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"Download For Play Only" (Officially 12262009 - Download For Play Only.MOV) was uploaded by Chris on 26 December 2009. In it, Chris makes his awful LittleBigPlanet levels available for download, so that his "fans" could play them offline if they so desired. He seems to genuinely believe that making these levels downloadable is equivalent to producing Sonichu merchandise, an idea he would revisit in a similar game months later.

Thanks to the camera angle, his premature baldness is very obvious. Chris also insists that absolutely nobody edit his totally amazing and spectacular levels, which is similar to the way he loses his mind when people alter the Sonichu comic.

His video description involves a controversial discussion of nominalism.


Also, here's a thought for LBP objects; the shaped OBJECT is the BODY of the Item, but the STICKER is the Item's SOUL


Download For Play Only
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Stardate 26 December 2009
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games, HomosHomos Homos, WebsiteWebsite CWCipedia
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Yellow & Red StripeYellow & Red Stripe The Traffic Light
Kill De Jack
To Clyde and Jack

You gotta have merchandise because it's like a wedding ring for the product. And it makes it- and then the fans will continue to support you as long as you have the merchandise a- it's like a wedding ring.
Chris, trying to remember what Jack Black said
You see Mangus, band merchandise is like a wedding ring. It's a material thing, yes, but it's also a symbol of a deeper devotion that helps remind you-
The Eddie Riggs quote Chris is talking about, it got cut off before Jack finished saying it.


Eh. Captain's Log, Stardate Ja-December 26th, 2009.

Hmm. Yes well, I'm still very- I'm still rather ticked off at uh, Jack Thaddeus. But, spuh- I have other thoughts that come to my mind as well. And with uh that I would like to express another thought I had.

You know with uh, Video Molecule finally giving us the ability to backup the levels we create and download to our my Moon, I feel like they should definitely allow us to download- just download the levels without alt- without altering them. You know, aside from copying them, which would give us the right to alter said those levels. They should add a download—they should put a download link for all levels, you know like they do on the PSP version where you have to download them to play them. They should do that on the uh, levels on the LittleBigPlanet PS3 community. Just download — don't alt-wher-where you're not allowed to alter them. And then from my moon you can back them up and then play 'em later, offline.

And uh, with that, uh for the time being on my uh episode one level, [Camera turns to face Chris's TV] I'm going to... [long pause] make a capab- make it copyable as a-uh big- as a big step within the merchandising rights. Cuz, you know, I learned something from Brutal Legend, with- with- from the merch blues, that uh, Jack Black has definitely uh worded well. You gotta have merchandise because it's like a wedding ring for the product. And it makes it- and then the fans will- will continue to support you as long as you have the merchandise a- it's like a wedding ring. Mm, I don't remember exactly as it was said but y-y-you can find- you can learn how he said it in Brutal legend I'm sure somebody e- somebody uploaded a video on YouTube somewhere.

Anyway with that, uh I'm gonna take my right stick, flip it to the right, and make the level copyable.

[Camera turns to TV, where Chris apparently takes some action to make his LBP level copyable. The camera then turns back to Chris.]

And with that I want everybody to- everybody who downloads the level to promise me not to alter it, but only to uh- b-back it up on their hard drive and play it at their own leisure offline. A-as well as online if you're n- if you don't feel like copying it.

Anyway uh, I ca- and also for the time being until, uh, Media Molecule a-decides to add a download button with non-altering rights to all levels in the PS3 version, I would- I would- I highly suggest that everybody on the LittleBigPlanet community to make the levels copyable, so that everybody can actually play at their own leisure offline. The score still gets uploaded you know, as well as the uh continued star ratings. So I don't see what the big deal is other than that. And of course, everybody knows who the original author is from association. Anyway, that's just a thought I had for now.

And [annoyed sigh] t- and to go back to the current topic, kill de Jack...Thaddeus. And down with those damn ads on the CWCipedia as well. I'll leave y'all with that for now, and y'all have a pleasant d-

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