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These are livestreams filmed by Chris in March 2024, influenced by Praetor.

Christ Chan Live Stream: YouTube Video Watching

"I love you."

Chris watches some of his favourite YouTube videos whilst streaming. This choice came from a Twitter poll where he asked what people would like him to do during his next stream and "Watching Youtube Videos" won with 30.6% of all votes. He tweeted the winner and his intentions in March.[1]

He collected videos into a public YouTube playlist and watched them all. He read donations and accepted media shares. A lot is learned from this stream about some of his Jail Art and he also retcons some lore about the Chaotic Combo.

While Chris's commentary can be heard clearly, most of the videos have an echo, making them difficult to understand.

Chris did not show off his Nintendo Switch collection as promised in his tweet.

Christ Chan Live Stream: YouTube Video Watching
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Stardate 2 March 2024
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
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Full Playlist of videos shown and mentioned in this Live Stream
[Link to playlist]


  • 01:22: [Stream begins] [ Chris is small in the bottom left in front of a psychedelic YouTube video.]
  • 01:40: Chris lets us know that the relaxing background music is one of his favorite binaural beats songs. Chris says it helps convert your aura to rainbow.
  • 01:58: Chris takes a moment to meditate and "enjoy" the song silently. Chris breaks his trance at 02:12.
  • 02:51: Chris reminds viewers of his onscreen message, "I am only responding to POSITIVE comments."
  • 03:19: Chris reveals he will be watching a YouTube [playlist] with us.
  • 04:15: In response to Gibi speculating that Praetor are taking roughly 10% of Chris' earnings, Chris shakes his head and says, "I get all the money."
  • 05:44: While discussing "The Ethereal Rosechu", Chris says, "I took apart a sheet of paper, and... it had information on the back of it, on that side, so I ripped off that part. So I could reuse... so I could use the blank side."
  • 06:25: In response to Gibi saying, "it looks as though he tore this out of a sketchbook," Chris replies, "Yeah there was no sketchbooks available in jail. That was not even a commissary thing. When you ask for paper, you get uh... one of those uh... lined papers[...] this was just a regular sheet of paper that came with one of the pieces of mail."
  • 07:42: In response to Gibi reading the quote that the art is a remake of the original Sonichu Book 10, "Well not really a remake of the issue 10 comic cover, but more commentary from the issue 10..."
  • 10:10: Chris admits he was not perfect when he was homophobic, and is glad he got over that.
  • 11:23: Chris corrects the record when discussing the art, "Is This A GameStop Ad?". He says that it is not a reference to the TV show, "The Outer Limits," but rather a reference to "a broadcast of 2006 from Transformers Generation 1, season 3. A Junkion said that."
  • 11:38: Chris corrects Gibi in that the setting for the art piece is not his bedroom but in fact the Game Stop.
  • 12:08: "Ah yes, so there are eight Master Emeralds in all, not just the one that uh... Knuckles the kid- had on Angel Island. You know that obviously, he can take with him... when he needs to and whatnot - keep protecting it. The master sunstone on Flame the Sunbird Island, that's a Master Emerald, but it got deformed so it looks like a Sunstone. And then the other six Master Emeralds were dispersed when The Ultimate Emerald got shattered in like uh... 4- 450... BC. And then of course from that came the seven- eight Chaos Emeralds, EIGHT Chaos Emeralds, including the orange one... and then they went dispersed..."
  • 13:14: Chris corrects Gibi and says that it is not a Sky Uppercut, from the Pokemon video games, but rather a Shoryuken from the Street Fighter video games.
  • 13:56: Chris refutes the accusation the S-Chu Balls are rip-offs of the Chaos Emeralds by stating that they were, "manifested from the Chaos Rainbow of 2001 that manifested from the seven Chaos Emeralds that Sonic had when he collided with the Pikachu that became Sonichu Prime."
  • 14:12: There are variants of everybody, "YOU YOU YOUYOUYOUYOUYOUYOUYOU!"
  • 15:43: Chris rolls his eyes in reaction to a media share of an AI voice of him singing Eminem's "Without Me."
  • 19:39: When asked by a donator "who would win in a fight, you or a 500 pound silverback Gorilla," Chris replies, "Not the Gorilla." Also, he would out-smart it.
  • 22:55: Chris states that the drawing is set in a church in Israel. He also corrects the record that the girl with the Ukraine flag on her chest in not a support of Ukraine, but rather a refugee from there. She escaped Russia's abuse and Lisa Simpson adopted her.
  • 34:10: Chris gets an itch out of his eyes by dabbing.
  • 44:21: Chris exposits that Wild Sonichu's Scyther father was kidnapped by Team Rocket, and when Wild went to go rescue his father and free all the other Pokemon from the local Team Rocket (which is located near Washington DC in Virginia), he found his adoptive father but he was evolved into a Scizor who had inhaled the "R" (the gas from the Detective Pikachu movie). It made him Dark, but he was able to be temporarily healed and then revealed himself to Wild. Wild's father, in a breath moment of clarity, told Wild, "I am your father." To which Wild replied, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. My father was a Scyther." Then, presumably after a battle, Scizor's helmet is broken in half, revealing his Scyther face. The Scizor was left behind and not saved, as was his wishes. According to Chris, this was a very emotional moment.
  • 44:23: Chris exposits that Bubbles Rosechu's quills can be converted to water. The Chris corrects Courtney by saying that her body/hair is not made of water. According to Chris, she swims in the ocean A LOT. Mainly to remove trash. She attends Aquaman's conventions once a year in Atlantis. She does have toes, but her shoes cover them. He sometimes forgets to draw the wave patterns around her knees, where they are meant to be. She collects sea shells and makes necklaces for the yearly craft fair in CWCville. She originally had a cabin but upgraded to a better, single-story beach house that has lavish furniture.
  • 55:22: Chris reveals that Magi-Chan can resurrect himself. He has died and resurrected himself a few times. Once after having gone back in time and personally having met with Jesus Christ. After that he found a divine moment where he was destined to meet his demise, and he did, and his body was moved somewhere else. He was then revived in the country of China in a temple.
  • 57:19: Chris reveals that Punchy Sonichu's original name was "Pun-chai Sonichu" or "プンチャイーソンニチュ." His original language was Japanese, but Alakazam teleported him from Japan to a "Dojo-Shrine" in Virginia. Where he was recruited by Magi-Chan. He fought against Street Fighters and King of Fighters characters. He could beat Knuckles in a fight because he has, "Japanese training."
  • 01:02:05: Chris apologizes for not being a bigger fan of Dragon Ball Z, and meows for a good 10 seconds.
  • 01:03:27: Chris reveals that he has been taking "Estradiol" and "spironolactone" (Aldactone), for "years."
  • 01:04:26: Chris changes to a video of a man playing with a Megatron toy.
  • 01:49:04: Chris watches a video made by furries. He says he loves the video and that it is "one of her best," revealing he watches these off-stream.
  • 03:12:32: Chris switches to a fullscreen view of himself.
  • 03:13:46: Chris switches back to the original Binaural video he used in the intro to end the stream with. He closes his eyes and meditates until 03:15:37.
  • 03:15:52: A media share of a jumpscare which is very loud and obnoxious and goes on for some time. Chris responds by meditating and snapping his fingers.
  • 03:16:16: A media share of someone dying in the Sopranos TV show is played. Chris says, "I'm gonna' say somebody in Russia just died.[...] somebody really toxic, maybe Putin..."
  • 03:16:40: The stream ends.

Youtube Playlist

Chris' playlist of some of his favorite videos.[1]

The Youtube playlist Chris created was called "A Live Stream 03022024" and contained 32 videos from various creators. He stated that he filled it with some of his favorite videos.[1] The playlist is public. Whether or not this is intentional is unclear.


The videos in Chris' playlist are:

  • "RAINBOW AURA 999 Hz Oneness Vibration Music 5D, Purification and Energy Chakra Cleansing" by "Lovemotives Meditation Music".
  • "Chris Chan's $175 Jail Art | Part 3" by "Lore Cattle Ranch," aka "Gibi".
  • "Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville (Alligator Tub Productions)" by “Deleted Brony Videos Archive".
  • Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise" by "Ralek-Arts".
  • "Octavia's birthday |Animation|" by "AgrolChannel".
  • "TF2 Analysis: Hennessy Heresy" by "DRWolf001".
  • "Redesigning SONICHU - The Chaotic Combo" by "Courntey (Project SNT)".
  • "Maketoys DESPOTRON (Masterpiece Megatron): EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff" by "emgo316".
  • "Titans Return Leader SOUNDWAVE: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff" by "emgo316".
  • "What If Earth Fell Into A Black Hole? | SPD Q&A #078" by "Super Planet Dolan".
  • "[Anime] SONICHU - OP (Improved version)" by "Yetanotherytuser".
  • "Sonichu and Rosechu's folksy Theme Song" by "CwcvilleGuardian," AKA Chris.
  • "INNOCENCE.MOV" by "Tamomochi".
  • "(Sonic Crossoverception) - Love and tolerance" by "Tamomochi".
  • "(Sonic Crossover) - I hate you" by "Tamomochi".
  • " What if YOU were your FURSONA for a Day? w/@Beagleinred" by "Ash Coyote".
  • "Arcee : Dreams of Daicon" by "87render".
  • "Bumblebee Girl,CS-01 Little Bee Mecha Girl【Transformers Stop Motion Animation" by "Double Dagger 匕匕定格".
  • "Tails and Sonic Pals Play Sonic World | Funniest Moments Part 1" by "Tails and Sonic Pals".
  • "Tails and Sonic Pals Play Sonic World | Funniest Moments Part 2" by "Tails and Sonic Pals".
  • "Team Sonica Play Sonic World (Female Sonic Tails & Knuckles)" by "Tails and Sonic Pals".
  • "Scribbler's Twilight Sparkle Comic Dub Compilation [MLP Comic Dubs]" by "Scribbler Productions".
  • "[MLP Comic Dub] Bootycall (saucy comedy)" by "Scribbler Productions".
  • "Scribbler's Pony Compilations: Starlight Comics" by "Scribbler Productions".
  • "Getting Pizza" by "Eliyora".
  • "Magic Lesson - The Magic Satchel ft. Voice of Reason" by "Lightning Bliss".
  • "Keychi Keen Ep 9: Pranking Order" by "Keychi".
  • "Vinyl Fair (Better Audio)" by "ShadesofEverfree".
  • "Starscream VS Rainbow Dash (Transformers VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!" by "DEATH BATTLE!".
  • "Dinosaur Office Remix (By StonysSteffComedy)" by "Dropout".
  • "Top 10 Animated Shows That Defined Saturday Mornings" by "MsMojo".
  • "Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (Marvel VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!" by "DEATH BATTLE!".

Christ Chan Live Stream: Over the Shoulder Colouring and Drawing 2

Chris confirms for the record that Sonichu, if he feels like it and has the time, enjoys BBC.

Christ Chan Live Stream: Over the Shoulder Colouring and Drawing 2
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Stardate 9 March 2024
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
livestream highlights
AI Chris Chan Vs Christ Chan Bloom


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  • 02:30: The livestream begins.
  • 03:07: Chris switches to over-the-shoulder camera.
  • 08:32: Chris, reponding to a donation from "tealichu", asking if he has any pets, says: "I do not have any pets at my present home... Barbara just been taking care of Clover and all the cats there..."
  • 17:07: Chris, responding to a donation from "Stephanie Sionnach" where they ask, "how do you celebrate Easter as Jesus", says: "I take it as a normal day, I meditate, and I appreciate the divine connections and everything..."
  • 17:37: Chris was asked what happened to the Minecraft server they planned. Chris says it is on hold for a while but will be looked into later.
  • 22:32: In response to a donator asking if Chris has a girlfriend/parter, Chris says: "Wouldn't you like to know... I don't need any bitches!"
  • 23:33: In response to a donator asking if Sonichu likes "BBC", Chris naively responds: "Sonichu Prime, he sometimes watches British comedies on the television... and so if he had the time, and he felt like it, he would like the BBC."
  • 41:40: When asked what Chris' normal day looks like, he says he plays Pokemon GO. He says he lives near some good poke stops and will sometimes explore downtown and the university for raids.
  • 01:36:33: Chris is so annoyed by a donation that reads: "#MLPG5isPeace", that he moves the donation widget off of the stream screen until it disappears. "Nope", says Chris, "it is Russian propaganda."
  • 02:10:17: Chris responds to the donated question: "Who gave your medallion any kind of magical properties and when?" by saying: "Oh it's always had properties, it came from all the way back in the BC years..."
  • 02:10:57: Chris response to the donated question: "Is this Liquid Chris or the other one?" by saying: "... He was just a special Sonichu with really... really... arrogant, dark, evil, sinful intentions."
  • 02:41:36: A desperate and pathetic ween donates to Chris asking: "Chris can you answer my dm, I really want to have a real conversation with you sometime (you know, without paying lol)." Chris responds that he will need to look into who the person is by looking at their Twitter to learn whether it is safe to do so, showing some personal growth.
  • 02:49:09: Chris switches back to the main camera showing themself front and centre. He does a strange dance whilst making "herdi-gerdi" noises.
  • 02:50:08: The stream ends.

Christ Chan Live Stream: Over the Shoulder Colouring and Drawing 2 (accidental streams)

Despite its names being the same as Chris's previous stream, both of these were accidentally started livestreams that were deleted shortly after they premiered. Chris is singing something rather badly, later revealed to be Suvwl' van bom. He is rather shocked after realizing he pressed the button on accident. And yes, Chris has done the same mistake twice in a row. The first video has been saved, but the second has been forever lost to time.

Christ Chan Live Stream: Over the Shoulder Colouring and Drawing 2
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Stardate 25 March 2024
Subject Matter AutismAutism MusicMusic
Performance Style CrazyCrazy
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
AI Chris Chan Vs Christ Chan - Yo Ya
AI Chris Chan Vs Christ Chan - Silakka Apajalla