the 2:56 mark.

So This is Basically Sonic the Hedgehog

Internet Historian

Blink and you will miss it, one of the listed 'Create Your Taste' McDonald's burger's name is the "Chris Chan Special". No image exists of the burger, but given the memetic nature of the promotion's existence, one can guess on what it will involve.

Very Serious Business

Film Theorists

At 7:02 in a Film Theory video about Rick and Morty, during a part where thought patterns for ideas are explained, Sonichu appears in a folder titled "Stupid Ideas".

Film Theory: Inside the Mind of Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)


Sonichu makes a cameo in the opening segment of NakeyJakey's video on online dating.

Online Dating


In a Gaming Mysteries video of a lost farming game, Justin Whang stated how the game was his most requested topic from his followers, with Chris topping it. However, Justin has no plans to do any videos on him.

The Lost Evil Farming Game - Gaming Mysteries


Reacting to the fan film Tanic the Hedgehog, Charlie (aka Cr1TiKaL) calls Tanic Sonichu when he first appears.

Tanic the Hedgehog


Noted tomgirl video creator ContraPoints (William Nicholas Parrott / Natalie Wynn Parrott) discussed Chris in the 2020 video "Cringe" (skip to 31:15).


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