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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during October 2020.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), Klop, Kyle (@Nova), MKR, Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ), Null (@Josh), Peachy, Praetor, The WCT (@Neko Onyx (Kat)), and Val.

First Layer chats

Chris, the Watchmen, and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.

Lore Bible Discussion

3 October 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Chris Chan Bible

Additional Thoughts

3 October 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
Just a few additional thoughts I feel I ought to share with y’all as well.

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 1.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 2.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 3.png

CWCAdditionalThoughts 3October2020 4.png

This brain uses Cosmic amounts of energy.



Kyle 03:29 AM
I just like problem solving.
Kyle 03:38 AM
Interesting challenge though.

Pennsylvania Trip

9 October 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Pennsylvania Trip

Lore Mashup

9 October 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Lore Mashup

Praetor Arrives, Chris Writes his Sermon, More Bible Discussion

15 October 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:11 PM
Hey, @everyone. I am in the better process of putting together my thoughts in regards to the Dimension Merge details Mama had previously laid out. I am hand-writing what she had typed up, word for word, because this was long overdue needed to be hand-written. As opposed to typed up, which is only around three-quarters as effective, but still works. It’s better to have it written by these very hands, regardless.

I am also making mental notes along the way, as well as using the mechanical pencil to write a few notes.

Kyle 04:12 PM
Why handwritten?
The WCT 04:12 PM
I'm curious to see what you write up.
Naught 04:13 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:13 PM
After I hand-write all of that, I will have a better idea of what to write up for the portion of the speech that pertains to the community aspect. Of which, I will include the experiences from the C-197 side and what the people around the Earth, there, have been personally experiencing since then.

Hey, Bis.

Since you’re here, have you found and allowed Caden into our server here?

I’ve texted you his Discord handle.

Naught 04:14 PM
He hasnt responded

Caden's username is Praetor#1330

I sent a friend request

No reply

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:16 PM
He’s messaged me on here; he’s new to the Discord app.
Kyle 04:16 PM
I don't exactly get why handwritten is better, it seems less clear and produced, plus typos and all.

Who is Caden?

Naught 04:18 PM
@Praetor hello, who might you be?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:18 PM
Well, I wanted to take a momentary break, anyway.

Kyle, to answer your question, let me refer to the fact that Mama had hand-drawn and written her books and art pieces.

Praetor (Caden) 04:19 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ Hey there! I'm Caden, a friend of Christine.

[2 SonichuSmile[3] and 1 m_shy[4] reactions]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:20 PM
There is a greater effect of magic and power directly from the hand with the pen or pencil on paper.
Kyle 04:20 PM
But the text was always typed, in all but the last few.
Naught 04:20 PM
You the one making the medallion?
Kyle 04:20 PM
So is the Bible inherently less interesting depending on the version? As in, any copy ever is less interesting?

[1 ❓ reaction, likely from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:20 PM
This only mostly goes through if the new thought or event is typed up by these hands through a keyboard, turned into digital text, and uploaded onto the computer.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:21 PM
Hello there Caden, nice to meet you
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:21 PM
Not sure how to answer that question.
Kyle 04:22 PM
If it's mass produced, then typed is better, and also more readable.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:22 PM
But, yeah, @Praetor is making the medallions, and other additional things as well, including setting up a new shop on Etsy.
The WCT 04:22 PM
@Praetor greetings! it is nice to meet you.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:23 PM
For now, I’m gonna take a shower, and I’ll return to hand-writing in a while. Please, go ahead and talk amongst yourselves about the ideas and theories of the Dimension Merge, including that thing with the double numbers on the Mayan calendar, the golden disc, and all that.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:24 PM
Speak to you later, then!
Naught 04:24 PM
The WCT 04:24 PM
alright, have a good day Sonichu. I wish you the best of luck in your writings.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:25 PM
Speaking of which, here’s what I’ve drawn of that disc so far (still lacking the text on the in-between segments).

12Oct2020 GoldenDiscArt.jpg

Kyle 04:25 PM
Figure out the split yet? Granted the process should not take this long.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:25 PM
Ice-Breaker for between Caden and you all.
Kyle 04:26 PM
Doesn't look segmented on that one, but 24 equidistant segments?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:26 PM
Yeah, I’ve drawn the circle and lines on the back for reference.
MKR 04:26 PM
Naught 04:26 PM
@Praetor so you own the shop? Or you're on the handymen?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:26 PM

[1 ✅ reaction]

And I have mentioned Owen and Annie to @ภคยﻮђՇ.

Naught 04:27 PM
It's some ancient Mayan calendar it was hyped up a couple years ago

Owen and Annie are the ones who heavily suggested there's a link between the merge and the calendar

Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:28 PM
It was used to predict the world would end in 2012
Kyle 04:28 PM
When in reality, it just loops.
MKR 04:29 PM
It was a huge hoax I remember that
Naught 04:29 PM
Ive said it's yet another needless addition or a misguided interpretation
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:29 PM
Which was inaccurate even if it was true, since the Mayans didn't have leap day, offsetting the true date of their "apocalypse"
Kyle 04:29 PM
Granted, less faith in mesoamerican calendars given how much they sucked at intensive agriculture.
Naught 04:29 PM
MKR 04:30 PM
Not to mention the sacrifice of children and others
Kyle 04:30 PM
Well, chinampas were a good idea, but that's about it.

Most of the land sucked and they had no idea how to maintain it.

Some areas did have volcanic ash soils, but the concept of fertilizer goes back as far as ancient Greece.

MKR 04:33 PM
Anyway its probably not a great civilization to try to take much from for the lore. That being said, it doesn't surprise me that someone would try to troll you in such a way. It's not cool.

I wish people would stop

Naught 04:34 PM
It's such a tired routine
The WCT 04:34 PM
It’s all tiresome.
Kyle 04:35 PM
Good architecture, but boy did they suck at basically everything else.
Naught 04:37 PM
I'm sure Owen & Annie are lovely people but another couple coming to influence or suggest things are related.. come the fuck on.. just help make the medallion.. keep your conspiracy theories for yourself..
Val 04:40 PM
None of it matters, there's plenty of existing material to go through and put in order.
Kyle 04:52 PM
@Praetor So for products, what options are there? Have you sorted out the logistics/fulfillment?
Praetor (Caden) 04:56 PM
@Nova We'll initially be only selling Medallions. These act as a trial run, testing market interest. Along the way, we will add more products. These will include but not be limited to comics, cards, and possibly amino figurines.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:56 PM
Praetor (Caden) 04:56 PM
Thank you!
Kyle 04:57 PM
If the costs are right, what's the material cost on a medallion, what's the unit cost looking like overall?
Praetor (Caden) 04:59 PM
It costs about 3 dollars per medallion. We sell them for 25 apiece, as to match our competitors. Etsy brand imposters are selling Medallions for 25-30. To uproot them, we must match or go below their prices.

If business is good, we'll increase sales by discounting them, selling them for 15-20

Kyle 05:00 PM
And what percentage is fulfillment? I know there are business accounts available through shipping services.

What's the casting process like?

Praetor (Caden) 05:06 PM
Very simple. In order to emulate Sonichu's original medallion, they are stamped in a mold we made and baked. Then, painted. We mail them from our own company pocket for a while, as it is cheaper then registration with a mailing company. When we get big enough, we can afford to register and get discounted shipping services.
Kyle 05:07 PM
So you have a perfect master to work from.

Really that's the most important part, symmetrical and all that.

What percentage of costs are labor and shipping?

Praetor (Caden) 05:17 PM
We've not shipped any yet, so we only have estimates. It won't be more then a few dollars.

The medallions are not large not heavy.

Kyle 05:18 PM
Also on that, what's the income split you're figuring?
Praetor (Caden) 05:20 PM
We signed a confidentiality agreement with Sonichu, as we are a company. If Sonichu gives her consent, I can disclose profit splits and profit estimates.
Kyle 05:21 PM
Just ascertaining that it's not hopelessly one-sided.
Praetor (Caden) 05:23 PM
Oh no, of course not. We've worked with creative types for about 3 years now. You may recognize a few of my more eccentric clients!

Have any of you ever heard of Molossia?

Kyle 05:23 PM
Oh, that guy.
Praetor (Caden) 05:23 PM
Kyle 05:24 PM
What kind of merch do you do for them?
Praetor (Caden) 05:27 PM
We don't only do merch. We helped him find someone to write a dissertation on the micronation's sovereignty.

He's using that to try and officiate his territory as a nation.

More power to him, I suppose.

What do y'all do? I'm excited to be working with this team.

Kyle 05:29 PM
I'm just the guy with answers for things.
Peachy 05:30 PM
Idk how I’d title what I do 🤷‍♀️ cx
Naught 05:31 PM
[Quoting "What do y'all do? I'm excited to be working with this team."]

@Praetor i keep weirdos away from cwc

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:31 PM
I mark down important information

Chronicling, as it were

Do you have a website, by chance?

Praetor (Caden) 05:32 PM
So we have research, miscellaneous, bodyguard, and scribe??
Naught 05:32 PM

{{quoteboxred|speaker = Kyle|time = 05:32 PM|Ever work with Phil?

Praetor (Caden) 05:33 PM
I don't know any Phils. We love reaching out to folks though!

Who is he?

Val 05:34 PM
I do everything.

When did you first learn of cwc?

Praetor (Caden) 05:38 PM
I've always known about Christine. She always struck me as unique in the sense that she is probably one of the most famous people ever who has profitted the least from her fame.

When I heard that she had tried to launch a store before, but been overwhelmed, I knew that there was a chance at profit. I run almost everything I do privately, so I reached out to Christine myself.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:39 PM
@Praetor Do you have a website, linkedin, or other business information?
Naught 05:39 PM
Ok and the connection to "Owen and Marie?"
Praetor (Caden) 05:44 PM
I used to have a website, but due to domain costs I took it down. When it comes to clients, I find that it's easier to find eccentric people then to have them find you. If you're interested in partnership or a meeting, I've been transitioning us to social media. We have a new twitter and an Instagram.

Our email is

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:45 PM
Social media are the business tools of the future

What are they?

Praetor (Caden) 05:46 PM
@praetor_llc and the Twitter is @praetor[note 1]

With social media, I can find my own clientele. Considering that I'm here, seems like things are working out!

Naught 05:48 PM

Someone owns it you might wanna rebrand


Owen and Marie

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:51 PM
I think it's Annie

[1 SonichuSmile[3] reaction, most likely from Chris]


Praetor (Caden) 05:53 PM
Oh no, we know about Praetor LLC. They're actually not trademarked, we've talked to them. Their site is a homedone project. The only internationally trademarked Praetor brand is Praetor Technologies.
Naught 05:54 PM
Praetor (Caden) 05:54 PM
Local trademarks and international ones are different. Local ones are based within a state, and allow for brand witholding within the jurisdiction of a state. They are cheap. The international one is multiple grand.
Naught 05:55 PM
So many people try this I loose track
Praetor (Caden) 05:56 PM
I'm sure you get a lot of unfortunate attention here. Rest assured that it's not the case with us.
Naught 06:16 PM
[Picture of a plush doll with its face covered by a black cloche hat]
Praetor (Caden) 06:17 PM
She sleepin
Peachy 06:21 PM
MKR 06:35 PM
[Art of the character Nights grinning and holding a newly-carved Jack O'Lantern]
The WCT 06:36 PM
tfw you've yet to figure out what Night's gender is. lol
MKR 06:38 PM
[Image that reads:

What is your gender?

Please select one.



I have no plans to purchase a new vehicle]

It's the third one

Kyle 06:44 PM
It's a great design.
Kyle 06:54 PM
They do data analytics.

The other praetor.

Praetor (Caden) 07:29 PM
The other Praetor is a NERD.


Kyle 07:30 PM
I don't think they're too far above board, even their listing has inconsistencies.

Or they don't count officers as employees somehow.

Chris (as Sonichu) 07:32 PM
Hey. Just checking in and catching up on the conversation here. I am half-way through hand-writing what Mama had typed up now; be writing up part 3 shortly. Another reason for me hand-writing all of it is to further ingrain it into memory. That is done better via hand-writing as opposed to keyboard typing. Personally experienced, and proven fact by others.
Peachy 07:33 PM
Handwriting helps me with memorizing
Kyle 07:34 PM
Ya, fine for a draft copy, but it seems like kind of a pain for an e book.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 07:34 PM
I'm more partial to typing, personally. Handwriting for me just takes too long.
Praetor (Caden) 07:34 PM
Agreed. I have bad handwriting anyway.
Kyle 07:37 PM
It's just more readable with a proper font, take handwritten notes, sure. But I really shouldn't have to explain the benefits of it being typed.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 07:38 PM
Yes, writing it down once means it will all have to be transcribed a second time to typing, doubling the work
Kyle 07:54 PM
For the planning stage, that's fine, but it would be a poor stylistic choice to have the whole thing handwritten.
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:56 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ, I thank you very much for texting me the links earlier; apparently in Mama’s third tweet set, as I was going from the direct source on Twitter, a bunch of her tweets in that set got removed. Freaking haters. I am going from the page at this point.
Kyle 07:58 PM
So how would it be laid out, if it's just rehashing twitter, that really doesn't help add depth.
Naught 08:52 PM
MKR 09:19 PM

[Image from a Transformers comic of two characters exchanging dialogue that reads:

"The trick is recognizing what you have before it's gone."

"Any tips on how to do that?"

"You can start by telling those you love that you love them."]

Have a wholesome thing

Kyle 09:58 PM
Always liked the art and designs from the Ty series.

[Image of the character Ridge from the video game series Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.]

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:13 PM
I have just finished writing out all of Part 3 of Mama’s tweet sets; the Longest one among them all.
The WCT 10:14 PM
can you let us know when you post them?
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:16 PM
Also, on Twitter, a bunch of the tweets were made Hidden from my view for some odd reason, and I’ve had to go with a link from Bismuth with a webpage capture on it, but it left out the last few tweets of that set, and I’ve had to log into Mama’s old Twitter account to get them.

AND, I’ve even tried looking on the Cwcki for the Tweet sets as well; They do not have them on there, or they are very difficult to find.

I will say this now, even though I have written it as a note on the paper page as well:

WHY was all of this NOT on the Freaking CWCKI?!!!!!!!!! (edited)

*sigh and *groan

Kyle 10:18 PM
Advanced twitter search any use, they might have a date sort?

Ya, they allow a date range.

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:18 PM
Regardless, this highlights yet another reason why I am hand-writing all of this: to ensure all of it is on one source that can be referenced personally any time.

Yeah, these tweet sets were made mid to late October and early November, 2018.

Kyle 10:19 PM
But that's equally possible with text, and easier to index.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:19 PM
Presently beyond our skill set.
Kyle 10:20 PM
Although, aim higher than Twitter: The book (The movie)
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:20 PM
This is also for that Bible as well.
Naught 10:20 PM

([note 2]

Chris (as Sonichu) 10:20 PM
Yeah, but I was talking about part 3: You and Your C-197 Self-Counterparts
Kyle 10:21 PM
In a bottle, this doesn't elucidate much if its all just a rehash of a Twitter feed.
Chris (as Sonichu) 10:21 PM
Taking a breather before I tackle Part Four.


Kyle 10:21 PM
If this is structural, it's a small percentage of actual content.
Naught 10:24 PM
[Image of some of Chris's tweets from 29 October 2018 as shown on an archive site.]
Kyle 10:55 PM
[YouTube link to "Star War The Third Gathers - Backstroke of the West (Highlights)" by Kong]

Another classic for movie night.

I know enough about Chinese to know why they keep on saying fuck.

Although strangely the plot is better than the original.

Chris (as Sonichu) 11:56 PM
@everyone, Woof! I’ve finished hand-writing all four parts of what Mama had typed up nearly two years ago. Dedicated this whole day to do it; Worth It.
The WCT 11:57 PM
Can't wait to see it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:57 PM
Tomorrow, I, Sonichu (Prime), will write up my own personal addition to all of that, talking about what the communities should be doing during these present times, as well as my experiences and witnessing some of these events.
Kyle 11:58 PM
I have to say, at least the level of knowledge I have on what actually happened, how much is there extra?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:58 PM
But, all of that which Mama had typed up, hand-written into a compsition book: Seventeen Pages worth.

ROFL, Kyle!

Kyle 11:58 PM
Well everyone who knows knows that much, whats the hook like?
Chris (as Sonichu) 11:59 PM
If it were to be written, the number of books that would be written would be into the Billions of pages’ worth.
Kyle 11:59 PM
So we distill.

Morality, Possession Question, Philosophical Discussion, Sports

16 October 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 12:00 AM
For now, the Editor is still on call until after I write up my share later.
Kyle 12:00 AM
The Bible, we have anecdotes, but its generally what we can view as moral anecdotes, which is more useful for underpinning morality.

Maybe I'm getting ignored, so at least answer this, what's the point?

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:35 AM
Okay, @Nova, I was not ignoring you earlier; I was going into relief and satisfaction after finishing that hand-writing job, which sealed all that better into this brain’s conscious and subconscious.

And to answer your question, this Bible will not be one that underpins morality, but promotes creativity and exploration in general with short stories of the experiences and adventures of Chris Chan Sonichu and what did, does and will do in helping to make this Omega timeline, the bond between dimensions, and the relationship between Original Creators and Original Creations, a whole lot better for everyone with her efforts and the help of her fellow deities, family, friends and allies.

Kyle 01:41 AM
Morals are how we know better.

Nothing is so clear cut without it.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:42 AM
And the point of it at this time is to offer a better sense of faith and guidance in the Dimension Merge that is still to come, regardless of I and this body going back in time to prevent Covid, and all of that.


Anyway, it will all still be worth it.

Kyle 01:43 AM
I like to deal in the concrete, don't doubt someone can be more creative than me, but ideas ain't worth jack past your ability to see things through.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:43 AM
I mean, there is a time for Morals, and then there’s the times where you have to temporarily abandon morals to help yourself and others around you.
Kyle 01:43 AM
I disagree.

There are constraints, and I always accept judgement.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:44 AM
Good point.
Kyle 01:45 AM
I'm still not quite sure, and I dedicate my life to morality and ethics.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:45 AM
Pretty much like I have to accept the fated moment of body-swapping with Mama, and being still in here for longer than six months.

Good for you.

Kyle 01:46 AM
It's a testament to a lifetime commitment, it's never a done thing so we always have to consider things.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:49 AM
Meanwhile, I’ve had to take my fair share, and then some, of suffering, especially during those months with IdeaGuy and those freaking Nazis and all that shit. I stayed strong as much as possible throughout all that, and then I let manipulation and temptation get the better of me and I rampaged against Mama and Christine Chan. And Mama tried to help me with genuine kindness that I was too stubborn at the time to appreciate. I couldn’t do much about it until after when Finally Mama uses her aether to undo all of that shit. But I still remember it. I’ve grown from that as well.
Kyle 01:50 AM
We care about what we learn from experience, just experiencing things isn't always constructive.

The difference you make is what shows beliefs.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:50 AM
Kyle 01:50 AM
Easy to be contrarian, but to learn something, is far harder than explaining it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:50 AM
I am making a lot of differences now in these events and matters.

And I have learned from these past months.

I’ve realized and accepted my own limitations and inability to do her job as well as only she could.

Kyle 01:51 AM
So what shows up that appears to be a contradiction, but isn't because contradictions don't exist.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:52 AM
Sometimes, they’re a blessing in disguise.
Kyle 01:52 AM
It is or it isn't, but always doing right demands more elucidation.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:53 AM
Ha, I agree. Funny I actually know that term, “elucidation”, yet I’ve never heard it before.

Shows that this noggin is strongly connected with the Cosmos and the other Chris Chans in all timelines and dimensions.

Kyle 01:54 AM
Most basic logic, the necessity of qualifiers, had longer than enough to figure it out, how we weight them shows values, character comes from consistency in something and the ability to explain it.

Anyone can fuck up at any point.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:55 AM
Kyle 01:55 AM
It's never an excuse, thought is free.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:56 AM
I came onto Discord to also ask Bismuth what keeps him awake for extensive amount of hours in a week, but I end up getting a life lesson that affirms what I’ve learned and figured out from you.
Kyle 01:57 AM
And that asking people can help, God knows I've fucked up, I hate it and we can never go back from anything but change is still possible.

[1 SonichuSmile[3] reaction, most likely from Chris]

Fatalism is a terribly lazy philosophy.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:58 AM
[Quoting "Shows that this noggin is strongly connected with the Cosmos and the other Chris Chans in all timelines and dimensions."]

@Sonichu982 If you don't mind me asking, have you had any more intermittent possessions, such as when Chris of 1214 was here?

Kyle 01:59 AM
No fault, only some fleeting gain from not knowing in such a way that it arbitrarily contributes to something again having no fault in, or are responsible for by some strange virtue of necessity. (edited)
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:00 AM
I only allow this body to be additionally possessed by conscious, lucid choice; it is 24/7/365 protected from intrusive, unwelcomed possessions. And any that may slip in are immediately recognized and forced out.

I’ve also had Val come into this body a few times; lately, it’s been for maintanance and upgrade purposes.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:01 AM
Oh, of course. I was referring to any friendly possessions by trusted individuals.

Thanks for answering.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:03 AM
Of course.
Kyle 02:03 AM
I tend to overreach in the grand scheme, but I never lose my place. Sometimes things are incontrovertible and inexorable, that's life.

Could get hit by a bus, but in terms of what matters, life being the only paradigm that matters.

That's no challenge, there's nothing to promote yourself to beyond that which is immediately relevant, I'm just stubborn enough to want to argue with God when I eventually die.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:08 AM
Well, I’ve had to take a can of Game Fuel in intervals to make sure this bod and brain was energized to get through all that hand-writing, focus and processing.
Kyle 02:08 AM
Would I be more objective if I thought only in geological time?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:08 AM
It’s pretty good, and I like the closable plastic tab on the can; if only all cans would employ that.

I’ll be up for a while longer before the crash kicks in.

Kyle 02:09 AM
Sodastream does energy drinks, caffeine is cheap.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:10 AM
Well, we don’t have one of those machines.
Kyle 02:11 AM
Permanence may rob everything and living for the moment is something we can all be perfectly fine with, because I don't care if I'll be oil someday, because I'd had that much more experience living without something that cannot possibly concern me.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:12 AM
“Oil” for “Old” and “I’d” for “I’ve”

This brain is on fire.

Kyle 02:13 AM
More aside, it's inexorable, but useless in terms of what actually matters and precludes other opportunity.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:13 AM
I ended up finding a few gramatical errors in what Mama had typed; she used “to” twice in the same sentence that required only one.
Kyle 02:15 AM
Sagan said: "We're made of star stuff.", but that didn't factor into his goals, because that can't possibly concern them.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:16 AM
Speaking of which on a similar word,

Nick Saban tested positive for Covid.

Kyle 02:16 AM
Maybe if I didn't work so hard, I'd marginally delay the heat death of the universe, when you get to rationalizing infinity or indefinite terms , there's absolutely no meaning to it.

You, follow college football?

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:17 AM
He was one of the individuals IdeaGuy tried to pawn off on Mama as someone she should look up to; she even bought a holographic trading card with Saban on it.

Not really.

Kyle 02:18 AM
Infinitely simpler that it was a bunch of crap, there's more than enough character evidence against it in that sense.

I've always been amazed by how penetrable law is if you can just put one thing before the other to make arguments.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:19 AM
Mama’s not really big into watching sports, not counting Freshman year at High School when it was her at Manager rank of the Varsity Basketball Team. She had fun.

In her sportsplay, though, her skills in this timeline excel at Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, and Ice Skating.

And Miniture Golf.

Kyle 02:21 AM
Wanting to get a boomerang actually.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:22 AM
Mama has a boomerang that she threw a few times; a souvenir from the Luray Caverns gift shop.
Kyle 02:22 AM
I've done semi-professional golf, it's an excellent sport.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:24 AM
“Silence is strong at the tee as Arnold Palmer readies his shot on this 18th hole. It is a really tough one, as Palmer takes a meditation and deep breaths to control the strength of his swing and gauge the wind speeds and direction. He takes the shot! He gets very close to the green. Amazing Shot.”
Kyle 02:24 AM
I can drive accurately 250, which is into the LGPA range.

More Food Discussion With Praetor

16 October 2020[1]

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.
Praetor (Caden) 04:41 AM
[Quoting "Always wanted to try ortolan bunting."]

@Nova I was just reading through the messages, have you ever seen Hannibal?

Kyle 04:42 AM
No, I just scarcely respect the French.
Praetor (Caden) 04:43 AM
Fair enough! That one's my favorite show, ortolan is a recipe they show in it.
Kyle 04:43 AM
Cognac is alright, although I'd experiment with a nice whisky.
Praetor (Caden) 04:45 AM
I like quail. You can attempt an ortolan's flavor by soaking a cooked one in armagnac, and having it served flambé

I really love to cook, when money permits it.

Kyle 04:45 AM
Eggs and organs, those are cheap.

General rule is to theme around protein.

Eggs go well with rice, so stir fry is easy.

Praetor (Caden) 04:46 AM
I agree! The meat is the main course.

Do you like pad thai?

Kyle 04:47 AM
I've never found anything I won't eat.

Not big on some kinds of fish sauce.

I'd think that this would be less of a concern for someone who commutes as much as you might, I'm just terminally cheap.

Praetor (Caden) 05:11 AM
Oh no, for sure. Good food is nice, but you know what tastes better in the long run?

Saving money.

Kyle 05:13 AM
Most good stuff is cheap anyway.
MKR 05:18 AM
I eat what I can afford, I like to bake things sometimes.
Kyle 05:18 AM
Baking is easier for people who like strict instructions.
MKR 05:22 AM
Most of the time I just eat things like ramen with boiled egg to spruce it up.
Kyle 05:22 AM
Meat works well, oil is fine too, been adding cream to it whilst boiling, that's alright too.
MKR 05:24 AM
Yeah it's fun to experiment, though I'm still not a big fan or organ meat I'll eat most things without complaining.
Kyle 05:25 AM
Liver and kidney sucks, unless you're a Brit who looks like James May.

Heart is just muscle.

MKR 05:25 AM
Yeah, heart seems pretty alright if it doesn't get all tough. But liver is nasty
Kyle 05:26 AM
I've wanted to do some experiments with slow cooking, can suggest a few things, its all basic chemistry.
Praetor (Caden) 11:11 AM
Ah, I still don't like baking. I'm not a sweets guy anyway. If you screw up in baking, it's so easy to completely bomb your dish.

Saberspark, Animation, The Golden Girls & Betty White, Sleep Schedules

16 October 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:12 AM
That’s nothing to “Yeee”.

Dingo Pictures.

Kyle 03:12 AM
Oh fuck, I love those.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 AM
Saberspark can’t stand them.
Kyle 03:13 AM
Exhausted German father deserves at least some of my money.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:13 AM
Oh god, Dingo Pictures
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 AM
Kyle 03:13 AM
"Your father the black panther is your father?"

I like the mystery of it all, even if I already know it's boring.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:14 AM
Speaking of Saberspark

My reaction to watching Dingo pictures

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:14 AM
Yeah, we’ve binged a number of his review videos.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:14 AM
He's great
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 AM
Including his take on Veggietales, and even Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs.
Kyle 03:15 AM
Phelous ain't bad, even considering his BS rants.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:15 AM
My life feels just this much more complete now that I've been exposed to the masterpiece that is Joshua and the Promised Land
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 AM
Saberspark is a real good and funny card.

Mama also enjoyed his video on genderbent episodes.

And even his take on the certain Totally Spies episodes.


Kyle 03:16 AM
Dingo would be good riff material if we wanted to go that direction.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:16 AM
Impressive that he got a girl who could basically imitate his manner of speaking pretty much perfectly for the genderbent episodes review


Chris (as Sonichu) 03:17 AM

I also can’t get out of this mind the Spaghette Bear, and that song from another channel at the end of his review vid. (edited)

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:18 AM
My favorite vid of his is probably the Trolland review
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Mama likes funny memes.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:18 AM
I couldn't stop laughing at that video

So many errors

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Trolland; OMCCS!
Kyle 03:18 AM
It's nice.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:18 AM
Mars Needs Moms
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:19 AM
Oh man, Image Movers were so creepy

I hated their movies tbh

Kyle 03:19 AM
Oh, @Sonichu982 try the bot sometime.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:19 AM
Always scared me growing up, uncanny valley nightmares
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 AM
Lawliet (Bot) 03:20 AM
😄 Smile

Sonichu982 is really happy right now ^^

[GIF of an anime girl smiling]

16-Oct-20 03:20 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 AM
That’s about all I can do with your bots on here off the top of this head.

Mama’s favourite memes also include “Two Number Nines” and “7 Grand Dad”.


Lawliet (Bot) 03:21 AM
😆 Laugh

Sonichu982 thinks it's hilarious!

[GIF of an anime girl laughing]

16-Oct-20 03:21 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 AM
“I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda.”
The WCT 03:22 AM
[Quoting "Oh man, Image Movers were so creepy"]

I thought they were impressive. The Polar Express was my childhood.

Kyle 03:22 AM
The waifu one is fun.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 AM
A waifu bot?
Kyle 03:22 AM
The mudae one.

$w does waifus, $h husbando.

Mudae (Bot) 03:23 AM

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

[Image of the Pokemon Primarina]

[1 ♥️ reaction, possibly from Chris]

Kyle 03:23 AM
Didn't know that still worked here.
Naught 03:24 AM
Mudae (Bot) 03:24 AM
« No-one knows what the future holds. That's why its potential is infinite. » Steins;Gate
Kyle 03:24 AM
That too.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:24 AM
Wow. Mama’s waifus; not sure what to say about that, except you could definitely classify her as a furry, if her Sonichu form did not make that obvious already over a decade ago.

Hey, Bis.

Naught 03:25 AM
Lawliet (Bot) 03:25 AM
👋 Wave

isnaught (ヨッギ) is waving!

[GIF of an anime girl waving]

16-Oct-20 03:25 AM

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 AM
Since you’re on, let me ask you: How do you maintain staying awake for multuple days and nights out of a whole week?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:25 AM
[Quoting "I thought they were impressive. The Polar Express was my childhood."]

I could never get into Polar Express, personally. Seemed to be a lot of style over substance.

Naught 03:25 AM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 AM
Just coffee?

And you’re used to going to sleep only once a week. (edited)

Naught 03:26 AM
For the most part yeah
Kyle 03:26 AM
Generally it's not healthy, but if you've got a sleep disorder, whatever.
Naught 03:27 AM
Sometimes I'd like to sleep more but i just go with it
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 AM
Sadly, with Mama, I would have to agree with you.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:27 AM
The fact that we're all up at this hour indicates we should all improve our sleeping habits, lol
Naught 03:27 AM
The WCT 03:27 AM
I have a sleep schedule.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 AM
Me, though, I drank a Game Fuel in incriments to make sure this body and brain kept up its energy in hand-writing all of that today.
The WCT 03:27 AM
2-3 AM is where I usually hit the hay. (edited)
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
Guess what time it is where I am.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:28 AM

Near 3:30 AM?

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 AM
The challenge was for Neko, but you are right.
Naught 03:28 AM
I try but fail so yeah

I'm not a fan of energy drinks they mess with my tummy.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:28 AM
Oh, sorry
Kyle 03:28 AM
Been up a lot longer, sparingly.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:29 AM
Didn't mean to spoil the challenge
Kyle 03:29 AM
My record is 6 days, 13 hours, DON'T DO THAT.
The WCT 03:29 AM
[Quoting "Near 3:30 AM?"]

yup, Eastern Time.

Kyle 03:30 AM
Could have done longer, but then I started caring again.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:30 AM
Speaking from Mama’s experiences with her all-nighters, unless she’s focued with the task that caused her to pull that all-nighter in the first place, after she’s completed the task or called a morning, she dosn’t know what to do with herself, other than watch reruns on Hallmark Channel, or something.

I do not think her body has ever exceeded 24 hours in staying awake.

Kyle 03:31 AM
Helps to schedule, but that would require concrete goals.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:31 AM
Oh, I feel that on the Hallmark Channel reruns

Golden Girls will suck me in for hours


Kyle 03:31 AM
That moment, I didn't care one iota about anything else.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:31 AM
Again, she binged Frasier, and yes, even Golden Girls.

My psychic sense just went off.

Kyle 03:32 AM
Amazingly it wasn't drug-induced.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:32 AM
Those four elderly ladies had better comedic timing than many actors do today

RIP to all of them except Betty White

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:32 AM
a mild one second pang in the left ear, and a swing in the Iron Curtain around me.

Mama actually likes Betty White as well.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:33 AM
She's a legend

Hope she makes it to 100

Kyle 03:33 AM
Odds are alright.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 AM
She is awesome.

Y’all know she started off in her carrer as a model?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:34 AM
No, first time I'm hearing this

Learn something new every day, huh?

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:34 AM
There’s a WatchMojo list talking about her life and achievements.

there’s two WM videos on her.

[YouTube link to "Top 10 Reasons Why Betty White is Loved" by MsMojo]

Kyle 03:35 AM
Ayn Rand was something in her day, don't read into that.
The WCT 03:35 AM
Betty White is unstoppable. lol
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:35 AM
[YouTube link to "The Golden Life of Betty White" by MsMojo]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:35 AM
She's a force of nature
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:36 AM
Well, there’s a half-hour or so y’all can take to learn more about her.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:36 AM
Kyle 03:36 AM
She exists, that's about how it works.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:36 AM
Kyle 03:36 AM
I don't like celebrities.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:37 AM
Apparently, she also made a world record for something.

[YouTube link to "Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Hold World Records" by]

The WCT 03:37 AM
@Nova I prefer E-Celebs. lol
Kyle 03:38 AM
Oh, I know.

But it's the psychology of it all that worries me, my life is far more interesting than these people, more relevant, so why should I even?

Naught 03:39 AM
[YouTube link to "Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes" by KimCarnesVEVO]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:39 AM
Maybe you should make a youtube channel and see then
Kyle 03:40 AM
Hollywood is a crapshoot anyway, I make my own options.

Fuck, that's a good movie/show too.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:55 AM
I’m beginning to feel like I’m gonna crash in a little bit. I’ll check y’all later. Goodnight.
The WCT 03:55 AM
Nighty nite! @Sonichu982 🙂
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:55 AM
Sleep well
Kyle 03:55 AM
Naught 03:55 AM
Kyle 03:56 AM
All I've gotta say is, I'm here, judgement, sure, but you can ask me anything and I feel that might be a disconnect with people who might be less than optimal in terms of ideals.


16 October 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:25 AM
Mama has yet to play full size golf on an actual range, but she’s played a few golf video games with success.

She also really likes that Lemonade/Tea combination, so it was not difficult to remember Palmer.

When she can, she finds the best combo is at McDonalds with the cup half and half with their sweet tea and Minute Maid lemonade. (edited)

Kyle 02:27 AM
Iced tea as sweet tea is kind of crap.

Just freeze some tea, it's great.

Although mostly I hate sugar.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:28 AM
I'm for unsweetened all the way
Kyle 02:28 AM
Earl gray is excellent frozen.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:28 AM
Don't mind the occasional Arnold Palmer either
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:28 AM
Well, you don’t have to get the sweetened tea to make the combination.

Mama has tried a few variety of teas as well; she likes Passion Fruit and Plantation Mint. (edited)

Kyle 02:29 AM
I was always a shit bartender, I like trying the flairs though.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:29 AM
I feel like most people making AP's use unsweetened, since the lemonade would offset the unsweetened tea's flavor anyway

[1 👍 reaction, possibly from Chris]

Kyle 02:30 AM
Most lemonade is sugary crap anyway, I hate how sweet it is.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:31 AM
Mama has also sampled Sakura and Lavender teas to find soothing and good enjoyment.

When she has visitors, she would delight in warming up a kettle and serving tea to her guests.

Kyle 02:31 AM
Anyone who is serious about cocktails usually hates the masking for the sugary stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:32 AM
How often do visitors come by?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:32 AM
I tend to think in an alternate dimension, Mama Chris Chan is a practiced food conneseiur.
Kyle 02:33 AM
Vermouth is alright, even if gin sucks.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:33 AM
Mostly, we get the occasional fan visits that last for a few minutes, here.
Kyle 02:33 AM
Any major areas of focus? I like some of the French stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:33 AM
Oh that's nice
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:33 AM
But when it’s an extended visit, it is good.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:33 AM
As long as they're friendly
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:34 AM
We tend to attract the friendly and kind folks here.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:34 AM
And it's thoughtful to make them tea
Kyle 02:34 AM
Always wanted to try ortolan bunting.

Tea Parties and Musicals

16 October 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
A few times in her childhood, Mama actually played tea party with a few plushes or action figures.

She’s watched the act a few times amongst the classics and musicals Robertchu had shared with her.

The etequitte lessons from “GiGi” stuck with her as well.

Lainchu (Anaxis)
Oh, which classics/musicals?
Chris (as Sonichu)
And it still stuck with her to this day.


This card alone references four of her favourite musicals.

Any general favorite themes of cuisine? At least so far as delicacies are concerned?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Her top three are 3) On The Town, 2) Singin’ in the Rain, and 1) Meet Me In St. Louis
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Wow, impact seems profound
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mama is open-minded and not picky on cuisine.
I love Singin in the Rain.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
I've seen clips of Singin' in the Rain but haven't seen any of the others
Why the term "delicacies" exists.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Not my area of expertise, I admit
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mama actually suggested “Singin’ in the Rain” for the skill of the Kirinu Leaves card the TSSSF people were making with the audience suggestions. Didn’t happen, but she made it happen with this card.

Judy Garland’s and amazing singer and actress.

Ortolan bunting is basically like fois gras in terms of not caring.

Loved her in Wizard of Oz, BTW.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Who doesn’t?

Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic.

I'm not big on catholicism, but hey. I can't think of much that got an exception.

Ortolan bunting did.

Chris (as Sonichu)
You should at least rent and check out these four musicals.

Gene Kelly sells it well in “Singin’ in the Rain” along with his cast mates. “Make ‘em Laugh!”

Love, Romance, Family Drama and fun to be had in “Meet Me in St. Louis”.

Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra playing it up in scores in “On the Town”

I'm not going to say I illegally used gas chromatography equipment, but I might have.

Chemistry is brilliant stuff.

Chris (as Sonichu)
And it’s Not a bore with the growing relationship with overlooking Trolls that were the hoi polli of Paris and the ettequite lessons that developed a wild and fun girl that he loved, narrated and starring as well, Maurice Chevaliez (if I spelled his last name wrong, I apologize), in the movie of the young life of “GiGi”.

Going from Mama’s memory alone, I could go on and on.

Etiquette as a field of study is reserved to formal occasions.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Ha-ha, yes.

Food and Movies

16 October 2020[1]

Kyle 02:46 AM
Ever think of doing a cooking vlog, I find it interesting that you defaulted to omelets.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 AM
But also for a fun moment in casual get-togethers with friends.
Kyle 02:47 AM
Typically those are more advanced in terms of simply eggs.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 AM
Mama had considered cooking videos, but she would need someone else to hold and manage the camera while she worked.

Mama is not sure how to make eggs scrambled, but she can fry them as well.

Kyle 02:48 AM
Brutalmoose did some, he did highly edited ones, but that would be the aspiration rather than the immediate reality.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:48 AM
With or without the dash of ghost pepper sauce, she can make a good omelette. Even a spinach omelette if she had the vegetable on-hand and ready.
Kyle 02:49 AM
It's an excellent effort, give it a shot.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 AM
She’s picked up a few extra tips from her two years of Home Ec in High School, and watching Barb and Roberchu; she also did Blue Apron for a few months, before she lost ability to afford that.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:50 AM
Whoa, ghost pepper sauce! I can't handle anything too spicy 🥵

[1 SonichuLOL[7] reaction, most likely from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 AM
We still have the recipie cards.
Kyle 02:51 AM
Those services are a premium on cheaper stuff, I can suggest a few things.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 AM
She tried and had troubles cooking roast beef.

She can also cook a good hamburger, as well as grilled chicken.

Kyle 02:51 AM
Hey, Walter White was a great cook owing to his chemistry education, and so am I.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 AM
Give her a cookbook, and the ingredients, and she can do wonders following the instructions.
Kyle 02:52 AM
So try filming some more intermediate stuff, that would be impressive or at least interesting.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 AM
Eventually, maybe; perhaps in the new timeline, she will.
Kyle 02:53 AM
I've done soufflés, don't try that.

Thinking in the here and now helps a lot.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 AM
For now, even though this is still her body and brain, remember who is still in control of it until when I can get it back to her.

We’ve heard that it takes great care and intricite details to cook a souffle.

not to mention a lack of loud noises.

“You’ll wake the baby and deflate my souffle!”

Kyle 02:54 AM
More about timing, pleased to say mine lasted an hour, which shows phenomenally peak process.

[1 👍 reaction, most likely from Chris]

Its not a fucking nuke, but it is complex.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:55 AM
I think it was mentioned that one of Mama’s favourite tv shows she likes to rebinge is “Frasier”.
Kyle 02:55 AM
Sticking to active things would fulfill a here and now role quite well.
The WCT 02:56 AM
RIP David Angell.
Kyle 02:56 AM
Ya, it's a sitcom cliche, I've had friends who worked in haute cuisine.

It ain't like that though.

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:56 AM
Agreed, Neko.
Kyle 02:58 AM
Bone marrow, that's great shit. 👌
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 AM
Robertchu would often treat Mama and Barb to good food and fine dining as much as possible, including the simple diners, like that little restaurant that had a good ol’ Tony who made a really good hot hamburger plate, and they had good hot dogs at Linda’s.

So, yeah, she has an appreciation for all kinds of dining and levels of food.

Kyle 02:59 AM
Most small restaurants are fine, it's the pride we can take in our own creations, that's the closest we get to magic,
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:59 AM

The best quality hot dog, I tell you, is in Staunton, Virgina with Riley’s diner; they have a massive foot-long hot dog in a sub roll, dubbed the Dogzilla.

Kyle 03:00 AM
Been watching Ratatouille, the end part of that, wow.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:00 AM
Ratatouille's a very inspiring movie
Kyle 03:01 AM
In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. Last night, I experienced something new: an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core. In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto, "Anyone can cook." But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau's, who is, in this critic's opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France. I will be returning to Gusteau's soon, hungry for more.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:01 AM
Mama’s seen clips and heard of that movie; I’m certain we can watch it on Disney+ nowadays.

Mama’s taste buds are hard to displease.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:01 AM
Oh, have you not seen it? It's a great film. You should watch it if you get the chance.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 AM
Belive it or not...
Kyle 03:02 AM
Critics have a place, we exist to do better,
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 AM
Mama has never watched “Frozen” either.

still to this day

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:02 AM
Eh, Frozen's not that great if you ask me

Tho it's impact was undeniably significant

Kyle 03:02 AM
Good music, but a really iffy plot in some senses.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:03 AM
Yeah, a lot of people get surprised when they hear that she had never seen “Frozen”.

That movie was definitely resonant with a lot of people.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:03 AM
What's your favorite animated movie (recent or of all time)?
Kyle 03:04 AM
Executive decision, we have to watch The Fountainhead sometime.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 AM
Mama’s favourite animated movie of all time goes to “Toy Story”, but her favourite movie of all time, in general, is “Mary Poppins.” As for me, though, I can’t say for sure from the movies I’ve watched with Rosey, Cera, Christine and Roberta.
Kyle 03:05 AM
Toohey: "Mr. Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us."

Roark: "But I don't think of you.”

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 AM
But, I definitely really like Sonic’s new movie and Detective Pikachu.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:06 AM
Oh, which movies have you watched together?
Kyle 03:06 AM
That movie is a fucking classic and I love architecture.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 AM
I agree, England has a lot of great buildings and structures.

Mama has always wanted to personally visit London.

Kyle 03:07 AM
I'm more familiar with American styles, that's where the money was, wasn't, then was again.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:07 AM

Rosey is into a lot of varying movie formats.

She does like the occasional horror flick, including “Silent Hill”, regardless of how bad video game adapts tend to be.

Kyle 03:08 AM
Sorry to say, I did do the architecture thing I recommended to you. It's a good side game for anyone who isn't me.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:08 AM
Interesting, I wouldn't have known
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:08 AM
Rosey also likes JPop.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:09 AM
The good thing about those terrible video game adaptations is that some of them make for some pretty great comedy

So bad it's good type of stuff

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:09 AM
Kyle 03:09 AM
Uwe Boll is a hack loser.

But I do appreciate a genuine bit of bad writting.

Executive decision 2: we watch The Room.

"Oh Hai"

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:10 AM
I genuinely cannot believe that Uwe Boll was allowed to directed as many films as he did

The WCT 03:10 AM
he ruined House of the Dead.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:10 AM
I remember that name from a Top Ten on WatchMojo of his movies.
Kyle 03:11 AM
All tax credits, I can make a movie nobody will ever see and still come up 1M net profit.
The WCT 03:11 AM
[Quoting "She does like the occasional horror flick, including “Silent Hill”, regardless of how bad video game adapts tend to be."]

that movie was quite faithful for video adaptation standards at the time.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:11 AM
He's a notoriously terrible German director who made a ton of bad video game movie adaptations in the late 90s and early 2000s

Kyle 03:12 AM
I just like the idea I have more fidelity as a person than absolute garbage that's contemporary.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:12 AM
He's made some of the worst films ever

Hundred Dollar Rainbow Dash Figure

20 October 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone, check out what just arrived today!
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Cute. Was that an order or a gift?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Awww adorable
Why pre order?

Is it rare?

They've been coming out with them one character at a time

They are limited

.yt South park when you pre order
[posts "South Park: 'Pre-Order Doesn't Mean St" YouTube video]
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mama wanted it since it’s announcement months ago, and RD is one of her top two favourite mane 6 ponies.
Is she getting applejack too?
Chris (as Sonichu)
No, just RD, here. Could only afford one.

And in appropriate timing too, considering that Golden Disc we talked about recently.

12Oct2020 GoldenDiscArt.jpg

Lainchu (Anaxis)
How much does each cost?
I prefer the anthropomorphic ones over the horses as far as looks go
Chris (as Sonichu)
Remember the part we figured Rainbow Dash meets Chris Chan (in relation to that Rooster vs Fish part)?

This was a hundred dollar figure

Oh ok
Chris (as Sonichu)
But yeah, a work of art in limited quantity.
L.safeb rainbow dash
Lawliet BOT
[posts Safebooru image]
Chris (as Sonichu)
For that price I'd hope they'd be articulated
Chris (as Sonichu)
Looks cool though
Chris (as Sonichu)

The details are very good.


There’s even transparent pieces in the goggles, and did you see the bottom of the shoe?


Genderbent Dimension

21 October 2020

Chris discusses a dimension of genderbent versions of his OCs, including a "Christian Chan" (who was born female and became a FTM transgender), a "Sonicha" (a Sonichu counterpart), and a "Lady Màgíc Sonichu" (a Magi-Chan counterpart). Chris claims that Christian Chan and Sonicha successfully time-travelled to prevent COVID-19 and completed the Dimensional Merge (goals he hasn't achieved).

Chris attempts to prod The Place members into roleplaying with him by claiming that Lady Màgíc may visit them in future, and that they will recognize her by her "reasonable breast size" and short pants.

Later in the day, Kyle asks about factors affecting dimensions, and Chris answers that he should use meditation to speak to psychics and pop culture icons such as Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

[Past midnight, at 1:27 AM]

Chris (as Sonichu)
The Place - 1st Layer - 21Oct2020 - Genderbent dimension - Image.jpg
oh dear god.

Tails always sounded like a Girl tbh. (edited)

but god, the Female Sonic tho.

I like the designs of some of the accessories, it's neat on how you can quantify some things without a hard algorithm.
Chris (as Sonichu)
”Genderbent” dimension.
Rule 63 of the Internet Applied.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Even I and the rest of us have self-counterparts there.
I'm far too rigid for that, I'm a dude who mostly likes dudes.
that's because you prefer to ride your bicycle?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Even Chris Chan, there: born female, came out as a Transmale; fully transitioned.

And in that dimension, they are post-timeline change, compared to this one.

I could probably reduce the problem domain to countably infinite, but I still can't account for the further reduction from some factors influenced by biology.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Yeah, Sonicha and Christian Chan, there, swapped bodies, did the time-travel and prevent the pandemic thing, regroup at BABSCon, 2020, and completed the merge on the earlier time.
Although the margin of error is probably meaningless anyway in that kind of math.
Chris (as Sonichu)
So, Post-Merge, as well, there.
What happened after the Merge in that dimension?
Chris (as Sonichu)
It’s a lot better than where we are at now.

I am not allowed to reveal too many spoilers.

Well then you're connecting an arbitrary number of factors, if it's random or not, it's unquantifyable in terms of what links to what at least in terms of just naming things.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Lady Màgíc Sonichu (Magi-Chan’s self-counterpart), there, has recently visited us, here to give us a bit of further perspective, and also did a bit of research on this OG body for her reference. (edited)
Then, is it a throughput problem?
Chris (as Sonichu)
And, yes, the accents are there; heavy on the “a”, high on the “i”.

After having to look up that term, “thorughput”, and giving it further thought to the qustion: I do not believe there is a blockage.

It’s a confirmation from one perspective, and an educative moment for the better progression of the other.

As a hardware problem, we're up to TFLOP range on GPUs, but it takes a specific kind of issue to leverage that.

Think of it like a pipe.

Pressure only forces water through only so fast.

But for a problem only requiring one unit, the throughput isn't a bottleneck.

The frequency is.

Oh, I forget the name of it...

Chris (as Sonichu)
Which is another reason why we need to prevent the pandemic, because as it is right now in this timeline branch, it is blocking up with the number of events that prevent it from proceeding beyond a certain time point that of which we will pass in the new timeline. (edited)
Tejas and Jayhawk.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Maybe add a Dictionary Bot for this channel.


Wouldn't work on proper nouns.

Intel was late to adopt multicore architectures, so they advertised a 10 GHz target.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, just felt like contributing my two bolt with Sonica and Tailsko, and ended up talking a bit about further details.

I’ll check y’all later. Màgíc Sonichu may contact you all, and Bismuth as well, in the near future.

But that's a physics problem and the thermal displacement on that would have rivaled many nuclear technologies.
Chris (as Sonichu)
If you see what looks like a female version of Magi-Chan, you know that is her.
Just been thinking of some Lovecraft mostly.
Chris (as Sonichu)
she does have a reasonable breast size, and she wears short pants with her vest.
Like Hopper?
Chris (as Sonichu)

on the breast size

And vest?
Chris (as Sonichu)
the vest is blue, as tradition amongst the majority of Magi-Chan Sonichus throughout all Dimensions and Timelines.

there is the alternative where they wear full outfits, or no vest.

Had a joke about that in the test script I did for the dating sim.
Chris (as Sonichu)
but Lady Màgíc wears a vest.

Amongst them, they do have an appreciation for fashion.

[links to a YouTube video of "Broken · Savlonic"]
Chris (as Sonichu)
Val, and Derek Sonichu are a couple of fine examples.
I go for urban designer stuff in what I like.
Chris (as Sonichu)


For now, I’m just saying.

I’ll check y’all later. gonna hit the hay shortly. goodnight.

Have a good night Sonichu.

Appreciate the talks as always.

Seem to run across a lot of psychic types.

[12 hours later, 1:04 PM]

Would be interesting in knowing some of the specific factors affecting different dimensions, the ceteris paribus assumption is invalid when dealing with non-zero chances across an arbitrary number of factors.

Or at least, also a non-zero chance.

Chris (as Sonichu)
If Yakko heard you saying that, he’d be breaking the fourth wall towards the audience looking confused.

That aside, though, if you’d like to find out these factors for yourself Kyle, you know what to do: Meditate, connect with the Cosmos, astral project and talk with some of the psychics, deities and OP Superheroes (Justice League and Avengers, recommended on that).

Have you seen Wayne’s and Stark’s tech; they have dimension-exploring and traversing types of tech. That one code in the Iron Curtain of this dimension did have them stumped for quite a while, but progress has been made and is being made.

And, yeah, Psychic types are in high-demand, which is why there are a lot of us that make up the certain percentage of the whole populations between Dimensions, because not everyone is meant to know the fullest wisdoms of all time and so on, or in layman’s terms “Know everything”.

But, yeah, often amongst the commonfolk, is the “Manipulated Living” thing when they suddenly say something very profound, prophetic, or cosmically insightful, and then forget what happened right after finishing that thought; that happens.

And it does take us who can’t be manipulated so easily like that to retain that wisdom and knowledge, as well as keep it in our conscious, sub-conscious, and back-up cloud save in the Cosmos.


Even a broken clock and all that, there's a greater risk in misappropriating significance to pure randomness.

Gambler's fallacy and all that.

Chris (as Sonichu)
So, yeah, Kyle, to know the answers you seek, meditate on that and see for yourself in projection.
I personally prefer reviewing things in a more natural headspace, if I ever had my own conclusions, it would probably be wrong or untestable.

At least it would be incomplete.

Chris (as Sonichu)
In other words, by impressions I’m getting from that statement, you’d rather come upon the happenstance moment when the wisdom is entered into you, ala “Manipulated Living”, write that down, analyze it, and go from there.
Far too independent to be that.
Chris (as Sonichu)
“Man cannot survive except through his mind. He comes on earth unarmed. His brain is his only weapon. Animals obtain food by force. man had no claws, no fangs, no horns, no great strength of muscle. He must plant his food or hunt it. To plant, he needs a process of thought. To hunt, he needs weapons,and to make weapons - a process of thought. From this simplest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and we have comes from a single attribute of man -the function of his reasoning mind.” - Howard Roark
Chris (as Sonichu)
True that.

Have some drawn emojis of Mama’s face.


And the idea of suddenly being told things, it's more in line with meditation than research methodology.

Nice, vaguely manga style? It's actually good to experiment in multiple styles.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Just got this with a fan letter today.

It is Happening Now

21 October 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#It is Happening Now

Medallion, Burger King, and the Merge

22 October 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Good Morning, @everyone.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I’m feeling really good this morning.
That's nice.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I woke up about between 7:30 and 8 am when a tug on the medallion saw a break in the necklace wire, so without moving, I collected the few beads that fell off the ol' set from on the bed and threaded a new long bead wire through the set of beads in as close to the same order as before. Mama has mentioned this to a few people but the black and white beads on that necklace are OG Medallion Old; the very first one that ended up sent to "Blanca Weiss" and all that. The necklace was purchased at the PacSun while it was at Fashion Square Mall, and while one of her favourite and close friends, Anna McLerran, worked at before moving to Utah. I, Sonichu, take the few times during my time in Mama's body where I've repaired the necklace, each as a renewal of my personal pledge of loyalty and devoition to her and everything she does and stands for. (edited)

After fixing the necklace, I felt like going out for breakfast, so Rosey, Cryzel and I drove up to Burger King and got an Impossible Crossianwich meal, plus a blast-from-Mama's-past bonus. After the BK returned to Ruckersville in its new building, they did not initially serve the enjoyed sausage gravy over croissant (that was a tradition on mornings betwen her and Robertchu when they went). An complaint was made online in a survey after finding this out months ago. And now this morning, I learned they were serving it again, so I got a small version (the bunch of sausage gravy over a single croissant bun). Obviously, this does more for Mama's memories as opposed to my own, but the feeling of the moment was still felt and appreciated just the same. Same quality and texture as before, the gravy and sausage bits were. (edited)

I don't get this fake meat craze, I mean, I do, but it's not something that resembles meat and the price sucks.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Meat’s not fake, and it is good for only two bucks.

To this body and I, worth it.

Thought it was like that impossible whopper with the beyond meat stuff.
Chris (as Sonichu)
In the sausage gravy, that’s regular sausage meat.

But, yeah, they have a plant based sausage patty on their Impossible Croissanwiches.

Ya, that part.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Surprisingly, the P.B. sausage is actually more flavourful and better than the regular.

Then again, the healthier foods are more expensive these days, regardless. At least one can still get an apple or a bag of apples from the grocer for a fair price.

Anyway (edited)

Tonight is the big night for us.

I don't really define that as healthy, and it's not hard to get something cheaper or better.
Chris (as Sonichu)
At midnight, in the ol’ bedroom upstairs, with the set up we have there, I’ll enact the Chaos Control, and have one of the best chance of personally getting this body and I into C-197.

Also, the past couple of nights, on instinct on the way to falling asleep, with Mama’s crafted Chaos Emerald (outside of it is model magic, paint and epoxy, but there are real emerald stone chunks inside it) in a hand, and instilling Chaos Control, this body glowed even brighter of the Chaos Energy it had been storing inside of it.

And, yes, a number of times before, this body has stored the seven Chaos Emeralds inside of it for extensive amounts of time, and then there’s the effects of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, and then some.

We are also highly likely to be making another Chaotic Rainbow, fully tangent, in this Dimension as one of the sequential events of the Merge.

What would you figure the odds are like?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Really good.
What would the other outcomes mean?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Looking in all other timelines, the likelihood for this timeline and dimension is very high to definite. Hold on a moment.

Well, the original Chaotic Rainbow of 2003 spanned from mine and Sonic’s location in Station Square, Rhode Island to Rosey near Cwcville, Virginia, and with Mama coming out of the Apex of the rainbow and all of the other Special Sonichus and Rosechus, as well as the first batch of regulars of our species, throughout locally at the time, all reaches of time, space, dimensions, and so on.

This one to be is different.

I can go into some detail without totally spoiling it.

This Chaotic Rainbow is foreseen to span country-wide from California to right here in Virginia, firstly.

There is a possibility of more of our species coming to be from this rainbow, but that is not likely.

What is confirmed, though, is that this rainbow will be a massive break in the Iron Curtain, signifying the beginning of the apex of the Merge, as all OCs from both dimensions will be able to cross dimensions with greatest of ease and ability without outside, manufactured technology needed. The effect will spread worldwide after that, and then spanning throughout the galaxies and the entire universe to the farthest span of our combined dimension. Upon reaching just beyond that edge all around, that will be the completion of the Dimension Merge.

Any other possible side effects of this Chaotic Rainbow is yet to be determined, and many to list to recall, but the psychic types, deities, and superheroes have that list assembled and chronicled on their part. It is presently over and beyond this noggin at this time.

Least that's, well, it would be nice to be sure nothing bad happens.
Chris (as Sonichu)
“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” At least, we’ve got our transition count up as projected with those, respectively waking up on the opposite side of the Iron Curtain in the population modification, brought to you by the paradox ruling. Also, we have the villanous likes of Giovanni, Eggman, Bowser, Rei Ryghts, and so on to worry over taking advantage of the situation.

Fortunately in the fated events, all of them have each and respectively been disabled of their malicious technology and whatnot that would have made things worse than minimum possible. At least we are able to save many, many individuals between both of our dimensions, and we’ll continue to keep alive as many as possible in the coming days, and possibly then some with the prevention of Corona in 1218 in the new timeline.

That's generally still something to balance out, generally autonomy is better in the long run, space generally reduces conflict. Have we at all considered why these limits exist, rather than a static evil?
Chris (as Sonichu)
The deities have, yeah. It’s definitely not perfect. But, Would you rather continue living in these set of pandemic and post-pandemic situations with likelihood of perma-social distancing and sweaty mask wear to make a world of bandit look-alikes, Or live in a pandemic-free timeline alongside all of us regular and OP OCs helping each other out against the greater dark force that will ravage both dimensions eventually, with greater health and more helpful regular types of people?
It's not going to last that long, I don't like the key argument being fearmongering from other people.

Statistically, this is pretty weak as an epidemic.

Even assuming the stats don't suck.

The responsibility for something is massive, blame, moreso. This is at best a no-win scenario.

Chris (as Sonichu)
@ภคยﻮђՇ, @Neko Onyx (Kat), I have just received an inkling and hit in the ol’ senses that will happen in your area in California. Not to bring up old dogs’ shenanigans or whatever, but I sense and foresee something big happening and launching from there, with Sockness, Thanatos, and their lot being in part responsible for it. Remain alert at all times today, the both of you. If you can, text me at the main number when you sense or see anything massive happening. Including anything devilish, rioting, or heat-related. That is all for now.
Doubtful, Sockness is the least relevant person I've ever seen, dumbass can't do anything.
Chris (as Sonichu)
@everyone, there is a storm brewing over the center of the United States of America.
Thanks for giving us a Heads up.
Aren't we in the tail end of hurricane season?

Peaks in September, drops off entirely by the end of November.

Kind of strange to think that many weathermen have degrees, but that seems to be a relaxing requirement now.

Chris (as Sonichu)
There’s a bunch of fire in the state neighbouring the central state of Kansas, Colorado, that begs to argue with you.

We Did It

23 October 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#We Did It

Interview Prep, Mad Over Wikipedia

28 October 2020

Null preps for The Create Unknown's upcoming interview with Chris. After Null mentions that The Create Unknown is also interviewing Belle Delphine, Chris refreshes his memory on Delphine by looking up her Wikipedia page. He then tries to look up a Wikipedia page about himself, but finds it is still disallowed, and also notices that Sonichu does not have an article either. Chris says he is feeling pissed off over the lack of Wikipedia coverage.

[posts a Discord invite link]
@Sonichu982 join this, this is where they'll talk to you

As well as someone who can help at 6pm EST

What kind of help?
Lainchu (Anaxis)
I joined

I can help, depending on what that help is

Kind of why I asked. If its just something like making sure the mic doesn't crap out, or whatever else, just nice to know.
that'd probably be it

making sure everything goes well

if you're going to help let me know, it's 6 est

Sounds like as long as that's good, assuming the interview is live, it mostly takes care of itself.

And if anyone got any bright ideas of spamming notifications during the interview, not much anyone can do but on their end.

That's more or less the only other issue I can think of.

Discord notifications can be turned off

@Sonichu982 add TaborTCU#0618 on Discord when possible.

That's the Creative Unknown guy who may need to send some messages over

Lainchu (Anaxis)
Is this gonna be livestreamed or just recorded?

And then released later?

I think it will be livestreamed and recorded for a podcast release

i'll ask

Lainchu (Anaxis)
Alright, well I can be there

Do I need to tell anyone there anything?

No, I passed you and Nova's ID to the management

they'll deputize you during the interview

Cool, I'll try to be on by 6 then.
Patron only livestream and pre-rec / edited for general audience
What kind of viewer base do these guys have, I haven't heard of them before.

Ya, never really watched vsauce, seems like a pretty big get in terms of interviewers, that's cool.

the episode they're putting out is going to have Belle Delphine too

so it'll be Belle Delphine and then Chris

Lainchu (Anaxis)
Damn, that'll be interesting
At least it's interesting.
ya that's why I OK'd these guys, they're the vsauce people and seem to be old guys interested in internet shit

so they'll pay and be nice about it

Idk if I’ll be of much help but I am available at 6 est
It'll probably be just waiting around and if something happens, we'll get pinged.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
I'll listen in the background, and wait for a ping if I'm needed
Kk I will be on guard lol
Chris (as Sonichu)
I got curious and just refreshed this memory on Belle Delphine; still fair and well to be on the same episode.

Apparently, Belle has her own page on Wikipedia.

Where is the Wikipedia page for Mama Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu?! (edited)

I'm a bit iffy on some of that recognition.

Plus, there's a whole wiki/wikia more or less.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Tried to find her page, and still Nothing on Wikipedia about her? That is royal levels of suck.
I forget, what were the original reasons the one years ago got taken down?

Wikipedia has a bunch of progressive and crap mods, but the basis of their policy is generally pretty airtight.

Lainchu (Anaxis)
It was written by the subject (which is against TOS, I believe), and also from troll spam
Chris (as Sonichu)
There’s nothing about me or our species on there, either!
Oh, just like Fiddy!
Lainchu (Anaxis)
There is an article on Polish wikipedia, tho
Chris (as Sonichu)
Oh, sure, Poland, but not on American Wikipedia; the country where we both were literally born in.
No ba, as they apparently say.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Feeling pissed off about it.


[5:20 PM]

@Sonichu982 Wikipedia has a biased editorial process. It sucks and it excludes a lot of interesting topics.

All set for tonight?

He said "all good" i hope this includes equipment etc

Second Layer chats

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

Val Tries to Face-Dox Snoo on the CWCki Server & Gets Kicked

5 October 2020[1]

Klop 01:35 PM
@Val that would be doxxing

bad idea

ive got banned for less

Val 01:38 PM
I linked a YouTube video..
Klop 01:38 PM
discord is dog shit

I linked a kf page and was banned

it's notna dox I know

but fuck discord

Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. This includes indirect threats, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s private personal information (also known as doxxing).

this will be used and you will be banned

god I fucking hate discord

Val 01:40 PM
It's a YouTube video from their public channel.
Klop 01:40 PM
the details on the kf 0age I shared were publically available

from a linkedin page

I argued with the mods for a week and they told me to fuck off

hurr durr you shared some information that they didn't want to be shared

just be careful

Kyle 01:43 PM
And even by that same standard, they don't care about Chris' details being everywhere.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:43 PM
I already talked snoo down

There was no need to post that link

Kyle 01:43 PM
It's a shitty and purposely vague policy.
Naught 01:43 PM
it's funny
Klop 01:43 PM
yes. I don't want to risk getting banned again

and they will take action against the server if we don't enforce the policy

which I don't want

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:44 PM
If someone in the cwcki server is being problematic, tell me next time and I will deal with it
Val 01:44 PM
This person specifically endlessly goes on about Chris I'm going to link a video if I want to go ahead and kick me from your server I don't care.


Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:44 PM
Then if they don't back down, you can do what's necessary

Well, you are gonna get kicked if you're going to act that way

Val 01:45 PM
Isn't that what I just said go ahead and kick me.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:45 PM
If you insist
Val 01:47 PM
>if you have a problem come to me

Fuck off..

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:48 PM
I'm the one trying to help you, believe it or not
Val 01:49 PM


  1. Both of these accounts appear to now be defunct or deleted.
  2. This link is apparently a subdomain of Kiwi Farms, as currently it leads to a message from Cloudflare stating that the page has been blocked along with the rest of KF.