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Chris at BronyCon 2017.

Chris has attended several conventions over the years. Prior to the 2010s, he had only ever been to two specific conventions; since then, he has regularly attended various conventions.

Chris generally has a blast attending conventions, as it lets him get out of his house and surround himself with people with similar interests, therefore making it easier for him to socialize with them. Chris has noted that he feels more accepted at conventions, although whether this was truly the case or simply an incorrect interpretation of what really went on can be debated (and in terms of conventions he's attended after the incest scandal, safely assumed to be the latter).

Conventions Chris has attended

  • BrickFest (9-11 June 2000, 19-21 July 2002; Arlington, Virginia): An adult LEGO convention and the first convention that Chris ever attended. Not much is known about his exploits here, but we can assume he probably showed off his Lego creations. Chris attended the very first BrickFest as well as its 2002 installment.
  • Madicon (9 March 2013, Harrisonburg, Virginia): A two-day "Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, and Gaming convention" held at James Madison University. Chris was invited to the convention by a gal-pal but expressed concern that Barb would not allow him to be away from the house for an entire day, let alone a weekend. Barb eventually relented and allowed Chris to go for just the first day of the convention. He came dressed as Tom Cruise's masked, hooded character from Eyes Wide Shut in order to keep a low profile and not be recognized for himself.[1] He described the experience in a few Facebook posts as "The best day I have had in a very long time".
  • OmegaCon (29 August 2015, 28 August 2016; Charlottesville, Virginia): Chris went alone dressed up as the MLP character Vinyl Scratch and attended a cosplaying contest that he lost. He went back the next year and attended all three days from winning a free ticket from the last year. Chris also apparently tried marijuana here.
  • Unnamed rock and stamp conventions (Dates unknown): In June 2021, Chris claimed on Twitter to have attended "a couple of stamp conventions and rock conventions", stating that "vibes were neutral, in general, between them."[2] These conventions probably took place in or around the Charlottesville area.

Conventions Chris has been kicked out of

  • TooManyGames (22-23 June 2018, Oaks, Pennsylvania): The first convention Chris was booted from during attendance. Chris got too touchy-feely with guests and kissed many of them without their consent; because of this, he was kicked out on the second day of the three-day convention. Chris reacted by melting down, curling in the fetal position, and crying on the floor for an extended period of time.
  • Animate! Raleigh (5-7 January 2024, Raleigh, North Carolina): A comic/cartoon convention Chris went to with Flutter. On day 2 of the convention, a friend of a Redditor claimed to have witnessed Chris and Flutter being escorted out by staff after having been previously denied entry earlier that day.[3][4] The exact reasons for Chris being booted are currently unknown, but it's likely that he was reported to by the staff due to his status as a persona non grata.

Conventions Chris has attempted to attend

  • Otakon (Baltimore, Maryland): In 2010, Chris planned for a time to visit the Otakon convention in Baltimore (in large part so he could meet Jackie there), but he managed to thwart himself by spending the money he'd set aside for the expedition. In an e-mail to Jackie, he claims that he overdrew his bank account shortly beforehand.[5] Chris's parents had initially been fine with him going on the trip, since Chris had a plan laid out. However, his failure to control his spending, along with Chris having been tricked by trolls into going on the Ohio trip the year before (leading his parents to - correctly - assume he was being set up again), led them to reconsider, and they forbade Chris from the trip.[5]

Conventions that have banned Chris

Artist's depiction of what could have been; had Chris not done the soul bonding with his senile mother.
  • Seaquestria Fest (13-15 May 2022, Ocean City, Maryland): Chris was included on a preemptive blacklist made before this MLP convention's slated 2020 launch, and he will probably remain permanently banned from any subsequent events. Chris mentioned wanting to go once in 2019. Due to COVID-19, it was not held in 2020 or 2021. Chris was nevertheless in jail when the 2022 launch took place.
  • Everfree Northwest (13-15 August 2021, Bellevue, Washington): In June 2021, Null announced that Chris would attend Everfree Northwest, a Seattle-area My Little Pony convention held in August 2021. Originally, Chris had planned to take the over 40-hour drive to the convention, however, he was convinced by Null to simply take a flight to Washington instead, stating that he would help with Chris's financial arrangements for the trip.[6] Later in July 2021, Null would start a GoFundMe campaign in order to help raise the money for the trip, and Chris would upload a video promoting it, stating that donators to the campaign would receive shout out videos and artwork from Chris. Throughout July Chris would draw commissioned artwork and record videos for the donators. [7] However, following the Incest call being leaked later that month, and Chris being arrested in a motel parking lot on 1 August 2021, Chris was silently banned from attending Everfree Northwest by having his ticket revoked by the convention.[8] Null later refunded all donors and cut his ties with Chris once and for all.[9]
  • BABSCon (29-31 March 2024, Burlingame, California): Chris first expressed interest in attending this San Francisco Bay Area My Little Pony convention in 2017 upon learning that volunteers were given free admission, but he lost interest after he realized that travel expenses would not be covered. He made a more serious attempt to raise money to attend the 2020 convention, but it was canceled that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, he coped by playing make-believe that he had gone to the BABScon in dimension C-197. Chris's intention to attend the 2021 convention was frustrated when it too was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. Chris's plan was to drive all the way from Virginia to California and back. BABScon eventually took place on April 2022, but Chris was incarcerated while the con took place. Before the 2024 convention took place, Chris was informed by the convention organizers that he had been blacklisted permanently,[10] obviously due to the societal stigma against literal motherfuckers like Chris.
  • Literally any future convention ever: Even though Chris was granted deferred disposition for his incest charges, it is safe to assume that convention organizers will see his presence as too much of a liability and preemptively prevent Chris from ever attending another convention for the rest of his life. Chris, on the other hand, can only resort to coping, either by switching bodies with a character from C-197 and attending the corresponding conventions in that universe, or whining about the bans on social media.[11]

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