November 2016 Paid Video Requests

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This page lists the video requests that Chris was paid to do in November 2016.

Terrorists is notable for appearances by Sorbet, who disrupts the reading almost every minute. Chris describes these as "bonus kitty moments".

A Paid Request: Beware of Incoming Terrorists

A Paid Request: Beware of Incoming Terrorists
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 12 November 2016
Subject Matter HandoutsHandouts Handouts, OtherUnknownIcon.png Sorbet
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt I'm Done AdultingI'm Done Adulting I'm Done Adulting, Red with ButtonsRed with Buttons Red with Buttons
Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!!
Feelings of the election results


With bonus kitty moments




[Sorbet is digging around underneath Chris's desk]

Sorbet! Stop messing around down there! Quit messing with my things, come on... [scritching Sorbet] I'm sorry boy-bok I give you pets later, I love you... yes I do... come on. Mm... [resumes reading for a few seconds, Sorbet is heard continuing to rummage around despite Chris's orders] Sorbet... stop messing with the be- with the stuff down there, you're making me nervous! Come down, come on.. [brings Sorbet into his arms, Chris tries to change his grip for the next minute as his hand is bitten several times]


Hey, naughty boy, I know you're teething but stop biting me! It hurts, you know that. [Lifting Sorbet] Now I gotta do everything around here... come on, boy... Alright, stop it, stop it! [Sorbet grabs at his phone] Alright, Sorbet stop it! Stop-it! Stop-it! STOP IT! Come on... [sigh] Bonus kitty- kitten video free of charge.


[Sorbet grabs at the phone again]


[Sorbet tugs on Chris's shirt and clambers around]

Alright, I'm gonna set you down... alright let me have my time baby. [Sorbet is heard knocking things over in the background]


[After his reign of terror, Sorbet seemingly leaves after Chris sets him down for the final time. The reading continues without interruption for the remaining 14 minutes.]


Eid, Pmurt, Eid!!! Chris's videos Feelings of the election results