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Update_20160718 is a video uploaded by Chris on 18 July 2016. He begins this video by verbally fucking up the stardate and mistakenly saying that the year is 2014. He wishes a happy anniversary to George and Amber, part of a new video request program Chris started, that costs $50 up front.

A Kiwi Farms user named Koozbane revealed himself as George and uploaded screenshots of his conversation with Chris, saying he would not be paying for the video.

Although the shout-out was arranged by George, Chris opted to congratulate him for having a girlfriend; a more rational person would have called Amber lucky for having such a thoughtful boyfriend (especially one who is eager to drop $50 for a dedication from an autistic man-child). One can only guess why Chris was urged to applaud him instead of her.

He also shows off some Pokemon cards he is putting on eBay, finally selling some of his hoard that he has for money, but he still continues to beg for donations. He also announces that he no longer has a panel at the upcoming OmegaCon event.

Notable in this video is the glorious return of the "Captain's Log" opening, the first time since 2010.


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Stardate 18 July 2016
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Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
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Donations Further Requested, Please
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My brain's kinda--trying to... Stress! stress, anxiety, beep


Text Video Requests to me at (434)-760-0848; $50, and Payment Required Upfront, please.

Donations still requested.

Please send donations directly to us via PayPal to my email address: ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Thank you.

If you don't know how, watch this video.


Links to my Pokemon card eBay listings are on my Facebook wall and Twitter feed; go there to find them.


[PS4 intro]

Captain's log: Stardate, July 18th 2014 [sic]

Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. Eh, to start us off on this thing, I have a... Special dedication, from uh, George to his girlfriend Amber, personalized anniversary video.

Well George, you're lucky to have Amber, I'll tell you what. Anyways, so, anyway...

To Amber: "Happy anniversary! I love you so much. This has been the best six months of my life, and I owe it all to you. You make my life so wonderful, I hope this is only the beginning to the rest of our lives. From George to Amber."

Happy anniversary y'all. [sigh] Anyways, aside from that, umm, that's outta the way, umm, one or two... Things, right. Birthday Pikachu complete with the note, just like it says on my--just like on my listing. Complete with the anniversary--complete with the date and my signature when I received this very card... Sleeve and everything, s--see, right there, it has pictures on the listing, and I laminated... The pap--the slip--the inner slip. Two top loaders, taped together with double-sided and conferred on sides above--[sic] you can get them out from the top, simple as that.

And also, buy now, misprinted jungle Electrode, first edition! And shadowless, base set Charizard, the "Near-Holy Grail". I say "near" because it's not first edition. And - uhh - let's see what else. Oh! [sigh] Because of situations going on here at home between the finances and everything else, no comment on my personal life--[whispering while he removes the glasses] good grief... [exhales] I have to give panel my spot over at the OmegaCon over to somebody else... So, it's not--but I am gonna... Write a speech anyway and I'll present it in a future YouTube video.

Also, if you want uhh... [mumbling to himself] my brain's kinda--trying to... Stress! stress, anxiety, beep [sighs]... Well, anyway, so, alright, so, reminder that I'll do personal videos, for, uhh, 50 Dollars a pop, just like what I did for George and Amber there. But since my shop is down, I'll take it--the request via text message to my phone number which will be located right underneath this video. So, we'll-we'll do arrangements there, and I'll do the video recording and so on and so forth. Anyhow, hmm, uh, long day long day. [sigh] No comment on my personal life, uhn, no confirm or deny [sic] to rumours or fats [sic], whichever. Umm [sigh] Donations, really needed! Please help. I know, make it sound like a OneNote. But at least I'm offering a few updates right now, and I just did a video dedication and text message me and we'll set up some more. I find it easier to get--taking over text messages in here but anyway, very serious! Got pay me for--you gotta... Pay me... Like all that. Okay [sigh] anyway, that's it for now. Thank you and [exhales] have a good day. Have a good day!

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