19 September 2009

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"19 September 2009" (officially "09192009") is a video in which Chris addresses a troll selling fake Sonichu merchandise.

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19 September 2009
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Stardate 19 September 2009
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Clyde Cash the kid video
25 September 2009

Do not believe him, and his imposturous imitation merchandise.


Captain's Log, Stardate: September 19th, 2009.

Hmm. Hey, please ignore the, uh, mess behind me, because, y'know, I've just used this card table for making my videobooks upon. I've just finished doing the videobook fer, videobooks for book number 8.

Anyway, uh, I'm making this video to let everybody know that this, uh, acc—YouTube account user, uh, one word 'ChrisWChandler'. He's a fake; he's an impostor; do not believe him, and his imposturous imitation merchandise...—quote/unquote merchandise, it's all slipshod... fake. Do not buy into 'em, okay?

I can te—I can te—I tell you this right off the bat, I have—I have no—I have nothing to do with him, and, y'know, I keep getting the, uh, emails about e—emails, y'know. Uhh, yeah, this is basically like, y'know, yeah, he's scamming y'all. Err—uh, y'all who's bought anything from there, don't buy any more, and nobody else buy anything from there. That guy is an impostor! He's a scammer. He's a fraud.

So, don't buy a damn—a new—k—anymore. Okay? Thank you.


Clyde Cash the kid video Chris's videos 25 September 2009