Jail Letter - 21 July 2022

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On 21 July 2022, Chris had sent a sixth letter to Helena Fiorenza. As per usual, Eels initially did not disclose the contents of the letter, and made a summary of the letter, instead.

According to the summary, Chris had lied about Barb being moved out of 14 Branchland Court, and has been there the whole time, though he has been trying to get her into a nursing home. The summary also mentions Chris trying to start a fundraiser with Kenneth Engelhardt and other enablers, and discusses plans to have Helena and Caden Peck of Praetor to meet up.

The full letter was released on 6 August 2022.

Eel's Posts

so i currently have a summary typed up however due to time zone differences I'll need to wait till tommorrow. Need to get @HelenaGFiorenza approval and I'll share the letter recieved was VERY brief but has one or two juicey details

Chris's Letter

Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
9 September 2009 US POSTAGE
9 September 2009
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807

Hey, Helena and <CENSORED> 072120222

As you both are aware, the Legal prerequisite for my return Home to the Sonichu Temple is the relocation of Barbara. But Barb is being a Majorly Stubborn Individual in relocating her self. Caden is working on persuading her and presenting her with the Truths of the Legality.

On that, I know one (shallow, because she has been shallow) way to sway her is with Money, AND I have literally told ALL of everyone to donate their tithes and offerings to her and the Sonichu Temple, Especially Money. Well, now it means more than ever to do this to get my Body and us back Home to the Sonichu Temple. So, I have just sent a letter to Caden with all the specifics, and the one public letter and drawing on the matter, in organizing an online fundraiser to raise $150,000 to pay off the mortgage and debts, and some left to pay for her to start off in an Elderly Care Home. Also, I am including Englehardt[sic] on this campaign, for I have written in the public letter that they are to follow the link to the fundraiser page as shared directly by Helena (you), Englehardt, and Caden.

With that, I urge you to be in contact with them both in this crucial project, please. Thank you. Be Safe and Well. Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu

Eel's Summary

A very short letter from chris Chan, addressed to Helena and me. Was told not to share it online, but depending on how things go on the 28th, I might be able to share some of the contents of the previously unreleased letters, but no promises.

-some of Chris' claims from the previous letter are now sus. He claimed everything was going so swimmingly in his last letter, but some of the decisions reached regarding Barb now seem like lies and bullshit.

-Chris lied about, barb being "someplace else" hed made it sound like she was already in a home or with uncle tom/aunt harriet, assuming this letter is more current than the last one and chris didn't just explain it badly, she's still at the sonichu temple

-Sounds like there is a low 6 digit figure (ALTHOUGH this might be mortgage AND some other fees) owed on the sonichu temple, Chris previously made it sound like it was close to tang paid off. While I suppose its possible a big chunk of debt was paid off, I suspect Chris may not have been being "honest and true" in previous correspondence.

-Chris is attempting to put Barb in a nursing home.

-Chris has begun begin again-..so much for 'don't send me anymore money", refers to money as "tithes' now

-Chris is trying to organize a fundraiser..-for himself, wants the last few white knights and enablers he's got left to organize him (101 maybe Bono will help him, or we can get unicef involved) kengle elaborates more on this in his recent letter i believe.

-Chris' once again attempts to put Helena and Caden in contact with one another (Helena informs me she attempted to make contact with Caden but attempts failed. Caden if you are reading this please contact me and or Helena on While I can't promise anything and don't want to publicly agree/disagree to anything, private messaging via Wtter is likely the best way to reach either of us. Idk what or why Chris wants us to meet, maybe he's told you something he hasn't told us?)