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Name Junior Jenkins
Date of Birth 16 July 1995 (age 29)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupations High-school student
Saga PSN Hacking

Junior Jenkins, alias JenkinsJinkies (born 16 July 1995), was Chris's trollsona from May to August 2010. According to the elaborate backstory which Chris concocted for the character, he is a bi-curious teenager from Boston, who happens to be staying with a distant relative who lives across the street from Chris's house in Ruckersville. Jenkins is also said to have two male friends that they are very close to, both 16 years old at the time of the characters appearance on the Trollin Train forum, who are called Jerry and Dino. These names could be a reference to the 1940s and 50s comedy duo: Martin and Lewis, consisting of actors and singers Dean (Dino) Martin and Jerry Lewis. These reflect on Chris's life growing up, in which he was exposed to easy listening and swing music from his parents. In January 2009, Jenkins says that he had sexual relations and intercourse with his friend Jerry. This is an unusual story to tell from Chris considering his negative views towards homosexuality, perhaps showing Chris's own homosexual thoughts or fantasies. However, this may have just been to attempt to throw the trolls off and hide Jenkins' true identity as Chris. Chris appeared in a video, JenkinsJinkiesCwckiApplication.MOV, pretending to be Jenkins to prove his character to the trolls. In this video, Chris's elaborate disguise for this devious persona that fooled the world was accomplished by simply throwing a shirt over his head (making him unintentionally resemble the Cobra Commander) and slightly deepening his voice.


JenkinsJinkies began as another CWCki account, made by Chris to confirm that the antenna he had removed from his PS3 wasn't a bug on "PS3/How the PS3 is Hacked", a bait-page made by Clyde. It was quickly discovered that JenkinsJinkies was Chris and the appropriate action was taken soon afterwards. Clyde contacted Chris through JenkinsJinkies' talk page and it resulted in a short correspondence between the two.

I lost my young virginity with a Seinor Cheerleader; her china was sweeeeettt! Plus, as an Anon, I prefer to keep my add off of the web. I would not want Chris coming after my ass. The mindfuck that he is, I would not want to fall victim of one of his impulsive manchild rampages. I just enjoy getting the LULZ off of him.
JenkinsJinkies, the fourteen-year-old sodomite who had gay sex at the age of seven and lost his virginity to a high school student beforehand; who also lives directly across the street from Chris.

As JenkinsJinkies, Chris created the bizarre Coffee Place page, an article which originally started off as a reported sighting of Chris in Burger King but quickly devolved into a rant against Amanda, a part-time manager who seemingly irked Chris by not treating himself, Bob, and other "seinors" with the adequate respect Chris thought she should. How JenkinsJinkies was able to know all this information about Amanda after one visit and why he would care if she mistreated Bob or not was never to be explained by Chris.

Chris believed playing a troll who was legitimately afraid of Chris's wrath would totally convince Clyde Cash himself that he was legit. He also unsuccessfully tried to scare the trolls into thinking he was plotting to hunt them down, one by one. Several lesser trolls believed they were the first ones to realize that JenkinsJinkies was Chris and blew the whistle every now and again, but such leaks were uncommon and generally most trolls played along.

Trollin Train

Main article: Trollin Train

As the trolls began to tug on JenkinsJinkies' marionette strings, a trolling forum entirely dedicated to making Chris paranoid was established. Despite all posts, members and threads being only a few days old, Chris was completely convinced that it was the official trolling hub, where all the nefarious plots made against him were conceived.

Chris, not the fact that understanding that most trolls dont have grand introductions to trolling an autistic manchild, made a video applying for the Trollin Train. In the video, he puts on an obviously fake deep voice and wears his PaRappa the Rapper shirt over his head, all in the middle of Goodwill.

As Junior Jenkins, Chris decided to write a story to go with his induction into the Trollin Train about how he supposedly experienced sexual intercourse for the first time; what resulted was a truly horrifying and borderline-criminal text about how another child at summer camp supposedly had his way with Junior.[1]

As if it weren't obvious enough that Junior Jenkins was Chris, he also went out of his way to praise Chris for his ingenious schemes for halting the trolls' wicked plans and/or dissuade the trolls from even trying - often combining the two themes into the same post.

I have to hand it to him, he makes it Frustrating to Troll Him. It's like we have to PAY AirFare or HitchHike Dangerously and do it Old-Fashioned with Accordian Cameras and shit like that.
JuniorJenkins, Trollin Train

Junior Jenkins also had run-ins with the ghosts of Patti Chandler and seven-year-old Christopher Chandler, as Chris inexplicably believed that trolls would be frightened by these events. They were not and Jenkins was roundly mocked.

In another memorable event, Jenkins unsubtly asked for the numbers of the hookers Bryan Bash sent to Chris's house because Chris wanted sexy time.

PS3 Destruction

Trollin Train's most significant achievement came about when Clyde Cash offered a number of "bounties" for achievements in trolling Chris, including a US$9,001 reward for anyone who could smash Chris's PS3. Due to a misinterpretation of Tito's criteria, Chris thought he could get the reward if he did the smashing and simply had Junior claim to witness it. The rest is history.

Though Chris did not receive the $9,001, he managed to raise the money to buy a new PS3 over the course of a few days.

The End

Chris decided to drop the JenkinsJinkies persona after his last post on TrollinTrain about witnessing Chris destroying his PS3. It was later revealed after the leaking of the Jackie Emails that Chris dropped the act in fear that when the police raided the Trollin Train forums they would mistake him for a troll and subsequently arrest him. Since it's now likely that Chris has completely forgotten about his time as JJ, the Trollin Train forum has became inactive and all information has been freely published to the CWCki.

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