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This page is an archive of other users' key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms. Posts are sorted by date.

Pepper Spray Case, February '15 Hearing

5 February 2015, by Zeonista[1]

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm not trying to steal Rammspieler's thunder, but I was at the hearing this morning too (I live 10 mins. away from the courthouse) and thought I'd give you guys a bit of info about what happened before he posts his account. I don't have any timestamped pics or anything to prove it, but I've got no reason to lie to any of you.

I sat in the back of the courtroom, since I was trying really hard to be inconspicuous, but as a result of that it was hard for me to hear much of anything. I can't give you much in the way of specific dialogue... Rammspieler (at least, the person I believe was him) had a better vantage point, so expect more from him there.

Anyway, Chris WAS wearing women's clothes, but didn't look like as much of a disaster as usual. He was wearing a black cardigan and long dark-blue skirt with white stripes, along with dark-blue leggings and a pair of tan boots. His hair still looked pretty terrible, pretty much the same as it was in his mugshot. Barb was with him, wearing what looked like a red wool coat.

Chris looked pretty nervous while he was waiting for things to get started. He was fidgeting a lot and kept leaning over to ask her questions. I'm pretty sure I heard him ask "Do you think we should tell them about our troll problems?" once, which made me smile inside.

They called Chris up pretty quickly - his case was one of the first ones to go through. Naturally, even though there were 2 or 3 female PDs in the courtroom, Chris got the one BRUTE MALE of the lot. He was summoned as "Mr. Chandler," which I doubt he liked much. I heard the PD make a brief comment about Chris' appearance, but didn't hear exactly what was said.

The PD, Chris, and the judge spoke with each other for about 2 minutes, and eventually the ruling was for a continuation on April 2nd. The two of them left the courtroom, only to come back in about a minute or two later, with Chris chiding his mother. "What were you thinking, Barbara Ann?" I guess Barb had already forgotten the date of the next hearing, or maybe she thought they needed to come back later in the day for something. Anyway, she and Chris spoke to the PD for another minute or two. I heard the PD say this to them: "I said you're free to go... Yes, it's April 2nd. April 2nd, I can write that down for you if you want." He looked just a little annoyed, because even this short exchange was enough to hold things up. Chris and Barb were blocking the middle of the courtroom while this was happening, and the judge had to ask them to move out of the way so the next guy up could get through.

The two of them left a little while later. All Chris had to say on his way out was "Welp," accompanied by a stress sigh.

I didn't follow them out. Didn't want to overdo it and end up looking like a ween.

I'm curious myself about what Rammspieler was able to overhear, but maybe this will tide you all over in the meanwhile.

Review of Printed Sonichu Comic

5 October 2015, by Jay Owen[2]

Because I am an autistic piece of shit, I also bought one of them. I figured it was cheap enough that I didn't mind, just to see how it came out.

As you expected, it came out like shit.

Jay Owen linked to a now-defunct Imgur album.

The cover is pixelated and shitty, Chris really obviously just stretched out whatever resized image he happened to have on his PC at the time, rather than rescan the original or do anything that required any effort.

The spine is completely fucked up, and spills over onto the back of the book, making it totally useless -- the bottom half of text can't be viewed from the side. If by some shitty reason you ever wanted to buy multiple future issues to put on your shelf, you'd never be able to tell which one is which. I don't know if this is because he just copied/pasted a book spine he assumed would work, or if he really underestimated how big the book would be. Probably both. The result is that the cover is one of the worst things in comic history. It honestly is so poorly done and so low quality that if Chris wasn't saying it was his I would assume this was a troll attempt to make him look bad.

The back cover is significantly less pixelated, but still looks like garbage because it is, of course, drawn all in markers and pen by Chris.

The paper used is matte and looks like the lowest quality/cheapest option he could get it printed on. Someone else mentioned it looks like "draft" quality and that pictures make it better -- it seriously is so ugly and the resolution so low, it looks like a test page, and I can't even capture how shitty it is on camera. I've purchased comics from Lulu before, and they weren't nearly this bad, so there must be varying levels of publishing quality (or Lulu themselves has dropped in quality significantly -- it's been years) and Chris picked the worst.

So, it's exactly what you expect. Low quality and no effort by Chris other than uploading it. He didn't even check to see if things fit on the cover.

Height of Sonichu Characters

25 October 2015, by FriendlyNeighborhoodDaddy[3]

Just thought of something that's a ridiculous waste of time, so I decided to pursue it. Just how frickin' tiny are Cera and Christine's classmates? Chris showed in Sonichu 8 that Rosechu is 3'10" (or 46 inches tall). Christine, after her evolution, is the same height as Rosechu, and is able to scoop her siblings up like babies. I measured them, and compared to Christine, Cera and Robbie are 26% her size, or 11.96 inches (just under 1 foot). Cera and Kevin are the same height. Sonichu's kids are all two years old, so let's assume Kevin and the others are too, and just really articulate toddlers. The average height for a two year old boy is 34 inches (or 2'10), which means best case scenario they are all less than half the size they should be. If they are indeed supposed to be grade schoolers, then CWCville is filled with primordial dwarves.


Eyewitness account of Chris at CVille Pride

19 September 2015, by Lucrid[4]

I just came back from the event. I did see Chris there a few times as I was walking around, but whenever I saw him, he was sitting at this one specific booth that unfortunately I can't remember the name of. I don't get the impression that he was officially affiliated with that booth, but since he was sitting there the whole time (or at least during the time I was there), I am guessing that they know him/tolerate him. He was dressed in a bluish sleeveless top and a white skirt. What was most surprising was that he was wearing a Sonichu medallion, but I guess it's actually not all that surprising given that he's trying to revive the comics. There was a bulletin board that had printouts of the Sonichu comic tacked on to it, and right before I ended up leaving, I walked by again and I saw Chris handing out printouts of Sonichu to people while sitting at that same booth. I didn't take pictures or really hang around Chris too much because I didn't want to arouse suspicion, but that's what I saw. Also, his behavior at this event seems different than what I've heard at other places -- in the past it sounded like he would go around talking to everyone, but he mostly stayed in his one spot. At one point he also was drawing on this red tablet-like thing (I only saw the back of it, but I think it was a dry-erase board). Though, the event is still going on for four more hours, so perhaps Chris will be up to more things later.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan

12 June 2016, by Vanillacone[5]

In response to a thread on the Happy Birthday, Jonathan video:

Don't know if you all will believe me, but I actually bought this for my friend.

Proof, if this can even count as it;

Vanillacone proof purchase video1.png

Vanillacone proof purchase video2.png

Been a fan of Chris for a long time, and thought this was a perfect gift for my friend. To be honest, I got what I expected out of the video, and money well spent in my opinion. Although his name is Johnathon, not Jonathon.

Ask any questions, if you want.

Welfare Check

14 June 2016, by Randall Fragg[6]

In a thread on the Donations Required, Serious. Please help video, and in response to a user's comment, "To anyone worried: @Randall Fragg called in a welfare check, their gonna do it and call him back. If something bad happened, we will know. Lets hope not.":

I just got the response.

Barb is fine. She spoke with the dispatched officer and everything is okay.

Short on Cash

20 July 2016, by timtommy[7]

Here is a story. I am putting it in here because it is way too minor to have its own thread and I have no proof of it.

I have a friend who goes to grad school at UVA. One night at a conference we had too much to drink and both revealed we knew about Chris. He knows a lot less and doesn't post on the forums, but we were chatting over the weekend and he told me this story which happened a couple weeks ago.

My friend walks into a gas station/convenience store on the northern edge of Charlottesville. Chris is trying to buy $7 or so of junk food type stuff, but he only has $5 in cash. The cashier tries to make understand he owes $2 more. Chris seems to understand, but is slow to process what to do about it.

My friend who is second in line, picks out two ones, says "here you go" and puts them on the counter.

Chris, it seems more out of stupidity and confusion than malice, picks up the $2 and his purchases and makes to leave.

My friend and the cashier, both object and yell that he has to leave the $2 with the cashier. Chris doesn't seem to react.

A dude who was behind both of them in line is between Chris and the door. As Chris passes him, he taps him to get his attention, and says something like "Hey buddy ..."

Chris makes a get-away-from-me hand wavy gesture without looking at any of the three of them, and fairly loudly says "It's Miss!" and hurries out the door.

Chris continues to his car in a half run, half walk, as all three of the people in the store watch confused and amused.

Chris pulls out of the parking spot, but for some reason heads towards the back of the lot, where there is no exit.

As Chris gets to the back of the lot, he stops, backs up a few feet, tries to turn the car around, doesn't make it, backs up again, and finally gets around. Essentially making a 5 point turn in a fairly large empty parking lot.

Chris drives past the store again not looking inside, and finally drives off.

Subliminal Frequency Playlist

31 March 2016, by MudMux[8]

She'll be blossoming in no time.


Subliminal Frequency Like

27 July 2016, by The American Hedgehog[9]

In a thread on the self-inflicted taint wound:

Chris still has faith in the subliminal videos. He liked a video called "Super Biokinesis Booster" today.

It's not a good sign. He told Marvin's source that he finally realized it's a wound, so why is he still listening to the videos?


17 March 2017, by Gav01[10]

In response to a thread on Chris's post covering his eyes with his hair:

In the latest episode of the Lazycast podcast, of which DoopieDoOver is one of the hosts, they call out this specific photo in a jeering manner. That isn't the only time Chris Chan is mocked on their show either. All the more reason that Chris's desperate and inappropriate tweets to DoopieDoOver are so lulz worthy.

Asking Chris to sell the Sonic Totem

6 April 2017, by Buck Mullet[11]

On a whim I texted Chris about selling the Sonic totem for $1000, and he replied right away. Not going to go through lengths to prove this is a real exchange, it is. Yes i'm an oldfag for using a flip phone. Yes "CWC" could be a made up contact. Yes this is 100% real... but hell no, i'm not giving Chris one red cent!

B Weston License Plate

28 June 2017, by heyyyJackiePie[12]

In response to a user's comment, "Is that other car Barb's?":

Yeah. The license plate says "B Weston" or something like that.

Doopie's Patreon

15 July 2017, by The American Hedgehog[13]

Chris is pledging at least $25 to Doopie.

He liked a post from her which is behind a paywall for that amount.


The rewards for that tier include a sketch, maybe the commission Doopie referred to.


He started pledging to her in June, and the posts he happened to like then were behind the $5 paywall, so he's given her between $30-$50 so far.

Marvin Follow

16 August 2017, by The American Hedgehog[14]

Chris just followed @Marvin on Twitter.

Chris follows Marvin's Twitter.png

Nowacking Follow

27 August 2017, by The American Hedgehog[15]

Chris booted up his NightStar account again and is following Nowacking on it.

Trickie Comments on Sonichu 15

5 December 2017, by Trickie[16]

In a thread on the subject of Chris copying Trickie's fancomic Rosechu's Story for his Sonichu 15:

Well, that's pretty much what I expected. It's not traced, so I guess that's something.

Sega Genesis, C64 Game Purchase

7 July 2018, by The American Hedgehog[17]

Seems Chris celebrated his win in court by splurging $40 on a Sega Genesis console.

Chris also bought a C64 game, Blueprint.

Console Purchases

10 July 2018, by The American Hedgehog[18]

On July 6th, in addition to buying a Sega Genesis console for $40, Chris also spent $170 on a Commodore computer.


12 February 2019, by njm00ch[19]

I received a follow from an account nearly identical to chris’s Other one, which he follows me on. I messaged the old @cwcsonichu and Chris confirmed it was real. He also apparently has someone assisting him with everything but I haven’t received a response on that yet.

[posts Misc texts#CPU_CWCSonichu]

March 2019 Switch

11 March 2019, by Silver Octopus[20]

I send Chris a friend requeston Switch to see what he spends his money on.

He brought another game for Switch that he already owned on PS4...

Switch 11Mar2019.jpg

[Silver Octopus summarizes and comments on Chris's game purchases]

On 23 March, Silver Octopus took new screenshots and wrote:[21]

So after a 11 days since first playing a game on switch, Nintendo displays the number of hours you've played in that game. It's been a little over two weeks since Chris got his Switch so now all his games display the number of hours. Please note that Nintendo only gives a vague estimate and does not display minutes, after 5 hours it starts going up in 5 rather than saying the exact number (e.g. 5-10, 10-15, 15-20. etc.)

Anyways this is how much time Chris has spend on his Switch in the last 17 days (in order of most recently played):

Nintendo Entertainment System - Online Subscription Games: 10-15 hours
Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu!: 25-30 hours
YouTube App: 10-15 hours
Tetris 99: 5-10 hours
Steins;Gate Elite: Less than 1 hour (money well spend!)
Pokemon Quest: Less than 1 hour [free game]
Sonic Forces: Less than 1 hour (money well spend!)
8-Bit Adventure Steins;Gate: 1 hour [free game included with Steins;Gate]
Starlink Battle For Atlas: Less than 1 hour (money well spend!)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 5-10 hours

Switch 23March2019 1.jpg Switch 23March2019 2.jpg

Chris Chan Vs the Internet

4 April 2019, by CMCW[22]

I'm involved with this project in some capacity, i can answer some questions if you got them. The reward tiers are just copied from other kickstarter films tbh not trying to scam anyone just a lack of reward ideas.

Trickie's Handling of Chris's Copying of Rosechu's Story

5 July 2019, by Trickie[23]

In a thread on the subject of Chris's copying of her fancomic Rosechu's Story for his Sonichu 15, and in response to a user's comment, "I think the problem people have is that he is just copying your work (plus some extra autism) and profiting from it, instead of creating something new. He's just doing it as an easy cash grab and to get some of his patrons off his back. He probably hasn't put any thought into your work besides "mmm'yeah I can copy that as such"

Also it's only a matter of time until Chris claims that since this actually happened in c3po dimension or whatever you didn't actually create it. You merely chronicled the events first and you can't copy "history". Most people here don't want you to troll Chris. Just to stand up and say hey you're directly profiting off my work and it's not cool. If idiots are going to throw money at Chris he should at least have to scribble his own autism."

Well, Christine has already indicated to me that she considers this to be part of the chronicled history of the electric hedgehogs, and that all this stuff was in her brain somewhere, it just didn't come out until she read it in my comic. So even if I did make a fuss about it, she probably would've done this anyway and the only difference would be that I wouldn't get credit for it at all.

Lottery Question

29 September 2019, by Pickle Inspector[24]

In response to a user's comment, "If you can predict the future, what's the point in making wishes?":

I asked that once around the time started RPing as Magi-Chan (Well more specifically why Magi-Chan doesn’t just give Chris the lottery numbers if they’re so desperate for money all the time) and he sent me this reply:

Pickle Inspector-Magi-Chan Lottery Question DM-min.jpeg

Arguing with Discord Bot

29 September 2019, by The American Hedgehog[25]

Chris changed his discord name back to "Magi-ChrisChanSonichu1982". He's also been RPing with a bot.

Chris mad at Discord bot.png


9 March 2020, by The American Hedgehog[26]

Seems Xleepy still intends to make Chris videos.


12 September 2020, by The American Hedgehog[27]

Just dropping this here to use as a reference for the CWCki since it's too large to be uploaded there.

Someone gathered info pertaining to Ryan Winger, alias "Owls" and "CpuTurquoiseHeart". Ryan's the disgraced founder of a group that was posing as CPU goddesses to talk to Chris, which later became the Watchmen white knight group. He was thrown out for allegedly trying to exploit his influence in it for ulterior motives - namely, trying to build a harem out of Chris's female enablers, asking some to move in with him, which they refused. He's 40 years old.

Incest Leak Interview

5 August 2021, by gungann[28]

Hello Kiwi Farms,

This is “Gungann”, the same Gungann mentioned in one of the leaked text messages between Bella and Fiona. I am making this statement to clarify the extent of my involvement. I don’t necessarily feel good about leaking most this stuff but I believe most of the sensitive information has already been made public and I hope it provides context.

I am a old friend of Snoo, I’ve known her for about a year. Although, I had no idea this was going on beforehand. When the Chris and Bella call was initially leaked - I, like many others - was suspicious that Chris may have been manipulated into saying these things by a potential gal-pal by pretending to be or [possibly actually being] “into incest as some kind of creepy RP with Chris” and much like PandaHalo who got Chris to talk about “dog-fucking” or the Idea Guys who got Chris to admit to being a “pedophile”. Once I discovered Snoo was involved, I reached out to her concerned that she may also have been manipulated by Bella. Talking to Snoo, she agreed there wasn’t enough context to the call and the possibility was there that Chris was being manipulated. We arranged to have a voice call with Bella so I could possibly read her mannerism and voice better than Snoo to see if she may had been lying about anything. My brain was sleep deprived at the time and I misremembered part of leaked audio as Bella encouraging Chris to “fuck Barb a lot before the convention”, although Bella seemed unsure whether or not she had said that. I hope these files - and my explanation - show that Snoo and I were suspicious of Bella. I am not the most tech-savvy person so my recording is limited to two somewhat short clips captured on an older device that’s memory was nearly full. After this, Bella would go onto send me this video, I am unsure if the information in it is not already public but here you go. I am not sure the extent of Bella’s manipulation of Chris or Snoo but I am still suspicious. I just hope it is clear that I was just trying to help my friend.

[Also, I have attached screenshots that specify that Bella didn’t know me beforehand.]

[Gungann attached screenshots and videos. See Post-incest leak drama for more information]

Status of 14 Branchland Court

29 August 2021, by Phillip_Jeffries[29]

I'm just gonna go ahead and share my findings here.

A few days ago I went to 14 Branchland Court with a friend of mine to update everyone on the van and the cats.

August2021House1.jpg August2021House2.jpg

I can confirm that the van is indeed back at the house. The plates have been replaced with what I assume are the original plates for the car. You can tell these aren't old photos by checking the date on the plate as well as the broken tail light, which apparently happened after the car was left at the motel in Richmond.


And as we left I noticed the cats by the side of the house so I took a pic, but it's not the greatest.


After we took our photos we started to leave. As we did, someone opened the door. At first I thought it was the neighbor that was taking care of the cats in the Chandlers' absence, but it turned out to be Barb herself. I was so freaked out I didn't know what to do, so I just said "Hi, Barb" and she said hi back then got into the van and drove off. My friend and I immediately left.

I still don't know what this means in terms of how the case will go. We all thought she'd be in hospice care until she passed. Then again this is the state with the same mental health care system that ignored Chris all these years.

I wish I had more proof than just my account of what happened but I wasn't able to take any pictures of her. Maybe someone else can go to Ruckersville and corroborate my claims? (without being a ween)

If you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them.

Incest Case September '21 Continuance

16 September 2021, by GypsyBard[30]

Well guys his hearing has been continued

As of this moment the video link I posted showing 2 weens drive to the courthouse has been privated

If the video is ever made public again skip to 40:40 to hear the news

-Next will be on November 18 2021-

CWCVillie Shopkeeper agreed:[31]

I can confirm this - it was rescheduled to November 18th at 10 AM. I went there myself before checking this thread and found out the hard way

Incest Case November '21 Continuance

18 November 2021, by Undersideofcwcspillow[32]

I'm on the phone with the a clerk right now. Case is continued to the new year. It is in J&DR, but because there is an adult and it is a family matter she will have to ask her supervisor about what would be public after the case is finalized.

The following day Undersideofcwcspillow followed up:[33]

I called and spoke to someone at J&DR again. Actually the same person. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they really AREN'T that busy. I get connected immediately every time and they don't seem in any hurry to get off the phone, so I really doubt there's 50 weens calling screaming JULAAAAY every day.

Anyway, the new date is February 3rd 2022. The reason it was closed was because Chris's attorney requested it. That is all she could tell me. Then like a re+tard I forgot my third question and hung up.

I can't edit my OP to add this info

By the time Chris goes to the courthouse he'll have done half a year behind bars. There are actual gangbangers who have spent less time in jail than Chris. He's gonna be a hard MF when he gets out.

Confirming Car Crash

11 December 2021, by ThatGuyWhoLikes The Chili[34]

In a thread on the topic of Barbara's car crash:

So I have a buddy who works at a dealership, they looked up the VIN# of Chris's van on Carfax and apparently the story checks out.

It shows it was Tboned and the air bags not deployed is more likely a result of it being totalled. If it goes on a wrecker and right to a junk yard they don't care/check that

Pics for proof, might wanna add this to the OP just so everyone can stop arguing if it's real or not.

Dec2021 Carfax1.jpg

Dec2021 Carfax2.jpg

December Photos of 14 Branchland Court

20 December 2021, by Tennis-Ball-Tony[35]

I was in the area today and had just a little time to swing over to 14 Branchland and stop at the Goodwill in Ruckersville. Sorry for the shit pictures, I literally had zero time to hang around.

No for sale sign or stuff that I saw. When I was pulling up to the stop sign on the cul-de-sac, the neighbor directly across the street from 14 Branchland yelled out "He's in jail!" with a big grin. That house also has a pile of Christmas lights up. I mean, the entire yard is nothing but Christmas displays and lights and they're all pointed at the Chandler's house.



I also stopped at the Sheetz and the local Goodwill. I asked the clerk at Sheetz if they knew who Chris Chan was, and another employee said that he got arrested for "raping his elderly mother". At the Goodwill, none of Chris's stuff was there. It was crazy packed with people so I didn't want to ask.

One thing about Ruckersville and Charlottesville, is it's a pretty happening place. It seems like there's not a lot of stuff to actually do, but people tend to be a lot more friendlier in businesses, talking to each other, everybody seemed to know one another. I can definitely see the Chandlers being shunned and having it actually mean something.

Incest Case February '22 Continuance

3 February 2022, by Peanut Head[36]

I just called the office. His Hearing is just beginning, but the lady said she was 99.9 percent sure they're keeping it closed from the public. I will call in an hour or so and update.

Later, Peanut Head followed up:[37]

UPDATE: Chris is getting another continuance. There is no date yet. They were unable to give me the case number or state the nature of the case.

(I miss the nice lady from this morning).

I will call tomorrow to see if I can find us a date! Until then, looks like he's stuck in a cell unless he gets the portal working.

On 9 February, WolfKiller reported:[38]

I called the courthouse. The next hearing is

July 28

EMS Claim

5 March 2022, by Meat Pickle[39]

Thanks to my role as Cwcki janny, someone PM'ed on Discord claiming to work for an EMS in central Virginia managed to look into Chris's record and reveal some info without violating HIPAA. That person claimed that Chris was moved via ambulance with police escort and a staff ready to administer sedatives if required, though the latter is nothing out of the ordinary according to them. The location as also manually entered, as the record would normally have a predetermined set of destinations.

I hope the experts here can explain that this means.

Shoutout Video

12 March 2022, by Shovel Mech Pilot[40]

One of my personal favorite quotes was Chris' shoutout to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Shout out to Fans in Hospital

It was a super small piece of Christory but I was the one who sent him that email... I asked specifically for him to draw Eric and Dylan in the comic but I got a video shoutout instead. Still was fun. My fake teacher's name was "Rebdoomer", the handle that Eric used online.

Orders From 2020

18 July 2022, by The American Hedgehog[41]

Adding to the list of reasons why it's a bad idea to do business with Chris... back in Sept 2020, he effectively doxed 23 of his own customers to the Watchmen. He had a bunch of outstanding orders from between June-August 2020 and didn't feel like working on that, so he DM'd Naught and ordered him to do it instead. Chris then screencapped the information of his customers and sent that to Naught. Naught dumped that stuff into the Second Layer of The Place's Discord server.

These are a couple of the caps Chris had sent (censor bars added by me for this post). Information such as name, address, phone number, and email was included.

Naught also posted excerpts from Chris's convo with him to The Place's Second Layer.

Visit to 14 Branchland Court

10 August 2022, by xQqrKE[42]

Went to the door with a pizza and in a delivery uniform, full vid is over 3 min long. No one answered, but I got the sense someone was in there based on the dogs barking patterns. After I got back in my car a black van pulled up and a man in business casual got out of the van, I jumped out to speak to him but I didn't have time to set up my camera. I asked if a Barb lived here, he said not for a long time. He was very dismissive, like he knew about the history of the house and prank pizza calls. After I left he stepped into the house. I guess barb has a caregiver of some sort.

xQqrKE at 14BC
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

October Photos of 14 Branchland Court

15 October 2022, by Jeff_the_Thriller[43]

I made a pilgrimage to the Sonichu temple and I thought it would be worse. Not to say it isn't bad but someone is taking care of the yard and basic landscaping. I didn't get out my car or do anything stupid because their poor neighbors have had to deal with ween bullshit for like two decades. The backyard is a different story. Its over grown with a rotted patio and collapsing shed. The place doesn't look like it's seen basic upkeep since the Clinton administration.

Jail Art

9 April 2023, by TheRedBaron[44]

I figure this is the place to share this, I have purchased numerous praetor listings (my history with purchasing stuff is kinda known is honesty) however it not one thing hasn’t been listed officially through the store. Awhile back I decided to purchase a jail commission drawing and when asked what I wanted the request was a drawing of Chris with his mother surrounded by sonichu characters, I did receive the drawing and Chris wrote a note to me on the back

Of note too it was definitely drawn in the back of some official paper, idk what it’s about or anything

Soncihu License Plate

25 August 2023[45]

Right Butt Cheek posted:

I’m sorry if this was discussed already. Has it been confirmed or denied that Chris potentially has a car? Someone I know spotted a license plate that said “Soncihu” in the Lynchburg area. I obviously know it’s incorrect spelling but I figure I’d ask first before throwing out even more bullshit. I’ve got the pic they sent me of the plate.

Stupidface replied:

No confirmation or denial, but some form of transportation is obviously going on. Some dumbass on reddit lied about a car spotting, but his post history shows he lives overseas. That's about it so far.

Information currently tied to the plate SONCIHU is as follows.

VIN: KL1TD56646B569111

2006 Chevrolet Aveo

Last sold on May 19 2023 for $3,500.

With the sale date, I could see it being Chris. That was the first month he was spotted publicly. But I would definitely seek further confirmation, as the date is well after that spotting and likely coincidental.

Right Butt Cheek answered:

Here's said picture that my friend sent me who lives in the area. I do know this person IRL, but not sure if that really matters much or validates the claim, but either way.

IMG 8573.jpg

Taylor's Reaction

31 October 2023, by MosileZ[46]

In response to a user's comment, "Man the dillinverse is dead. I figured he would rise from his pill induced coma to make reply guy content to Chris-chan accusing him of being an abusive piece of shit to an old ex girlfriend. And this thread would get a more lame highlights.

[links to a YouTube video of Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021]":

Also, a bit late. I did ask Taylor what she thought about this at the time it came out. She mainly just felt a little uncomfortable that Chris is still thinking about her, but did find it funny that Dillin is being called out by him.

Catboy Ranch

27 January 2024, by Something Awful[47]

Chris-Chan has answered prayers and emerged in Keffals' Catboy Ranch now. I don't care about the dude, but apparently people here do, so here's some CWC content:

Catboy Ranch - 27Jan2024 - BioLizard.png


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