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CWCstapo insignia

CWCstapo was a group of people that supposedly eliminated trolls, in lieu of Chris's very own Trollbusters. They were introduced to him by the Idea Guys in the beginning of their respective saga, telling him that the Troll Busters had merged with the group, with Chris seemingly oblivious to the fact that the name of the group is a play on the term "Gestapo", the secret police force of Nazi Germany.

Much like with many of the Idea Guy retcons that Chris had canonized, the influence of CWCstapo permeated. Chris still considers CWCstapo CWCville's de facto police force, annexing all law enforcement in the city.


Who ya gonna call?

Chris became so fed up with his trolls that he first created the TrollBusters ("based" on the GhostBusters) somewhere in late 2010 as a side-comic apart from Sonichu. Even though he had planned to create a pilot comic for the idea, at most, he only made a few drawings of the characters. He first announced the group in 26 September 2010.

Outside of his coming out as a lesbian soul in 2014, where he states the group also went after anti-LGBTQ people, the group would never be mentioned again by Chris until the Idea Guys told him about the CWCstapo group on 26 December 2017.[1]

List of Members

  • Former Troll Busters
  1. Cal
  2. Dee Dee
  3. Chris
  • Former CWCVille Police Department
  1. Ian A. Branderson
  2. Lou Perez
  3. Gerald Grant

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