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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

January 2019

The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper Big RedBig Red
Chris vents his anger onto Twitter against the trolls.

The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png
Chris delivers a message on the events of the Twitter block.

February 2019

A blooper where Chris makes yowling sounds.

Chris portrays his conversation with Dr. Wolf in lego form.

March 2019

  • Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes 30 March 2019 (2:56) ReasonReason
    Chris returns to the DeJarnette Center for Human Development to demand the officials of Staunton, Virginia to renovate and re-purpose the building to its original purpose and condition.

April 2019

  • @MintendoMerd 24 April 2019 (0:15) HandoutsHandouts CrazyCrazy BusinessBusiness The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png
    Chris does a birthday greeting to MintendoMerd.

May 2019

  • PAPPY VAN POODLE: ENDGAME 25 May 2019 (25:14) RumorsRumors Video gamesVideo games ReasonReason The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png
    Chris is interviewed over rumors that he is the first who found Pappy Van Poodle in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

June 2019

  • PsychicPowers 27 June 2019 (0:16) CrazyCrazy
    Chris tries to demonstrate that he has telekinetic abilities by making a flash drive fall over.

July 2019

  • PsychicPowers 1 July 2019 (0:21) CrazyCrazy
    Chris tries to demonstrate his telekinetic abilities again, this time with an amethyst stone.