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Airrider1, that's me, relatively new member. I joined in mid-October 2010 and prefer to go by Airrider even if I have the number after my username because somehow somebody picks "Airrider" at half the places wherever the hell I go. Who knows why? Whose first instinct when looking at a website with memberships is to go "Oooh, hey, I should call myself Airrider?"

...*ahem* Self-depreciating remarks aside, I have a lot to learn from this place. I've encountered a similar CWCish case on deviantART and I've got to research the original before I can study any similar cases. After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

While not a troll myself I work with one on this case and we're both fascinated with the terror that is Chris-chan and how our own personal near-CWC case is eerily similar to Chris himself.

...oh yeah, and

This user is in possession of a life upgrade, and treats it with the respect it deserves - unlike Chris.
Kimmi Weeaboo
This user is a weeaboo and is devastated by Chris's taste in animu.
Because this person is geek, anime was not liked by Sudie Endure chestnut.
Sigmund Freud Armchair Psychologist
This user analyzes Chris's psyche WAAAY too much and should just accept that Chris is nothing more than a retard.

The fuck is this man doing to my Sailor Moon I grew up on that shit man MAKE IT STOP MOTHER MAKE IT STOP---

---ah! In any case, there is something I need to explain. BreadGod's page inspired me to go in-depth about what I'm talking about with "a similar CWCish case." I can't go too far into it right now for fear that causing too large a shitstorm will disrupt my observations, but let's talk about him. Let's call him "Tard Blue," after the naming conventions for military stealth aircraft projects (Have Blue, Tacit Blue, etc.) I have no visuals or logs of Tard Blue to release, as most of this dossier remains classified.

Note that the information below was not deliberately designed to steer Tard Blue, a man from a classified location in Mediterranean Europe, into a CWC pattern by any trolling efforts coordinated onto the subject. My interaction thus far has been largely following the Alec Benson Leary model, with an Asperchu analogue in the works for the next phase of the observation project.

This is the overview of Project Tard Blue.

Tard Blue first came to my attention in mid-2009 and since then I have been tracking him. Merely a sprite base-stealing idiot who didn't know jack about military hardware at that time, Tard Blue started to evolve while I and a troll whose name I will keep classified for the moment observed and interacted with him. In many ways, we were White Knights to Tard Blue, trying to tell him what made his ideas and canon too badly-thought-out to believe and how to correct it. Tard Blue continued to adamantly refuse advice and if things ended there, I would not be reporting Tard Blue's movements afterwards.

Note that the edits I've made to link to actual CWCki pages are not all to be taken literally: I am merely showing where the parallels run to CWC and where they could possibly run. Project Tard Blue is still an ongoing research project and time will tell if he shows more or less of the symptoms that make a CWC case.

If my partner ever appears on the CWCki he can provide the other pieces of the Tard Blue story, but for now I will present a summary of my observed similarities between Tard Blue and CWC:

  • Physical Development: Tard Blue follows Chris' physical characteristics, down to appearing overweight (although this may simply be from a bad camera angle and the choice for him to sit at a chair, arms crossed, slouching with a baggy tee on), poor taste in facial hair, an unnerving, into-your-soul stare and square, purple Pedo-Glasses. As he doesn't appear to favor clown shirts (or at least favors tees, jeans and the occasional poseur army fatigue) his ideas of a personal dress code seem better than Chris', but that is akin to saying that being shot in the legs is better than being shot in the chest.
    • He's also an Airsoft fan, but his fashion sense makes him look less like an Airsoft player, soldier or mall ninja and more like a crazy right-wing militia member.
  • Lack of Artistic Development: As stated above, Tard Blue is a sprite "artist," in that he recolors and blatantly steals others' pixel art. As all the victims are deviantART users, there have been no major repercussions as of late. The proliferation of sprite bases that are free for other Deviants to use muddies the waters here and helps enable his rampant plagiarism. His other creations have all been made freehand using MS Paint, with results comparable to CWC-grade artistic talent, and he is unafraid to make shitty recolors of his already shitty characters to save time. Worse than his sprite editing is his freehand art (at least, the art which isn't done in Paint as well), which is anywhere from amateurish to an abject disaster that makes one wonder why he even broke out into freehand in the first place. His photography is barely better in that he at least can't unimaginatively edit images that are already there, even if all he's doing is taking photos of guns and calling them names countless B-grade action heroes probably have already.
    • Obvious Anime and Video Game "Influences": Tard Blue is a card-carrying weeaboo with no imagination, therefore much of what he plagiarizes comes from minds of anime far greater than his own. Victims of his plagiarism include Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mega Man, Katawa Shoujo, Big O and many others.
  • Poor Storytelling Judgment: Being from a non-English-speaking country does not excuse Tard Blue, as the Internet is the perfect place to meet people from other countries to proofread work and check translation from one language to another. Tard Blue's descriptions for all his creations are long, confusing, rambling streams of consciousness about how his characters and creations are supposedly useful. In other bits of writing, such as his rare forays into fiction, he falls into these same pitfalls and ends up taking up paragraphs to describe things as rudimentary as a summary of a story's setting. He overuses ellipses, cannot properly describe things that come from his own head, several of his ideas are redundant and run together, and his characters merit their own section in this dossier.
  • True and Loyal Fanbase: Most of, if not all, his followers are people who are as bad with art and as vacuous as Tard Blue himself. However, Tard Blue is the only CWC case out of the lot of them. He also believes himself to be incredibly popular due to his interaction with this self-contained group and nobody else.
    • Delusions of Influence due to Popularity: Tard Blue also believes that simply because he pumps out ideas as if he's got a quota to meet and because he has his own fanbase, other, more talented people will recognize him and let him influence their works without question or to any quality standards. Naturally, this gains him few friends.
  • Biased Opinion of the Sexes: This and the CWCVille analogue were the first noted similarities between Tard Blue and CWC, and further observations began the project in earnest. All of the female characters Tard Blue has created line up with his idea of the perfect woman rather than creating characters with personalities that are likable to a wider audience: in his case, devastatingly shy to the point of almost unanimously being unable to do anything themselves. The ones who slightly deviate from this have some kind of alternate personality that branch off from this base but retain that same shy, submissive personality, either through a type of multiple-personality disorder (downplayed, of course) or by simply needing praise from some male figure, particularly his self-insert, more than anything else. Sound familiar? In an interesting break from the CWC pattern, there are very few male protagonists in Tard Blue's inventory, and those who are male aside from his self-insert are predominantly robots who would by default have no interest in sex, thereby making sure the self-insert continues to have no competition in the arena of (presumably) getting china. Female robots, on the other hand, are revealed in his own tech specs to be, as the Trekkies would put it, "fully functional and anatomically correct." Despite these warning signs, he does keep his behavior to a one-Sweetheart limit, his latest conquest being someone as deluded as he is. Interestingly, all other female characters are supposedly sexually active for the gratification of others in Tard Blue's CWCVille analogue. In this way there have been no Sweetheart sagas and nothing approaching the Julie Saga as of late. All trolling efforts to attempt to facilitate one have failed, although they have culminated in their own bizarre ShecameforCWC.jpg moment, which did not even dent his relationship in the slightest, but in fact, strengthened it. This will merit further investigation.
    • Unequal Treatment of Women: It is interesting to note that while the women in Tard Blue's society just about cover all the known issues one would find when flipping to a random page in the DSM-IV or the upcoming DSM-V, they get barely any help from the state-run healthcare system. Men are treated slightly better, as there is a lower incidence of mental problems in their ranks, but even physically, women are neglected. In one case, a girl with psychic abilities who was confined to a hospital and hooked up to life support systems was given a body with the frailty of peanut brittle in exchange for being able to live without the machines. By contrast, Tard Blue's society regularly creates scientific wonders that would be easy to reverse-engineer into cybernetics, as well as actually knowing an alien race that is well-versed in almost perfect prosthetic replications of human limbs, save for some discoloration here and there. The only exception to this is his current Sweetheart, but there is little reason to think that he will not stop this preferential treatment the moment he splits with her, or more likely, vice-versa.
    • On November 30, 2010, some friction in the current Sweetheart Saga may lead to changes in Tard Blue. According to Tard Blue's own words handed to me from my partner, "her granny and parents say to her that i'm a 50 yo pedophile or something like that." Transcripts are pending, and could lead to chat logs.
    • On Janurary 8, 2011, he created a character that was supposedly a male that seemed to be sweeping his setting's girls off their feet according to his own descriptions. Seeing this character mysteriously "disappear" later on may not be so unusual for someone with as few scruples and intolerance for his own competition, both real and imagined as Tard Blue, due to his ego.
  • Lack of Responsibility With Money: Tard Blue is irresponsible with his money, even when it comes to paying for access to his one outlet for expression outside of making Airsoft fans look bad, often choosing to overspend on this hobby and later realize he has no more money left to fund his online escapades. Because of this he also has Chris' same propensity for leaving the Internet due to lack of funding rather than escaping trolls, but he really doesn't as he has a family member whose computer and Internet he uses instead. As he does terrible sprite art abusing his own bases and others', this has no bearing on what little quality his art has, and such things created on this family member's computer are indiscernible from those made on his own. This also shows in his art and what can loosely be called his canon, since despite his ever-enlarging empire being based around a sole corporation which he runs that provides everything, if you put his faction under the microscope of simple economics you'd wonder where on Earth (or beyond) he gets the money. The answer, of course, is that there is no answer.
  • Bizarre Creator Mood Swings: Largely facilitated by my partner, a budding troll and someone I hope to emulate both on the CWCki and within Project Tard Blue: the ongoing quest to understand the CWC pattern, prove its existence, and hopefully prevent it.

Many questions remain unanswered about Tard Blue from this investigative standpoint. Tard Blue's actions in the future may prove or disprove a CWC pattern, depending on how far it deviates from the original pattern. So far he is following the pattern involuntarily, and to fully confirm he is a CWC-pattern, we (I and my partner) will discover if Tard Blue is capable of creating comics or other continuity-minded works of fiction which utilize his characters in the settings for which they were meant. Until then he remains a CWC in potentia: his non-media actions and mannerisms follow the CWC pattern and could possibly see him becoming Europe's CWC. Until then, however, Tard Blue remains a two-man project, and if my partner in the project appears on the CWCki, he may see it fit to put his information on the project on his personal page of the CWCki as well...