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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Chris Kisses Rosechu (officially named P1000037.MP4) is a video recorded on 23 February 2021, and leaked on 15 August 2021, where Chris, whilst possessed by Sonichu, pretends to kiss an imaginary Rosechu in the Goochland Public Library while an unknown cameraman, likely Caden Peck,[note 1] records him. In the video, the cameraman brings up an idea for a Sonichu movie, which Chris appears to have been on board with.

The video was leaked on the Kiwi Farms in August 2021 after the email account of a person associated with Isabella Loretta Janke was hacked into.[1] Most notably, the video was addressed to Praetor's email address, meaning that this video is likely a result of, or is at least related to their activities.


Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 23 February 2021
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga PraetorPraetor Praetor
Shirt The Classic 2.0The Classic 2.0 The Classic 2.0
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
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[Chris leans against the wall as the cameraman takes a step forward]

Cameraman: Roll it. So you can do different poses if you want, you can uh, that's a good one.

[The cameraman starts walking towards Chris, who walks away from the wall]

Cameraman: I'm gonna move over here for a second just to try and get a 360 view.

[The cameraman walks back, and Chris scurries back to where he was standing]

Cameraman: All right. Great, great...

Chris: [Pointing at the air] This is where I got Rosie right here. S-she's... being attacked right now.

Cameraman: I got you.

Chris: [Holds his hand awkwardly at waist level] So, my hands are on her shoulder. And this is me making out with her. [Bends down, and starts slobbering with the air]

Cameraman: Ah.

[A few seconds of Chris awkwardly making out with the air while making "mmm" noises passes, with the cameraman filming slightly closer]

Chris: [Stands up, smiling and slightly chuckling]

Cameraman: That's good. That was good. Gosh... so would you want Rosechu to be within this movie as a CGI character or as a, uh, fursuit character?

Chris: Ohhh, everybo-, all- every... we gotta have her as CGI as well.

Cameraman: Yeah.

Chris: We gotta do CGI with pretty much all the Sonichus and Rosechus, pretty much.

Cameraman: That's not a problem. That's not a problem. Alright, I'm gonna stop on one more shot here.

[Chris returns to awkwardly holding his hand at waist level]

Cameraman: Just kinda holding it straight... Excellent, aaand-

[Video abruptly ends]

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  1. Voice sounds similar to one in a video clip produced by Caden for his school district.


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