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Note on Credibility:

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reason:
Kenneth will often claim that he's finished with a given project, but will return to it at a later period.
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.


Kenneth habitually deletes his projects, posts, accounts, and websites, and starts over from scratch. Be sure any links directed towards such projects are archived when posting them on the CWCki.
Is [Chris] genuinely delusional? The only one who could answer that for sure is CWC herself.
Kenneth being delusional, February 2022[1]
What I am doing is pure business.
Kenneth on his plans for his expansion of the Sonichu canon.[2]

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
Name Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
Date of birth (1960-03-02) March 2, 1960 (age 64)
Also known as Sailfish
Englehardt[note 1]
Thundersteam[note 2]
The Antichrist[3]
Gender Male
Known for  • Being a long-time follower of Chris since the Second Exile
 • Hosting the Kiwi Farms splinter site Onion Farms
 • Being the primary recipient of Chris's letters from jail
 • Being the head of The Sonichu Project, an attempt to recreate Sonichu from the ground-up
Religion Ahmadi
Race White
Education DeKalb Technical College (AAS, accounting)
Kennesaw State University (BBA, accounting)
Nationality American
Occupation Owner of Onion Farms
Amateur artist
Saga Second Exile, Sonic Boom, Jail

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt (born 2 March 1960), also known by his online alias as "Sailfish", and affectionately nicknamed Kengle or OnionNull, [note 3] is the current owner of the Onion Farms; a splinter forum based on the Kiwi Farms, the Onionpedia; a Wordpress based splinter wiki based on this one, and the founder and head of the Sonichu Project. Despite the onion naming themes of Kenneth's websites they do not actually require Tor browser to access.

As an autistic,[4] overweight, inept, and elderly part-time bookkeeper and accountant with a penchant for creating bizarre artwork, Kenneth naturally felt as though he shared a lot in common with Chris. While he was initially rejected as a troll by Chris, they have become friends for quite some time. Chris, however, was peeved by Kenneth's consistent replies.

Kenneth is sometimes noted for the dubious honor of being the second person in Chris's life to encapsulate all four groups in the Unholy Tetrad, the first of whom being Jacob Sockness. Kenneth was once one of Chris's Facebook white knights during the Second Exile and the Sonic Boom saga. He then acted as a financial enabler of Chris, and then an A-log and ween during Chris's stay in jail.

Kenneth is also notable for being a genuine fan of Sonichu during the comic's run. Kenneth created a bizarre series of artwork that is based off of the series called Sonichen and Rosechen, which he created a website for. Kenneth also discussed plans to expand upon the Sonichu canon, turning it into a legitimate franchise with short stories and novels, and creating a fan website for them.

Unlike most other white knights at the time, Kenneth actually called Chris out when he was in the wrong, suggesting him to release his anger towards Sonic Boom on something less destructive than vandalizing merchandise, though Kenneth hosted a number of Facebook groups that allowed Chris to release his anger towards the game. He has been an occasional source of financial support for Chris. He bought several of Chris' eBay items, and sent him some sardines after Chris's house burned down.

Kenneth later gained notoriety for posting many of Chris's letters from jail on his own Onion Farms website, often without Chris's permission, seemingly as a means to promote the website and other related projects.

Early Interactions with Chris

Prior to the creation of the Onion Farms, Kenneth was a frequent, though minor, orbiter of Chris's. Kenneth's intentions towards Chris seemed entirely True and Honest. Kenneth frequently praised Chris when he felt there was justification in doing so. A notable example of this was praising on Christian on some of his artwork of a medallion, having an opinion on a video game, and breathing in and out. That being said, he would occasionally make what appeared to be subtle jabs at Chris, and would even call him out when he was clearly in the wrong, in particular over the events of 26 December 2014. Despite this, Kenneth was rarely acknowledged by Chris.

Occasionally, he has posted on Chris's Facebook statuses. There was some debate on whether Kenneth could be considered a member of Chris's inner circle on Facebook (as they do have a number of mutual friends, the most notable being William Elliott Waterman), but Kenneth was often flatly ignored and sometimes treated contemptuously by Chris. Despite being known as a lolcow amongst lolcow enthusiasts, by and large he was actually quite well-liked on Facebook.

Kenneth hosted or moderated two Facebook groups dedicated to Chris's hatred towards Sonic Boom, Keep Sonic Original and FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!. Ken once bought a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. The problem was that it contained a preview for Sonic Boom at the start, which predictably got Chris hotheaded.[citation needed]

Kenneth has hosted anti-bullying forums in the past, on and Technical issues (caused by his unfamiliarity with forum design) and trolling forced these off the Internet. While Chris did express interest in his idea of making a fan-site, this did not materialize due to Kenneth's unfamiliarity with Dreamweaver.

Chris questioning Kenneth's loyalty

Kenneth was responding to Chris so frequently that Chris decided to create a test on Twitter on 25 May 2018, seeing if he would reply to his message. Predictably, Kenneth did reply to the message, to which Chris showed annoyance.[5]

On 26 January 2024, Kenneth tweeted that he had been blocked by Chris.[6]

Financial Support Towards Chris

Kenneth bought several of Chris' eBay items, and sent him some sardines after Chris's house burned down. Kenneth also sent a message to Jessica Quinn on February 2016 to suggest to Chris to mutally exchange $10 giftcards.[7]

On May 2, 2018, Chris listed a spare Sonichu license plate on eBay. Since license plates may be considered DMV property, Kenneth asked Chris if he got permission to sell it from the DMV, which prompted Chris to ask him to stop, to which Kenneth agreed. Two days later, on May 4, 2018, somebody suggested to Chris that his donations dropping could be Patreon taking a 50% cut, which Kenneth said was outrageous. This prompted Chris to call Kenneth outrageous and tell him not to comment on his posts anymore or Chris would unfriend him, but he told Kenneth that he is still allowed to donate to Chris's Patreon if he chooses. Kenneth, having finally had enough, told Chris that friendships don't work like that and said goodbye, suggesting that he was done with Chris.

Not too long after, Kenneth replied to Chris's tweet begging for money:

Have you considered a project manager? They can help with work layout, publicity, the bottom line and so forth.

Chris replied with:

If I had even remotely Knew of such a Manager YEARS ago, I seriously would have done that sooner. Eeyup.

Sonichu Fandom

An autograph Kenneth received from Chris for his Sonichen art

Kenneth is well-known for being one of the few genuine fans of Chris's Sonichu franchise. He has taken such fascination in the series, that Kenneth had attempted to create several fansites for the comics. As of late, Kenneth has plans of developing a genuine "fanbase" for the comics, with plans to create a new canon from the ground-up without Chris's involvement, and to create a brand new website for the rebooted continuity.

Sonichen and Rosechen

On a misfit planet, it takes a square peg in a round hole to fit in
The slogan of the Sonichen art

Kenneth has infamously created artwork dedicated to his own creations, Sonichen and Rosechen. Kenneth remains the only person on record to have made a Sonichu-derivative website, though the website has been dead since 2018.

It is not known what Chris thought of this parody, but according to Kenneth himself, Chris initially viewed the series hostilely, but now takes a more neutral stance. Kenneth attempted to suggest to Chris of him taking over the canon of Sonichu while he was incarcerated. Kenneth had the idea to expand upon the canon of the series, which would have included novels and short stories, as well as implementing some of his own Sonichen characters into the lore. However, Chris disagreed with doing such a crossover.[8][9]

Kenneth has written the following FAQ post on his Sonichen website on an unspecified date, but presumed to be no later than 2014:[10]

What inspired Sonichen and Rosechen? Like many people I came across the well known Sonichu comic series by Christian Weston Chandler. The idea of drawing a webcomic inspired me on developing my art skills.

Did Christian Weston Chandler collaborate with you in developing Sonichen and Rosechen? No. I have always been the sole creator of Sonichen and Rosechen.

Is there any official connection between Sonichu and Rosechu & Sonichen and Rosechen? No. Sonichen and Rosechen is completely independent.

Is Christian Weston Chandler aware of Sonichen and Rosechen? Yes, he has been aware of it for a long time. However, exactly how long is not known.

What was the historical relationship between Christian Weston Chandler (Sonchu and Rosechu's Creator) and Kenneth Engelhardt (Sonichen and Rosechen's Creator) in a brief paragraph? Shortly after Christian placed a follow button on his Facebook page, Kenneth along with many other people began following Christian's public posts. There was a period of initial hostility during late 2013 when a Facebook block was in place from September till the end of the year. However, connections were not entirely cut, there were a couple of scattered communications during this time. At the beginning of 2014, there was a reconciliation via a third party with the block coming to an end. After the tragic fire at Christian's house in 2014, there was a care package consisting of several board games, sardines, trail mix, and white tube socks that was mailed out with Christian publicly thanking Kenneth on his timeline. Relations between the two parties improved significantly after a series of private communications between Christian and Kenneth during the summer of 2014. After a very brief Facebook connection in July, the two parties reconnected officially on Facebook on October 14, 2014.

How does Christian feel about Sonichen and Rosechen? Initially hostile to Sonichen and Rosechen, this perception has eased up. While there has never been an official statement by Christian concerning Sonichen and Rosechen, the best guess is that his position is sort of a guarded neutral stance.

Is Sonichen and Rosechen connected with or No. It is not affiliated in any capacity with the cwckipedia and never has been.

What position is taken by the Cwckiforum in regards to Sonichen and Rosechen? Based on various threads posted in the forums by the administrators/moderators, the present official stance is hostility and there is a ban on both the author as well as the web-comic.

What is your position on the Cwckiforums/ Their mission statement is as follows: "CWCki is a wiki dedicated to Christian Weston Chandler. Its mission is to serve as the ultimate repository of information about Chris, both to aid trolls in trolling him and to inform the Internet at large of Chris's singular grotesqueness" I don't agree with their purpose. The philosophy behind this website is just plain wrong.

Are Cwcki-forumers/chaners allowed to follow or friend you? Yes. An official stance by the forums doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions of individual forumers, Membership on the forums is not necessarily a bar to following or friending me. For the most part, I don't see significant differences on my friends list between forumers and non-forumers.

The Sonichu Project

A drawing of a possible CWC replacement Kenneth made for the Sonichu Project.

In Jail Letter - 14 July 2022, Kenneth mentioned plans to collaborate with Helena Fiorenza to help Chris build a Sonichu base, claiming that he planned to treat this as a business.[2] Kenneth later elaborated that this Sonichu base was meant to be an endevor to expand upon the Sonichu universe, though he also mentions potential public image issues that he would face.[11]

Chris stated in another letter that he wanted to start a $150,000 fundraiser with Kenneth and Helena to move Barb out of 14BLC, to which neither Kenneth or Helena had agreed to participate.[12] Kenneth had announced in a tweet later on that Chris's case was being sent to a grand jury to consider a felony incest charge.[13] Following another letter where Chris states that he believes Barb should be dead by now, Kenneth states that he, Helena and Eels and the Egg-man have all agreed to continue on with the planned "Sonichu Base", but without Chris's involvement. Kenneth had written the following in an Onion Farms post, where he explains further plans to develop onto the base, clarifying that he intends to develop a fanbase for the comics:[14]

The Sonichu rebirth (makeover project) will go ahead. Eels and Helena are on board with this as well as another individual. We are all in agreement about Chris Chan. He is gone, out the door.

To which Naught follows this with:

Lol, but cwcs involvement was the only thing that distinguished your remake of sonichu from every other failfags attempt at the very same thing.

Kenneth then replies with:

We are in the process of building a community.

Following from a letter Chris had sent to Kenneth, where he discusses his frustrations of not being able to return home, Kenneth yet again claimed that he would cut all ties with Chris.[15] Prior to this, Kenneth had stated that "unless Chris accepts responsibility" for his affair with Barb, Kenneth would not provide for Chris any longer.

CWC because of your disgraceful behavior (shady fundraiser, wishing Barbara to croak on her deathbed. raping your mother, trying to set up a perverse cult appointing yourself as Jesus Christ), you are an unclean spirit. I cast you out.
"I'm not asking you Christine. Hand over Sonichu, NOW! "

On 7 August 2022, Kenneth had written to Chris an excommunication letter, where he states that in a concensus between him, Helena, and Eels and the Eggman, Chris will not represent the Sonichu Project, and that he will be "cast out". Kenneth, having promised to disclude Chris from the project entirely, also intends to replace him with a new character. At the moment, this new character is undecided, though Kenneth had shown ideas of replacing Chris with a knight character.

On 20 August 2022, Kenneth had announced that he would use the website,, as a "laboratory" for developing the comic.[16]

Chris's Thoughts

VERY IMPORTANT: this is Not a Reboot of absolutely any form, shape, or matter
Chris being firm about his requirements for the Sonichu Project.[17]
We have to stand together and kindly but firmly let Chris know that we run the Sonichu project not him.
Kenneth on his plans for the Sonichu Project[18]

Chris had expressed his thoughts on Kenneth's Sonichu Project in a set of three 2 August 2022 Jail Letters, which Chris had sent through a letter packet, each being a general letter, a direct letter to Kenneth, and a direct letter to Helena respectively.

In the general letter, Chris gives ideas on how he can contribute to the project, stating that he has plans to finish everything from Sonichu #14 onwards. He also gives a number of requirements for this Sonichu Project, such as the content having to be "TV-Y7" and the Sonichus and Rosechus being of a specific height. He also clearly states in the letter that he does not wish the project to be treated as a reboot, though this requirment was not entirely considered, due to Kengle claiming that Chris will not be representing the project.[18] Kenneth however stated in a post on the Sonichu Project website that participants can also stay true to the initial canon that Chris has set out in his comics if they wished.[19]


During the creation of the Sonichu Project, Kenneth had also expressed concerns about infringing copyright laws for attempting to gain ownership of Sonichu over Chris.

Ownership of Onion Farms

Kenneth created the website Onion Farms in its current incarnation in 2019 as a splinter site of the lolcow forum Kiwi Farms, claiming it to be an alternative. The website's namesake comes from how the site was intended for covering "layers of drama and gossip". The website was also created as a gossip site for lolcows, though Kenneth planned for the site to focus on international lolcows. Additionally, Kenneth had the idea of providing more attention on people he deemed as "celebrities" to be potential subjects, with celebrities having less than 200,000 followers being deemed "lesser lolcows". [20]

On the forum, Chris has a discussion board of his own, much like on the Kiwi Farms. Most of the threads found on this board were created for the letters that Kenneth received from Chris. The rest of the board primarily consists of threads centered around orbiters of Chris and updates regarding Kenneth's interactions with Chris. Kenneth created a thread about Chris on 4 September 2020.[21]

Controversies surrounding the Onion Farms

Naught, previously a frequent poster on the Onion Farms, was promoted as an administrator on the website. Naught had claimed that this was due to the creation of the Watchmen article. Kenneth received complaints by orbiters for this decision due to Naught's controversial online activities.

A screencap of the lolicon board before getting deleted

A discussion board dedicated to lolicon and shotacon was created on the website.[22] Kenneth posted several times on this board, even creating four threads regarding the legality of lolicon, which led to allegations being made that Kenneth is a pedophile. Kenneth then deleted the subforum and created a thread apologizing for its creation.[23]

Jail Letters

Kenneth claims that he became aware of Chris's arrest after watching Ethan Ralph's livestream of the arrest.[24] He used his Onion Farms website as a host for posting a good number of the known letters that Chris sent from Jail. Kenneth initiated communication with Chris via a letter sometime before October 2021, as he was curious as to how Chris was doing in jail.[25] Chris first contacted Kenneth via letter on 4 October 2021, in which he declared that he is Jesus of Nazareth, like he has with Null. Since then, Kenneth communicated with Chris via letter. However, Kenneth also confirmed in a livestream that he had never given Chris his phone number.

Chris appeared to see Kenneth as trustworthy to host letters and calls involving him while he is in Jail. He directed the financial enabler Zombo to Kenneth's website in order to provide monetary donations to him.

Chris told Kenneth not to share letters on many occasions that he gave to him online, or to only share portions of letters he's received. Kenneth has obliged these requests; For a letter detailing Barb's car accident, Kenneth only posted the envelope and a portion of the letter on the Onion Farms. However, several people were able to decipher chunks of the letter through image manipulation, as much of the writing on the back of the page that Kenneth shared had bled through. Noticing this, Kenneth went through several measures to hide portions of the letters he was forbidden to share, including whiting out the blank spaces of the scans he took of the pages.

After Chris was transferred from Central Virginia Regional Jail to Western State Hospital, Kenneth claimed his relationship with Chris was finished, seemingly on the unfounded assumption that Chris was being permanently committed. He also uploaded in full the letters which he had previously withheld from the internet.

Please post this on kiwifarms. I am not holding back or being unfair. We've have gotten some pretty amazing content from what CWC chooses to share. But she calls the shots and there are people who write her telling what has been posted on Onionfarms.
Kenneth prompting people lurking on his site to tell people on Kiwi Farms about content from Chris he farmed.[26]

After Chris was transferred back to Central Virginia Regional Jail, Kenneth resumed his correspondence with Chris.[27] As before, he continued to keep letters or portions of letters confidential at Chris's request. In some cases, Kenneth has refused to upload a letter from Chris but has instead provided a summary of its contents.[28]

On 30 May 2022, Kenneth made a thread on Onion Farms in which he told people to post on the Kiwi Farms. In the post, he talks about people that have been telling Chris via letter about the letters he has been posting on Onion Farms, and how people were able to read them despite his efforts to redact information. Null responded to this with "It took 9 years, but Kengle finally has a way to use Chris to get attention that nobody can interfere with. Congrats, big boy."[29]

Kenneth had stated in a 26 July 2022 Onion Farms post that he, along with several other people, has been trying to help Chris through with his current legal matters.[30] When Chris wrote in a 29 July 2022 letter that Barb was "zombie-like", even before starting his affair with her, Kenneth had also sent a scan of the letter to the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitive Services.


Main article: Onion Farms Livestreams

Kenneth proposed the idea of making livestreams on the Onion Farms in lieu of Null's Mad at the Internet livestreams.

Kenneth then three interviews with a YouTuber who read several of the letters that Chris sent Kenneth, where they discussed how communications between him and Chris typically went.


Sonichen and Rosechen

Art made by Kenneth

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  1. "Englehardt" is a common mispelling of Kenneth's last name, which Chris uses to refer to him in letters.
  2. The name of Kenneth's Kiwi Farms account before being changed to his full name
  3. Named in reference to Joshua "Null" Moon, the proprietor of the Kiwi Farms


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