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"Brutal Legend Plus" is a video uploaded by Chris on 21 October 2009. It was shot and released 3 days after Chris made a video with a similar name, but only just then realized that the video he shot prior had no audio at all.

The video also features an additional message that invoked much rage and lulz from the online community.

Due to the heavy abuse Chris's camera endured during the last month, the sound is crappy as hell and the video is skipping quite a lot. The plush breasts are still in the left bottom of the screen; they have not moved since the last video.


Brutal Legend Plus
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 21 October 2009
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Straight White LinesStraight White Lines The Flag-Waving Patriot
Brutal Legend
For Chris
You're pitiful! Dang dirty trolls! So get it together! Move out of your basements!


Hmm. Hello again. I apologize for the, uhh, last video not having audio. I don't understand how that could happen, I mean, I used the same camera. Hm. But oh well. I'll check it before I upload this one. Anyways, uh just to, uh reiterate myself, I establish the common ground that, uhhh, definitely makes me sociable. Brütal Legend! Uh yeah this is an awesome game! I mean between the game rating between the magazine people and G4, they underestimate it. They should have given it perfect they should have given it five out of five stars... and ten out of ten. Between G4... tee, uh, between G4 and, uh, the Game Informer.

Hmm. But anyway This game rocks-this game rocks. It's like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Burnout Paradise, and God of War with a dash of Guitar Hero, all spliced together in this thing! Totally awesome. But be careful to— It's rated M for Mature. But fortunately the, uh blood and gore can be turned on or off as well as the, uh, bleeped, as well as the, uh, bleeped words they can be turned on or off that... the bleep. So you know parents if your children want the legend, you know, let them know about the difference between fact and fiction and uh bloody murder and whatnot before you, before you give your full consent, er yah. Tell them know you can turn the blood scenes on and off as well as the uh, censored words.

Anyways. Hmmmuh. Jack Black did a great job as well as the guest stars. [Hits his head with the Gitar of Fail] So I raise my axe in victory and in honor of the game! [Throws up the horns] Rock onnn! Rock on! Rock on!

And with that now—I will now end it there and I will, bring a new topic. Huh. Trolls are still trying to-trick are still trying to tick me off. You know what? My creativity will not be stifled! I'll tell you what—this much. Um. Nice tip! You know try to get into my McDonald's Point Monopoly Gameplay. You know what? They had my- much worthier response so... Hahahah! AHHHHH! [whispers] You're so dumb. [normal] So I'll tell you what here's a response: [Sudden falsetto] Oh no! Not my mon—not my Monopoly game pieces! what would I ever do without them! Neeeaaaa! [Normal voice] Aa ha ha ha! Ahhh you're so pitiful. You want with that? To quote my friend of mine who I give my blessings to between him and his girlfriend. I thank him for ending this charade.

[Fails at making the L for loser, sings off-key, presumably trying to sing "Weird Al" Yankovic's "You're Pitiful"] You're pitiful! You're pitiful! You're pitiful it's true! You're pitiful! Dang dirty trolls! So get it together! Move out of your basements! Dang dirty trolls! You're pitiful! [Normal voice] The pity-ful! You're pitiful! So there!

Peace out.

[Cut to Chris holding Gitar of Fail] Actually also, one more thing. In address to the trolls. [Dramatic glasses removal] Get a life! Get a life!

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