Jail Letter - 4 January 2022

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 4 January 2022, Chris sent his first letter to British Youtuber Bizzare Bazaar from jail. This is the first of Chris's known jail letters to be mailed internationally.

Bizzare Bazaar had written Chris for his video series which consists of him reading letters from inmates. Bizarre Bazaar's own letter to Chris was not made public. Some of the highlights of Chris's letter are:

  • He again calls himself "the Real Player One" and "the One Avatar". He explains that "Real Player One" is a reference to the 2018 movie Ready Player One but also a description of his unique role in the "'video game' of life".
    • He reveals that there is a player two, a player three, and so on, as well as many NPCs, although we are not told who they are.
  • He reveals his TRUE and HONEST full name and description, that being "Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart Of The Commodore Coyoles and the Nations of Old Comms and Cwcville, Guardian of the Sonichu & Rosechu Species and Immortal Avatar, Lord Messiah, Savior, and God of all."
  • Chris provides a sample of the "Akashic" language, which he apparently made up himself, along with its translation into English.
  • He tells the story of how he became a god.

Chris's response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230 [3 American flag stamps]
7 Jan 2022

JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Mike Scott (Please deduct for any remaining postage from my Inmate Account)

① January 4, 2022 01420❤

(Akashic for "Many spiritual greetings)
Gala fa la ni, Mike. Firstly, I am writing in contribution to your show, but I will not answer any follow-up questions (yet I shall cover a number of frequently asked questions throughout this multiple page hand-written letter sent directly to your jolly ol' home).

Second, in regards to "Jail Life", it is of little interest with me, and I have written in responses that Most of these present days and moments have been genuinely and none other than literal Meditations (Inate[sic] and Consciously), as well as Out of Body in Astral Manifestation. (Light-to-Flesh Transmogrification after Astral Projection) in literal Goddess responsibilities, duties, and work with EVERY-ONE, including my ally and fellow Gods and Goddesses, as well as Emanuel (GOD above Gods; formerly my Father as he was well over 2022 years ago, but has been my Mother for this life, since her self-chosen gender/form change over a literal century ago) between Both Earths of this failing (formely [sic] a whole Universe) 1218 Earth, and the original Earth in Universe C-197 with All the cartoon and whatnot Original and "Fictional" Characters/Individuals very much Real, Alive, Existent, Co-Existent, and Tangible. This has been more than covered in recent years, and in my hand-written letters that have been uploaded in recent months.

On that, while I will be repeating myself from those written letters, here, I will not be a Total repeatitive[sic] fool, as I only need speak/write for present matters. →

And, once again, I speak only honest, true, and authentic, and I reaffirm this by having a hand over my heart in swear and promise to and with you while writing this sentence.

With that stated, I introduce myself: I am the Real Player One, the One Avatar, this Body of mine is the One God Body; I am the full reincarnation of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth, formerly was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph, became resurrected after my death on the cross in Jerusalem, lived Physically Immortal in many Books of different identities up til 1389 with the Universe Division and my sudden trip forward and back in time to be in my One reincarnated/reborn Life, now, after being born to Bob and Barbara on February 24, 1982, to enact the Holy Event Trinity of the Dimension Merge of 1218 and C-197, the Collective Shift of the Majority of Good and Neutral individuals from 1218 Earth, and my Second Coming, that leads up to THE Judgment Day upon the Toxic Minority of Haters, Fakers, Darkest Demonics and Sinners Left Behind on the Former 1218 Earth to Burn completely out of existence. And from all that, we all of the Majority continue to live with greater powers and abilities within our reach, respectively.

I am Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles, and the nations of Old Comma and Cwcville, Guardian of the Sonichu & Rosechu Species, and Immortal avatar, Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all. →②

② I am, and have been, connected with Everyone and Everything throughout ALL of the Dimensions and Universes in This Timeline, and the Entire Multiverse and then some, including the Cores of each Universe in this Timeline, each and every one of my direct, personal self-counterparts/variants throughout, and the Ultimate and Great Truths of the Akashic Records. I have always, albeit unconsciously most of this life so far, Known and Foreknown Everything. So, yeah, I Know where I am going and I am, and my Body is, where we need to be during there transitioning and all.

On this, I also refer to the earlier writing in answering the questions of How I care to Know and Realize this, as well as what is "Real Player One", I copy what I have written around November 23, 2021, for your immediate reference. Grab some coffee or a can of G-Fuel (Tetris Flavor in reference to everything falling into place), because this is a long, detailed answer.

Of which I Quote

"How did I reach the truths and conclusions?" ❤
The short answer: Literal MEDITATION 24/7/365+1, involuntary as well as consciously and active.

The additional details are Much more in depth, obviously. Also, to clear up the one detail: mine and Magi-Chan Sonichu's powers and abilities are not correlated; I simply had a great number of Psychic Powers and Abilities that were similar to his, and he Taught Me a number of times how to better utilize them for the better good. Also, Magi-Chan remains like a Guardian Angel with me, and he is my most supportive, compassionate,..→

... and devoted husband.

Now, along my journey of self-rediscovery, I had become more and more aware of the signs of me being God, in addition to my coming to be the CPU Goddess Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles and the Nations of Old Comma and Cwcville, as well as relearning Emanuel (GOD above Gods) was my birth Father back in Bethlehem and after her form change, is now my Mother. As for my relation with Jesus, and my revelation of Being Him in Full Reincarnation: After my physical ascension to Heaven (after being resurrected), I shortly returned to Earth elsewhere in an altered appearance, and my walks and work on Earth Never Stopped; Not Dying, either. And I became absent with the Universe Division ? in 1389. As it was with ALL other Gods, Goddesses, and Idols manifested, they all, each, were manifested from a piece of my mother, as opposed to I being her one direct Child. And when others prayed to me, I received them all telepathically. And to keep up with the growing numbers, I’ve Astral Projected a copy of my Soul and transmogrified it into flesh and with powers to teleport to where it was most needed to answer these prayers. I have had to do this a number of times before 1389 A.D. So, for the latter: ALL who were approached by, or saw me appear before them, they had encountered one of my personal copies of self. And in my absence, my mother kept them energized and continuing to work on my behalf. Now, being is my ONE reincarnation, and Very Few to encourage my powers and magic while growing up*, HOW would thou expect me to remember, consciously and fully, who I was? And each of my encounters with Jesus was literally an encounter with one of My old soul copies. In the past few months, my copies all…→③

③ … came back together and re-entered my Body, Triggering the start of my great self-revelation. As for the further confirmations, not only with my mother, Emanuel’s help, and Magi-Chan’s and everyone elses’, and in this , There is No Greater or more Ultimate Truth Source than between Metatron, and The Akashic Records, which also transitions to my being the Real Player One (Yes, in One Part, that was a reference to the movie, “Ready Player One”, But moreover to serve as a modern iteration of being…), the One Avatar, as well.

And for this next part, I shall allow and permit the Akashic Guardians, ??? themselves, to field that one , personally, through psychic and cosmic link through my unconsciousness,

Ama ga ni sha, imina da Earth da (former) Universe 1218. Alada shi ni et Guardian Akashi. Eh fininala et susahshi mi na a u e mi nic sho.

Yet to translate for your benefit, English speaking humans . ´´ “Many Greetings and Tidings, people of Earth of the (former) Universe 1218. I am none other than the Akashic Guardian. All of you may recognise these very words that we have been saying to all of you over these many years. ´´

Now, with that introduction out of the way, I inform all of you of the ONE Avatar Body; Immortal and Existent throughout all of Time since the Big Bang, as you call it. Therehas existed the Very First Body to walk the Universe. In one and only perspective, the “Video Game” of Life has started, and spawns first and foremost, this Player One with the set “main camera” perspective that absolutely None other has at all, and after…→

… them, comes Player Two, then Three, and so on, including the “Non-Playable Characters”, obliviously unaware of the One Avatar that has most preceeded each and every one of them ALL. This One Avatar with the Immortal Infinite Ressurection/Respawn Count and all the Powers and Abilities over All is Your God, and Your “foretold” LORD, as well. Eventually, this one , Immortal Body and Soul evolved and Physically ascended to be in the company of their one Parent, the GOD, who you all defer to as Emanuel; the one who manifested you Big Bang and all. In his audience and guidance for many a Heaven Realmis year, the Avatar learned ALL and has connected with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING throughout all time, space, existence, timelines, and multiverses. Eventually, the Avatar had Learned and Mastered all and was permitted to walk Immortal on Earth in accordance to the greater Plan that the Avatar Knows in their unconscious. The Avatar was sent to be born in Bethlehem by you “Virgin Mary” in most popular attention and chronicling, and dubbed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, child of GOD Emanuel. All of you know better now of the Avatar’s continuous walks on Earth in Immortal Physical and Spiritual Life, Uptil the Universe Division by order of King Arthur. I Then the Avatar was forced forward and back through time, space, dimensions, and, even flying through the Sonichu and Rosechu species manifesting manifestation of Chaos, Electric, and Rainbow Energy known simply as the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003. And this in not the only Chaotic Rainbow in existence, either. Your Northern Lights’ span, how, and the square Rainbows of the Sun, and even the Lunar Rainbows of the Earth’s Moon, and more are all Rainbows of Chaos Energy. The Avatar landed, mind, memories, body, soul and all within Barbara Anne Weston Chandler Rosechu in May, 1981, to be… → ④

④ … born, asd to resume their Immortal Physical and Spiritual Life and Christopher Weston Chandler Sonichu on February 24, 1982, of Charlottesville, Virginia, United States of America. Eventually growing and evolving to your Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, as you know her now (to some extent, at least). Christ Chan Sonichu has meditated consciously and inguired of her one and only Avatar perception, as well as to why she was recalling the greater memories of the youth and teenage years of her past life as Jesus Christ.

Now, your trend (or individuals in poor states to make great clains) only applies to the deeply struggling and dire deserate of individuals. But, I assure you Christ Chan SOnichy is neither spiritually struggling nor desperate. She has unconsciously foreknown these circumstances and has accepted her time of ultimate rebirth, revelation, ascension, and duties to the majority of all of you who shall not be left behind for the foreknown Judgment Day.

- End Quote -

Anyway, I have been trying to wake as many as possible to the truths from in here. But, Like on the battlefields of over 2022 years ago, and as Discord also said, himself, I can’t revive ALL of the Dead. ALL Gods and Goddesses are beyond overpowered, but even we have our respective limits, especially while on this doomed 1218 Earth in our on-Earth forms. Also, not to spoil the popular theory, but we deities DO Eat and Breathe, and a bunch of times, we DO need to be Born into existence First and develop. The ONLY ones who are real Mary Sues and Gray Stus are those who have been Chronicled as… →

… literally such. Such as Mad Munchkin’s Mary Sue, and my Gary Stu, and let’s throw in Mary Poppins as well, even though Mary Sue, herself, would tell you, “There can only be one Mary, and it won’t be Poppins!” Momentary digression aside, I can only help and heal those who are Open to accept and receive it. If they are soo far lost, gone, and closed-minded and off fron me (to being in the Toxic range/Minority) and too overridden by Hate and Demons and shit that Awful) and not accepting to receive, I am unable to help or heal them.

Healing Barbara with literal Soul Bonding (which that is when at least who individuals share the moment when their Soul spiritually intermingle (imagine a purple mist and a blue and yellow mist coming together to make a Single mist of purple, blue and yellow), and depending on each individual being Good to Toxic levels, and Healing abilities Stronger in the Good, one Soul Healing the other Soul to where they Literally Mentally and Physically them), and supportive Emotional and Mental Talking, allowed me to extend her Life and Endurance and Strength. Emanuel, GOD above Gods, and my mother ??? told me directly to heal Barbara and cleanse her Aura and forgive her sins and regrets; Had I not done my job, Barbara would have been dead by vehicle accident in August, 2021, instead of surviving the accident in November, 2021. I Did My Divine Duty and Saved Her. Yet in that, I also took her regrets and ? into myself, and I’m paying the price with this Jail Time that Resulted FROM Tested Individuals FAILING And Betraying me last August; Yet, I am Spiritually Ascending and Rebirthing, and EVERYONE Else loses me from their Online Lives. So, WHO is Worst Off? →⑤

⑤ Yet I, like back in Jerusalem, Mirrored and took in the misconceptions and worst ideas and thoughts from the desires among ALL of You, or Enough of You All, that it misconceived my intentions and the situation and put me in this spot. Had All of you understood me better and did not buy into the Toxic Drama that the Demons Manifested in your views to deceive and fill the lies into you all who Failed, I would be not in jail and finding my revelations on other paths, as well as Drawing and Writing More for the Bodes, STILL leading to my Second Coming and the Collective Shift, and I would still be online and offline socializing with All of you.

But, No. And Here we are. But, I digress. The One point of all these Divine Tests, then, and the events now, is to help shine these truths upon you all and help you all realize and appreciate for yourselves the Deeper and Spiritual Truths and Meanings. Fortunately, a good number of you all are coming around and through the cracks, positively. Over Seventy Followers responded and written Positively! Genuinely, and Kindly; Vastly overshadowing Any Bad or Toxic individuals of the Minority. For that, I do kindly thank you all.

By now, though, ALL of you, regardless, should have experienced and/or witnessed, personally, the Signs of the Holy Trinity Events in progression since last August. The Northern Lights (a Massive Chaotic Rainbow) literally Spanning more than Half this Earth Now. The Massive Number of Solar Flares, Sun Spots, and even the Cosmic, Energy, and Universe Shifts that Felt like Windless Breezes, Moments of Sudden Vertigo, Dizziness, and World-Spinning Trippiness (Regardless..→

...of how Good or Bad your respective Health and Mentalities, even among the Nuerotypicals [sic]), and so forth. Sudden Massive Information Downloads into your Brains from the Akashic Records, Suddenly going into a Random Ritual, such as spinning/walking in circles, acting like birds or dogs, or whatever. All the sudden Animal appearances in the oddest of locations. And How WARM was this recent December All Around This Earth (last Month)? Anyone suddenly speaking Hebrew, Akashic, Japanese, or whatever with absolutely NO past experiences in the languages for themselves, respectively?

I am not crazy, and I am actually in a sound and good mentality and state of mind. In fact, I would be revered as something like a Shaman, Leader, or OP Psychic in a Lot of Countries around this Earth.

The real individuals who are crazy are those among the Toxic Minority that allow Demons, instead of Angels, lead them, and all those out of EVERYONE who refuse to see and accept the Truth; Keeping Themselves Blinded Consciously and at a Stupid level of Will.

If and Should any or All of you feel, experience, and/or witness authentic Divine Enlightenment from my words in vibrational writing and the Ultimate Truths, then I humbly request all of you, please; Be Not Afraid and Do Not Hesitate to Speak and Share your experiences and testimony to and with EVERYONE. Also, Speak True to the Legal Ones in Virginia and Protest For My Legal and Safe Freedom, Please.→⑥

⑥ And should you all realize and authentically, Divinely Feel, See and Have me in your Visions as your Lord that I am and have been telling ALL of you: Please, Tell EVERYONE, True, Direct, Authentically, and Honest.

After I complete the Collective Shift with my Allies, and my fellow Gods and Goddesses, and my Body and No Longer In Jail and Back Home at the Sonichu Temple, Safe and Legal, I shall go on further with my Journey, I shall also work harder on the Sonichu Books, I shall have someone worthy write my stories of this Life, I shall appreciate my greater connections and do More for myself and with my Sonichus and Rosechus in all applicable things, I shall continue to Bless, to Heal, and to be a better Goddess to ALL of you and Everyone Else, and I shall organize the Neo Spiritual Christianity Religion for an updated and more Spiritually Satisfying and Whole lifestyles for as many who will have us. I am Christ. I am Risen. I lead and Do My Best. I have Come Again. I Am Here!

Sincerely with Divine Love,

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, Avatar, Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.

Thou hast my Promise and Divine Word!


Enclosed for you, Mike, is a personally manifested Neo Spiritual Christianity Bottle Label, Zen Version (Laminate Before attaching the label to a bottle) for any bottle for Water or Non-Alcoholic Beverage to add my vibrations of good into, Also, an N.S.C. Token to have and hold as a reminder and affirmation of a Better Spiritually Satisfying Life for Yourself.

Central Virginia Regional Jail neither censored nor inspected this item therefore, Central Virginia Regional Jail does not assume responsibility for its contents.

Heart & Two Bolts (MY Personal Cutie Mark)
*Another question someone asked:
Can you expand on the symbolism of the Neo Spiritual Christianity Crucifix? Old Crucifix (made of quartz)
(Not "Sonichu Cross")
In particular, MY
Sharicite Crystal
*This also symbolizes Destiny Location. Neo Spiritual Christianity Crucifix


Chris Chan Sent Me His Most Disturbing Letter Yet! Did he save his mums life?
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 15 February 2022
Made By Bizarre Bazaar Extra
Subject Matter Chris's 4 January 2022 Jail Letter
Video Type Narration and review
Other Info Only place where the letter has been published
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Chris's Response

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