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| name          = Chris slaps himself
| name          = Chris slaps himself
| video          = {{#ev:youtube|lyYZYZ4_jFA}}
| video          = {{#ev:youtube|6hpYnKB2hn0}}
| stardate      = 9 [[April 2018]]
| stardate      = 9 [[April 2018]]
| subject        =  
| subject        =  

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Once they have those confessions, they threaten to release it to the public if he doesn't record himself [...] punching himself in the face until tears and snot are running down his chin.
Null describing the video months before it was released.[1]

Chris slaps himself is the third Idea Guys video leaked on Chris's Twitter by the Teen Troon Squad, who claimed that this video was made after Chris apologizes to Gwen, a video from The Bad Beginning chat. Like all the leaked videos, it was deleted by Chris minutes later.

Chris slaps himself
Stardate 9 April 2018
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
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chrissy sissy once apologized to me for being a fuck up... but I made him slap himself anyway.. b0rb was so happy she did a lil dance for me!


[Grimacing, Chris takes a deep breath, braces himself and begins slapping himself back and forth in the face. After two uneventful slaps, he groans and begins to speak.] [Punctuating his slaps] Dirty, oorgh... [One wordless slap] Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, fuck, fuck, fuckin' 'ore! Dir'y, dir'y, whore, dir'y, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, [grunts "whore" ten times, then stops slapping himself and groans in pain.]

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