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On a wiki dedicated to Charlottesville culture and "celebrities," he has what can only be described as a tongue-in-cheek article.<ref>http://www.cvillepedia.org/mediawiki/index.php/Christian_Weston_Chandler</ref>
On a wiki dedicated to Charlottesville culture and "celebrities," he has what can only be described as a tongue-in-cheek article.<ref>http://www.cvillepedia.org/mediawiki/index.php/Christian_Weston_Chandler</ref>
[[File:CWccracked.jpg|thumb|400px|9 April 2014]]
[[File:CWccracked.jpg|thumb|200px|#22 on Insane Subcultures.]]
Chris showed up on [[Wikipedia:Cracked.com|Cracked]]'s front page on 9  [[April 2014]] as part of "25 Insane Subcultures You Won't Believe Actually Exist".<ref>[http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_859_25-insane-subcultures-you-wont-believe-actually-exist/]</ref>
Chris showed up on [[Wikipedia:Cracked.com|Cracked]]'s front page as #22 on 9  [[April 2014]] as part of "25 Insane Subcultures You Won't Believe Actually Exist".<ref>[http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_859_25-insane-subcultures-you-wont-believe-actually-exist/]</ref>
==Video Games==
==Video Games==

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Just you wait..

Christian Weston Chandler, being an attention whore of sorts, has frequently managed to find himself in the media spotlight. Television, newspapers, magazines and, of course, the Internet - if Chris can find some way to get his 15 minutes of fame, he'll do it.

Traditional media

Richmond Times-Dispatch


In 1993, the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper ran an article detailing how Chris changed his name from "Christopher" to "Christian". This was Chris's first known appearance in media.

Sonic The Hedgehog Watch And Win Sweepstakes

Main article: Sonic the Hedgehog Watch & Win Sweepstakes

Chris's second appearance in the media was a news report in 1994 chronicling Chris's first victory, winning a contest celebrating one of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons.

Chris Chan in the PokéNews

Main article: Chris Chan in the PokéNews

In 1999, Chris made his third appearance in a news report on the growing success of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. He was seventeen years old at the time, and he was playing Pokémon cards with kids as young as eight.

Nintendo Power Magazine

Main article: Nintendo Power Magazine

Twice, Chris has used the magazine Nintendo Power to get himself attention. First was a letter Chris wrote telling Nintendo how he used a video game to cure his fear of talking to girls. The second time detailed Chris's Animal Crossing video, though there he was known as Sonichu, not Chris.

Shoujo Beat

Main article: Shoujo Beat

Chris sent a letter to an anime-themed magazine that got published in its November 2005 issue. In it, he complains about JERKS taking away all the pretty boyfriend-free girls and leaving him to be a lonesome virgin. A response was published in the March 2006 issue, in which the writer instructs Chris on the error of his ways.

Daily Progress

Admit it, if you've never heard of Chris before, would you think that they were actually referring to a 25 year old man here?

On 14 July 2007, the Chandlers were mentioned in the Daily Progress section of their local newspaper.

WBCN Toucher and Rich

Main article: Toucher and Rich Segment

On 12 May 2009 Chris's antics became so famous that it sparked the interest of a radio podcast in Boston. The whole media furor was sparked by the "I Got A Fish" video. However, most of the show covered Chris's videos addressed to Ivy.[1]

KROQ-FM The Kevin and Bean Show

Main article: The Kevin and Bean Show Segment

One of Chris's Captain's Logs is dissected by the hosts Wikipedia:Kevin and BeanKevin and Bean. Notably, the video in question required a full two minutes dedicated to disclaimers, as well as censoring of certain unairable acts .

Web Soup

Main article: For G4s Web Soup

Once again, Chris's "I Got A Fish" video was briefly featured, this time on G4's Web Soup on 2 July 2009. While the segment lasted less than thirty seconds, Chris initially felt honored and used the opportunity to try to score some china.

Save McIntire Park

Main article: McIntire Park

In July 2009, Chris briefly appears in the background of a news segment about saving McIntire Park, Charlottesville. Later, Chris receives recognition at a council meeting for drawing a large sign.

Slylock Fox

"Christian Weston Chandler, Age 9"

On 25 September 2011, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids, a comic strip strip published by King Features Syndicate, featured a black-and-white image[2] of Sonichu in the "Your Drawing" panel. The illustration, which ran in thousands of papers nationwide, was accompanied by text, which read: "Today's terrific artist is Christian Weston Chandler, Age 9." The strip's author, Bob Weber Jr., admitted on the Comics Curmudgeon blog[3] that he fully believed that the "artist" was nine years old (rather than twenty-nine) when he selected the drawing out of the dozens that are submitted to the strip every week.

The Opie & Anthony Show

The Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius XM Radio which is broadcasted to 18.5 million units did a commentary segment on Christian's video response to drinking his own cum and shitting his adult diapers. It is unknown whether the man child has realized that his autistic antics have technically been broadcasted to low earth orbit.

Houston Press

On 12 July 2012, the Houston Press published an article on Rex Nabours III of folk band Guwange and his attempts to raise money for sick children. Nabours was quoted in the article saying "I did a Christian Weston Chandler (the Sonichu guy) covers album earlier this year with the intent of giving any money I made off of it to Autism-related charities because the dude is basically blackface for autism".[4]


Featured pic

MTV's show Failosophy mocks Internet idiots like Chris; unsurprisingly, one of his Tomgirl pics showed up in the fourth episode on 7 March 2013, viewed by almost a million people. (Skip to 1:02)

Chris, unusually, gave a response via Facebook.

I had no ill will against MTV. I enjoyed the women in "Undressed"; I like Daria; the dating game show was fun to watch, and to put them way at the bottom, Beavis and Butt-Head were so stupid, it became crazy-funny.

I have been the victim of Trolling/Cyber-Bullying for the past greater than five years. I get that whatever gets onto the internet is near impossible to remove.

And now I find that among the shit I was trolled of, this ONE photograph, which was originally taken for a WOMAN years ago, gets compared with a literal meat-head and a plush-head, and is made available on iTunes for two dollars!

From the one woman's words, Jamie Lee... I don't know what is worse, that she would not date me, or that she would put me in jail over a freaking couch. Lee, My Once Good Name was actually Jailed, because of the SET UPS those Anonymous, LULZy, Shit-Faced TROLLS. At least I was more clean, sexy and gung-ho than either of the ugly, grimy freak shows I was compared with.

If I did not have a very good day beforehand today, I would seriously be calling my Attorney on your damn show's ass.

Local TV Broadcast

A local TV broadcast gave a brief report on the Destruction Of Chris's House.

Fire at 14 Branchland Court

Major Internet media


The world-renown Internet portal Fark to ECV 00095 on 5 May 2009.[5]

You don't need to search any longer, the creepiest person on the internet has been found
A Farker


Chris tops the site's list of the 20 Worst Internet Losers, posted 13 July 2010.

There could be no other choice to close out this list. Christian Weston Chandler, aka Chris-Chan, is like every horrible thing about the Internet made flesh. Lives with his parents, sponges off the government and uses the cash for PlayStation 3 games and sex toys, walks around the mall with his Game Boy looking for girlfriends, posts incoherent YouTube videos of himself humping an anime bodypillow and yelling “Oh, Julie,” the list will go on forever. C.W.C. is the ne plus ultra of Web losers.
Heavy.com, 20 Worst Internet Losers

Harry Partridge

"Actually, it is excellent; I would not change a thing about it." -Chris, Mailbag 9

Animator Harry Partridge (best known for his slanderous mockery Saturday Morning Watchmen) has made several references to Chris and Sonichu, the first of which being a drawing of Rosechu uploaded to Newgrounds.[6] An animated version of Chris appears briefly in the animated cartoon short "A Nicolas Cage Wants Cake", a musical remix of a scene from The Family Man.[7] In the animated short "Skyrim", Son-Chu's "SONICHU" license plate can be seen in the background during the first scene.[8] In the Followup, "Song of Skyrim", Chris makes a brief cameo in the crowd scene.

When interviewing Harry Partridge on Animation Aficionados, the hosts asked Harry about Chris's cameos in some of his videos (from 0:19:43). The discussion the hosts have with Harry about Chris is quite lengthy, during which Mr. Partridge admits that he is "obsessed with him":[9]

I really am obsessed with him... I check Sonichu.com, the wiki about Chris-chan and his weird life, if not daily, every couple of hours... there must be more written about Chris-chan than George Washington.
Harry Partridge

Atop the Fourth Wall

Comic reviewer Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara) goes on a brief tirade in his video "Top 15 Things I Will Never Review" about Sonichu on the subject of webcomics at the 24 minute mark.[10]

Linkara Discusses Sonichu & Chris-Chan

"But wait," the internet cried back, "let me tell you about the horror that is... Sonichu!" Yes people, I have heard of Sonichu. I really wish I hadn't heard of Sonichu. I would be a much happier man if I hadn't.
Linkara, speaking for everyone who has ever read Sonichu.

Linkara didn't want to review Sonichu because he didn't want to bring any more attention to it, seemingly being aware that Chris takes pride in any attention being brought to himself and Sonichu, no matter how negative it is. At the end of the video, he uses Weird Al's "Do I Creep You Out" as the credits music, a possible jab at Chris.


In one episode of =3 (pronounced "equals three"), vlogger Ray William Johnson made fun of Chris's habit of drinking his cum. Though he never gave Chris's name, (referring to him inaccurately as "your average Star Trek nerd") he did provide a link to Chris's old channel.

Something Awful

The last episode of Something Awful's “Webcam Ward” is a commentary on ECV 00002.[11]

Also, the first episode of The Flash Tub's "Gaming Guyz", while not mentioning Chris outright, directly references his medallion, and how Sonic cured his Autism in Part 12.[12]


An article[13] posted on 6 January, 2011 on this multimedia blog decried Chris's latest exile from the Internet. It sums up Chris's history and behavior while sharing a personal account of the author taking steps to improve his life in order to distance himself from the similarities he saw between Chris and himself.

It’s a little sad, and a little beautiful, and somewhere out there, Christian Weston Chandler is heating up his Hungry Man lunch in a supermarket microwave (because his kitchen microwave has been buried under old Christmas decorations) and playing his Nintendo DS, and maybe ogling a salesgirl from across the produce section before he approaches her awkwardly and uses a pickup line that he misread from the Internet, and I wish I could continue to see it all.
SpliceToday.com, Come Back, Christian Weston Chandler

Nicole Richie's twitter

On 5 December 2009 American socialite Nicole Richie posted on Twitter[14] an image of Chris in his mother's underwear and humorously presented it as a picture of Benji Madden, brother of her then boyfriend (now husband) Joel Madden.

Sega acknowledges Sonichu

On 13 January 2012, Sega of America made a brief reference to Sonichu in one of their "Free Stuff Friday" videos when talking about a Super Sonic plush they were giving away. While this is not TRUE and HONEST Sonichu merchandise, it shows that at least some Sega employees are aware of Sonichu's existence. Jump to 3:50 in the linked video.

SEGA's Free Stuff Friday - January 13, 2012

Chris saw the video and commented, I do not find that commentary funny at all. In fact, I feel pissed off to be ridiculed soo lightly.[15]


Internet comedy writer George "Maddox" Ouzounian, best-known for his website The Best Page in the Universe, critiqued Chris's first drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog on one of his side-projects, I Am Better Than Your Kids, as one of many children's drawings to help promote his novel of the same name. Like most other works on the site, Maddox gave the drawing an F. [16]


On a wiki dedicated to Charlottesville culture and "celebrities," he has what can only be described as a tongue-in-cheek article.[17]


#22 on Insane Subcultures.

Chris showed up on Cracked's front page as #22 on 9 April 2014 as part of "25 Insane Subcultures You Won't Believe Actually Exist".[18]

Video Games


On 25 June 2012, indie game McPixel was released, featuring an homage to Chris' sexcapades with inanimate objects by having a special ending sequence depicting the titular character dry-humping a PS3 in the same stance Chris was.[19]