I Love You Kacey

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I Love You Kacey, originally titled 10232009, is a 23 October 2009 video where Ian Brandon Anderson declared his love for Kacey, at four o' fucking clock in the morning. Guess all his previous bullshit about he and Liquid Chris being friends and caring about Kacey was just a lie to save face. Could this lead to another chapter in the Love Quest?

The quality of the video is deemed quite poor even by IBA's lousy standards. This is mostly due to the abuse the camera received in a recent video. Calls in from the trolling community are heard to raise funds for a new camera but they are met by a firm answer that Chris is already receiving the money.

Chris also says "you know" 28 times in this video, with only two instances of the phrase not being meaningless interjections.


I Love You Kacey
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 23 October 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Red Green StripeRedgreenvertstripe.png Red & Green Stripes
For Chris

Your Chris got to you first and it would be wrong of me to take you from him, without his consent.


I am making this video in dedication to Kacey.

Kacey, listen. I love you. I do. Truly do. Love you Kacey. I loved you. I was... ens—wro--- I was enchanted when I first heard your voice... on the telephone. And I was taken in a little bit further when I saw you in person for the very first time. [sigh] Eh, yeah. I-I Your hazel eye-your hazel eyes... are very-are very beautiful. They're like two swimming pools. And you have-and you got got a cute-and you just have fun personality, you're just a lot of fun to be with. An-and you helped shape me a little bit better.

Yeah it's like, you know-ah... lot of ben-lot of benefits I have-ah helped me out since you came into my life there. Hmm. But yeah-you know the uhh-basically, um, on the one- on the one part you know... uhh yeah your Chris-your Chris got to you first and it would be wrong of me to take you from him, without his consent. And I appreciate that you-and I appreciate that you-that you love me too. Like to let you know about that. I mean like you know, I guess-like even on that first phone call, I mean, I was right to uh, talk to you there... But yet I was wrong, because-you know, because, you know I pretended to be him yet he was the liar. I'm the real deal. Yeah we-we both know that. So... on that one part I was wrong... for the right reasons. I mean, I want to let you know that, he was not who he claimed to be, on the Sonichu and Rosechu front.

But yet, uh, w-he-yet on the other part, hmm he was right to uh falling love-he was right to fall in love with you, he has every right to do that... But he had-he had wrong reasons because he pretended to be me in that sense. But anyway, sigh upon uh, yeah upon my love for you and my respect of him and I really want-ah, and we both-and you and I we both. we uh, don't like to mu-we don't like conflict too much. So, you know with h-you know with heavy heart like you know I let y-I let him, I let you... stay with him. Cuz you know, you say you had your feelings for him. And yet even though I was like uh-even though I felt a little bit broken there for a little while? It was like you know-like I changed that. And yet you started falling for me a little.

But yet you know-eh, but yet you know, um... Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. I-I truly care about you and I love you Kacey. I don't want too much conflict to happen, like, you know. You wouldn't want too much conflict to happen like you know. I mean-like you know between you and him any further. Yeah.

But you know at least-you know-at least you know, aside from that, you know I, can still be good friends. And I'll-I'll still love you very much. Even with emotions that-that can be, that are beyond friendship... [sigh] Well, it's like you know I cannot have you because I'd be taking you away from him. Then again it's also partially your choice as well, but you know, I put it between, you know-both you and him. You know if you want-if you, uh, I mean, you know, I don't wanna... but yes. I do love you Kacey. If you want to come back to me and leave him, or you want to stay with him... I mean... yeah. I res-I support you emotionally either way. And you know, yeah, on the likelihood that you would stay with him, y'all would, have my blessing as... lovers in your relationship.

Ok, well I'll talk to you later.

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