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Chris exclaims how happy he is to have attended BronyCon. He rants about his unoriginal ideas and equates reality to children's cartoon shows multiple times. Notably, he briefly addresses the Doopie debacle at the beginning of the video.


CLog 08142017 - More Positive Content
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[starts already mid sentence]

-nce again and today we have... a the very important Captain's Log star date 08142017-n-n-n-n-n-n *pop*. So Laaaaaaaaaast weekend... BronyCon, awesome! Totally Awesome! I had an awesome time I found- I met so many ni- kind people, I found so many so much positivity and love. I made new friends and acquaintances in higher places, I've attended some panels and.. and I learned a lot too. I have so many new ... lovely memories and ideas I am INSPIRED! Soo, here's a little twilight for the future it does a little bit about the future for Sonichu and me, and... everything.

First off... Book 13... or as I'm going to call it Book 12-9, which will round up to 13, because I don't like using 13, it's an unlucky number, at least to me, and yes superstitious. Oh! future per- character references. I came back from the future and... number 10! Came back from the future! She comes back from the future! It works! Anyway, so... first off, Book 12-9... I don- I never wanted the uh.. 13th book, The book, the book 13 to have... newer... f-s-characta-doo [Comics fall of table], and that happened, oh well! ZOOP! NEEE! It's awright, we'll put the eye patch back on and fix it up. *forced laugh* Aaanyway, so, everyone, a lot of people has definitely seen the original... cover... for... the book... that would either either be 13 or 14, left the second digit out, I did not, I sincerely did not want this cover to be associated with or as close to as an unlucky number such as 13, and originally the idea would have been... the... Planet Dolan crossover. While actually in the CWCville universe this has actually happened, buuuut because de-difficulties with the most heartfelt tweet that I did recently, that backfired on me, my heart was really into that, my heart has always been in the right place, try an understand that everybody, Okay?

Anyway aside-so onto the more important announcement, what is the next book going to be after I'm finished with, and I'm having trouble with this clip heeeeere... The next book... right after... number 12. My BronyCon tag *blows raspberry* and Fluffle Puffy match! Lovely gift from some punc-from some pony there, had an awesome, it's just awesome! AWESOME! I'm so happy. Anyway, [Comic falls off table again] *Sigh* You know what? You've seen that, you've seen that, that's enough, that works. Book 12-9, we are expending on another new character that I have added to my family recently, that we're gu-she's gonna have her family and everything... Night Star. Yes it's a Sonichu special, inspired by My Little Pony, consider it fan-fiction, but would love it if it could be canon, se- cause... Night Star... overpowered as she may be, she still has her flaws, like I do, and I feel would be at least an awesome one episode addition. Love to be the voice actress, me! I would love, I would just, blow me away, seriously, but, I'm not accepting fake INVITATIONS. I'd feel better if it actually has come from the new people- from the real people, but that's a whole... eventual possibility kettle of fish. I'm not going to push anything right now. Regardless, regardless, Night Star's story, from her birth, frooom parents, in Ponyville. Yes she lives in Ponyville, but she has been around... Equestria too, but yes, starting her from birth, giving her the same parents... as I do. Mr C is an easy cutie mark! Pencil compass over a blueprint! HE DESIGNED THE SPECS FOR THE PLASTIC MOLDING MACHIIIIIINES! *chuckles* I'm still working on my mom's cutie mark though, eh-but at least we know ehh- it's a good detail I can get... and to all the haters, NOT a frickin Snorlax. *laughs* Ahhhh, so far delightful. (Learns?) Every (Learns?) how she got her powers and everything. Figures out- gets her cutie mark, finds her- and- eh- and- all that, and then move for- and then fast forward to her current days at Ponyville, of which I've drawn a few pieces of recently. Anyway, 12-9.. life of... growing life of Night Star and a day with Night Star. Eyah, after 2... I'll put a bit- i'll put a bit of select art between... acts so to speak, in this book. Ehhh- Kay, now with that, onto another part of this live stream, another important announcement... *burps* pardon me... The-I have learned about... better networking. Gonna branch out, Sonichu and everything so I can actually find, THE RIGHT PEOPLE! *coughs* But as for where I'm going... I'm keepin' it low key... so that the trolls don't follow me... they can't... initially know where I'm going to be... Low key. I... am so... smart! And yet I still have to- still learn everyth- I still n- have so much to learn. I could appreciate that very much. Like a certain... unicorn turned alicorn princess.

Uhhh... My brain's a little... slow right now, I have sooo many ideas, and everything. So many good- so much good news, positivity! FLUFFLE-PUFF! NYEEEEEEH! *blows a raspberry for 4-seconds straight while flying Fluffle Puff toy around head* *laughs* *squeezes toy* BOOP! BOOP! *Tries and fails to stand toy back up next to him* Don't fall on me. Boop! *Finally succeeds* Up, There you go, hmph. That is an awesome pillow by itself in that size by the way. *chuckle* Just so fluffy and cuddly, you don't need a jumbo fluffle, you got this one... the right size.

Uhhm just talkin' while I'm tryin' to, in between announcements... that I have to recollect because I didn't write all these uh- down in advanced cause.. they're in MY NOGGIN, they're fresh in my noggin! And... yet my memory can be... limited *blows raspberry*. Uhhhh, so just bare with us, bare with me. I'll make it! I'm still alive! *Plays with a toy for 12 seconds*

Uhhh, als- oh yes, okay, another announcement, I got another... re-recollection right here... A panel. My idea for a panel that I am going to do personally, or maybe take part of if I'm not by myself. Actually a group setting would feel better for me at this point... Anyway... this essentially... how to create your own characters and stories from your own scratch, starting from the one character, or the one location, or even past... outdated content, with a few seeds from there. This could be easily comparable to s-My Little Pony, the Sonichu series from the one character Sonichu and t- d- it would e- the personality wise, I'll admit, I admit, copy and paste of Sonic the Hedgehog. Initially, personality wise, but further separation, character development, ACTUALLY GOT MARRIED TO HIS SWEETHEART! HAS KIDS! And yet he's still free to run around... everywhere... he's safe... everything... not... always like that, even though he was originally a wild Pokemon, a wild electric hedgehog Pokemon, that I was able to communicate with and further expand all that... psychic... link. It's a thing we creators have with our own creations! Or even the people that get involved in these things AND THIS, THIS IS WHY... we have... the fan fiction, I feel, because... the original creators... the source content. Where as fan fiction... it's not totally a psychic connection with the actual dimension... but, if it actually happened, or is considered to happen in that sense, one way or another... the creator... can document that... and I'll ah- of course give credit where it's due.

Uhhh- kay, that's... another big announcement, I'll do a panel, maybe at next year's BronyCon, maybe at another certain Charlottesville convention... that's coming up... *starts singing* BADUM, BADUM, BADUM, BADUMP, BADUMMM! BADUM BADUMMM! BADUM BADUMMM. *stops singing* *fart noise* Also I did draw- I did- I got halfway to 2/3rds done on drawing the next page for book 12. It's essentially... WELL description wise I'll allow this as a spoiler. Alright so yeah, we just transformed, Crystal and I, to Chris-Chan Sonichu and Crystallina Rosechu, WE'RE CRYS-CHAN PURE... and guess... SOMEBODY Wai-tis-ted way behind the uh- the audience, just like... *starts clapping* everybody turns around, everybody pauses, to see who it iiiiiiis and the obvious... answer... iiiiiiis... *stops clapping and motions to the camera* RELDNAHC! But, human form Reldnahc, cause... he reverted himself back because, EGOMANIC AS HE IS HE wants to show off his transformation in front of me... and like, "YES! I CAN TRANSFORM AGAIN! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Ahh, but that, ehhh may be a minor spoiler right there, but that's... the one page, that's the context... and then I l- lose my train of thought again, just bare with me, I'll find it, I'll get... back on my rails *picks up toy and starts dancing it around his head* *Starts singing* Hmm, hmm, hmm, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo, boopa, doopa, doopa, doopa, doopa, doo *Stops singing and playing with toy* *starts talking to toy* What'dya think is the next announcement Fluffle Puff? *blows raspberry* Really? *blows raspberry* C'mon. *blows raspberry* You know better then that! You know better then that. *picks up second toy* Main Event knows better then that *laughs* *sets down second toy & puts glasses on Fluffle Puff* Glasses! *blows raspberry* *Unintelligibly talks as Fluffle Puff while adjusting the glasses on the toy's face* No script this is good. *blows raspberry* *More unintelligible nonsense* *laughs*

Oh, Yes! I... loved... the latest episode of My Little Pony, this is another part I wanted to talk about *sets down Fluffle Puff*. Fame and Misfortune. Spoiler alerts if you haven't seen it yet, go download it from iTunes... and go check it out on a rerun this coming weekend right before the next episode. Fame and Misfortune. I feel like, to me, the most relatable, best, episode... ever. A fan based episode, yes. So obviously I'm gonna re- I'm gonna review this a little bit, so Twilight Sparkle finds... recalls a lesson form the journal that they kept for a few seasons, but apparently the stopped. It's (????) the bookshelf in the library, so she pulls it out... and... Starlight is able to make copies of the book despite... the falling pages, which some of those might be just... past or future lessons that Twilight added to the book. I'm thinkin- I'm borrowing that speculation from Doctor (Wolf?) who was at THE BRONYCON! As well as (Nowaking?). I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO MEET THEM! But I was at... this panel or that panel that felt relatable to me, I had no prior knowledge if I did I would have gone to their panels. I'd wish I'd known sooner *groan*. Oh well it's cool, there's always next year. Try Again! Anyway, back to the episode, so Twilight and Star liked the idea, they published the friendship... lessons. It goes out they want to share the friendship lessons with every pony. They want- they want... them to be able to... learn and be able to... better their friendships with... every pony else, that they are close with, some do make new friendships with others... despite them being like, "OH! We're not reading this book, we're just keeping it for a keepsake", but yes, "OH, we're so critical of this book, this book" uh, "TWILIGHT! Leave it alo- a number of us FEEL that you and your friends don't really belong together, you are so different." *ppt* "You shouldn't of have moved from Canterlot." *blows raspberry* C'mon, she needed the friendship lessons and everything, otherwise we'd have NOTHING. And the song, SONG WAS AWESOME, this... *starts singing* "We're not flawless, we have out dents and..." *stops singing* *sigh* I'm still trying to remember the ly- the repeating lyrics as it's so relatable, it's just so awesome. *starts singing* "We have our dents, we've got our quirks... but the flu- but the flaws are what makes us work, WE'RE NOT FLAWLESS." *sigh* "We're still works in progress, so tell me what flaws ya got toooo, because I love everything that's flawed about yoooooou, and you, and you, and you, and YOU, EVERYBODY." *stops singing* (Kids?), Trolls, everybody I have yet to meet, people I just met, getting acquainted, MY HEART... goes out to everybody... everybody, every pony... THANK YOU, for making me feel so much better. And, going back to the episode, that's really the reactions, it's like back in, like... somewhere between '04 and '07, learning how internet famous I was, I. WAS NOT. USED TO IT. I- TOOK ME OUT BY SURPRISE!!! And then it's just, like, I felt like, Applejack, was like, "Uh, I'm suddenly famous! I need blankets, people are coming over and considering themselves part of my family!" But I didn't have to have any borders, but it's like I could totally relate. I want it to be- I wanted to be as honest and hospitable as possible... as well, I did... as best as I could, but, some in places here and now, I just couldn't keep up! But then of course, I'M ALSO LIKE RARITY, because I've seen... I was, I had seen, and then eventually was able to push forward, put behind me... The Trolls, cyberbullies, and haters, and all the criticism... just drove me down. To. The. Feeling so sad and feeling depressed for... X number of yeeee-heeers! And of course I am in... the stress... I ended up... being more NAIVE, I fell victim to the blackmail and the deception! From the theoretical people who took advantage of me, but... I... am not... a set... character. I'm... a... living... breathing... individual. And I... grow up, you think it took me an initial... Oh! I learned this the one time, no, but like Fluttershy, I had to like, oh! You have to keep- you have to ignore the bullies, you have to ignore the trolls. Easier said then DONE, THE FIRST TIME AROUND I HEAR THAAAAAT, and like, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, you gotta knock it in my noggin! And eventually... sunk in, I put- after I- especially after I started puttin' the trolls behind me... and then my better revelation of FANS, TROLLS, BULLIES, everybody's still talking about me! It's awesome! So it's like, (beautiflied?) and a Sonic *pft* Rainboom. The little p-... I love you all I do. I try to accommodate and be hospitable to everybody, I just could not keep up... So it was just a whole lot of... reflection, in that episode and you could say the same is a reflection for... every pony or everybody... if you've- you've felt the same way, you've felt bullied, or criticized, you can't handle it, you're not used to handling it... Fame and Misfortune, Season 7 EPISODE! Watch it! Number of times! Maybe learn the Soooong! You'll realize... that... we can... we are in control, on how we let the inputs from A person, B person, C, D, E, F, Z! These people... we... are individually in control... and in our hearts... we can fuel ourselves with the happiness... of which we can... use... to p-... keep this NEGATIVITY... out from within our views, so... or... if you like, have a different personality type which negativity fuels you, then, that's okay, you go with that. T- That's not my thing, I'm more into positive reactions. That fuels me. So anyway, in control. How we let this and that effect us, or NOT EFFECT US *slaps hand to face* GO AHEAD AND LAUGH I PUT A PIE IN MY FACE, oh wait! *Picks up Fluffle Puff toy* How it doesn't effect us *slaps toy to face* GO AHEAD AND LAUGH! *laughs while putting down toy as dogs begin to bark* And go ahead an laugh at that- at my dogs are barking at something that's outside, POSSIBLY LIKELY NOTHING! I have to put up with it, it's my family, and here comes my mother, with a thought, as she's interrupting this live streaming video! So she's going to have to... wait a moment, umm, anyway aside *Fluffle Puff toy falls over* from all that and falling Fluffle *blows raspberry* DERP, DE, BOOP, BUP *sets toy down*

Um, I think that's all the announcements, and everything in my thoughts, and ev- and it's all good. I love everybody. I do, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of you have been able to see that I've- finally was able to present that personally to a lot... of friends and people, but I was able to make, it was... was... AWESOOOOME! It felt so... gooood! I'm gonna carry this with me forever! And, I'm not gonna just be like, "Oh. Yes, you're going to be kind to me. I am thankful for your kindness. NOW GO GET ME SOME COFFEE!" That's not me, THAT'S NOT ME! Okay? I have emotionally and mentally, heartfelt, soulfelt matured and grown. I'm thankful... and blessed to have been able to show that... over the past weekend... to a whole lotta people, touch me. I get to touch them, make them smile. We made each other smile, it was a great thing. *sigh*

Anyway, that, oh! One more thought, one more. Future possible Captain Log video ideas, they just, uh, oh, random announcement. After I figure out how to get set up on my laptop, but the camera I'm still... don't know about that. Q and A *claps* LIVE! And I can take notes of the frequently asked questions, so it's like, "Oh, you're asking this question again? Check a previous video." Okay?

Anyway, I have to leave- that's it- all the very important positive announcements for the FUTURE AND EVERYTHING *sets Sonichu comic back up* WE... are awesome! They are all individually, respectively, or even group wise, we're all... awesome. We're all humans, we're all people. This is a world OF LOOOOVE! We can't- we don't tolerate hatred as much. So if you hate... try to... change that, to love. Where it's like, "We have to hate, to feel the positivity." Take a lesson from Hellbent on Planet Dolan, "Right! I take the... negativity, I feel my... positive, so it's like, uhn... alright, well, I'm cool. I'm not gonna give you a hug, I can't take a hug. I'm... not s- I'm not like that! But hey, it's cool. Real Cool." Hoof bump, fist bump *fist bumps self* Yes. Alright everybody, that's it for this live stream. Look for to the next one, which hopefully will be... Q&A laptop. Christine Chandler, Sonichu and Rosechu, City of CWCville. Had a fantastic BronyCon weekend, I look forward to seeing you all again, or talk to you all sooner... See y'all next year. Love it! Have a great... safe... blessed day... and stay well, stay good, stay harked up positive.

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