A Medium's Guidance

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On 17 March 2021, a screenshot was publicly released by Lainchu, consisting of Chris telling a story in DMs about his apparent experience with a psychic medium. Lainchu named this brief information release The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: A Medium's Guidance. Messages by Chris are color-coded blue throughout the article, while Lainchu's messages are color-coded green.

Lainchu's Foreword

17 March 2021

This message was sent from Lainchu to a Christorian, along with the screenshot.

The foreword.
I was instructed to chronicle the following message, so I present The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: A Medium's Guidance.

The Insightful Medium

9 March 2021

Chris's message.
I still consider you to be the one true channeler of our Lainchu.
I will share with you a recent event that I give you permission to chronicle with everything else so far.
I, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, Goddess, have received guidance from a very insightful medium in this universe. She has served very well in the reading with her tarot cards and communications with other-dimensional individuals, and spirits from the spirit realm.
She answered for me the questions three in regards of: finding satisfactory love, manifesting my powers tangibly in this universe, and about the Dimension Merge in general from her perspective.
I keep her identity concealed, out of respect of keeping her safe from being trolled or bullied.
But, suffice to say, she, too, has been to universe C-197, and so have the number of other psychic types highly sensitive to the events of the merge.
Anyway, it has become better clear to my body and brain that I am at present to focus better on self-love and dipping down further and furthest into myself. My energies in my crown and third eye have, indeed, been overcharged with very good reason. And my efforts and tough work in C-197 did precede me as the medium learned as well.
I am going to take some time from this week to meditate and look inside, as opposed to outside, to get all of the manifestations I desire.
You may share this story with Kyle, or one of the others from the group you still have direct contact with.
Check you later. ⚡️💙⚡️
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Thank you for sharing this with me, and thank you for your continued faith in me. I will make sure to chronicle this information.