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ItIsFinished.MOV is a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris on 30 August 2010, and is the final chapter to the MovingFoward videos released the day before. In this video, a sweaty and somehow smug Chris addresses a "heckler" who supposedly called him out on the state of his PlayStation 3's hard drive by repeatedly running over it, along with several pieces of the destroyed console, with Son-Chu.

The parts on display are readily identifiable as the PS3's innards. The white object nearer the camera and to the left as Chris runs over it, for instance, is a PS3 Blu-ray drive.


Stardate 30 August 2010
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[Chris is seen outside the Chandler house again, filming himself with a handheld camera. He looks unusually sweaty, with strands of his thinning hair stuck to his forehead.]

Seems like we have aneckler in the audience, so...I will really show you that I am really, seriously moving on. I wish to use the phrase "the final trail of destruction".

[Chris walks towards his car, which is sitting in the driveway. We can see the bits of his PS3 stacked up on the ground in front of the wheels.]

I'm putting everything I have dissetted from the dead PlayStation 3 console...

[Chris focuses the camera on three hard drives that sit atop one of the stacks of parts.]

...including the--one, two, three--the three hard drives...I have...used...ev--all throughout, the original 60-gigabyte, the 120-gigabyte, and the 500-gigabyte.

[The camera focuses back on Chris.]

Prepare for destruction!

[Chris sets down the camera to one side of the driveway, focusing on the PS3 parts. We then hear him get in the car and start it up. He backs up a bit before driving forward over the remains of the PS3. Then he shifts into reverse and backs up over them. He repeats the process before pulling all the way into the driveway and getting out of the car. At this point, the remains of his PS3 are well and truly shattered. After a long pause, during which he turns off his car, Chris walks over and picks up the camera, pointing it at himself.]

And now, if you'll excuse me, I will collect the pieces, to be put into a dumpster. Have a good--[video cuts off right there]

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