SingStar Challenge Round 1

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The first round of the SingStar Challenge pitted IBAChandler's rendition of "Sonic Boom" from Sonic CD against CChanSonichuCWC's singing of "You're Pitiful" by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

IBAChandler's Entry

"Sonic Boom"
Stardate 31 July 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Saga Liquid saga.png Liquid Saga
Shirt Classicshirt.png The Classic
SingStar Challenge Announcement
...the other side of the brainbow!

IBAChandler uploaded his first challenge video on 31 July 2009. As said in the announcement video, his first song was the ending version of "Sonic Boom" from Sonic CD. In the opening seconds, IBAChandler puts down his webcam, displays the Sonic CD, fiddles with his medallion, dramatically removes his glasses and sweeps back his hair. IBAChandler's singing is out of tune and mistimed. He stumbles and even mispronounces words. The video closes with IBAChandler dramatically pointing at the camera and addressing CChanSonichuCWC directly, telling him it's his play.


I Pressed Play
Stardate 1 August 2009
Subject Matter Music.png Music
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga Liquid saga.png Liquid Saga
Sonic Boom
Don't Say You Love Me
Nobody is breaking any rules.

On 1 August 2009, Chris addresses accusations that he cheated in his Round 1 video.


To prove a point in response to some of the ba-[video skips] thing commentaries in the background of my first song in my own contest. Thinkin' of me breakin' the rules, dare you?

Well I will show you wrong. Look at this, exact same set up. Remember, the PSP right here, and I reached back for the remote attached to the PSP?

[Cut to a flashback of Chris starting his first song]

Let me show you a close up Zoom in view!

[Scrolls through PSP]

And... Through the remote. THE remote. And to the mini-system over there.

Get the picture Einsteins! So back the fuck off. Nobody is breaking any rules. The challenge is on. The start date is Wednesday, August fifth. His due date for his video is twenty-four hours after noon on Wednesday August fifth.

Good day.

CChanSonichuCWC's Entry

You're Pitiful
Stardate 1 August 2009
Subject Matter Music.png Music
Shirt Brownstripeshirt.png Brown
Liquid Chris' videos
Christian Weston Chandler (Ricardo) Hablar con el Impostor, And MANY OTHER NOTIFICATIONS!
The Fresh Prince of Bel-air
...I'm going to give you a real whoopin'.

CChanSonichuCWC uploaded his first challenge video on 1 August 2009. The video begins with him accepting the challenge and announcing his judges. He chose to sing "You're Pitiful" by "Weird Al" Yankovic (a very appropriate selection).


Hello Impostor, I accept your challenge and I, I hope you don't back out because I'm going to give you a real whoopin'. Yeah, so uh, yeah, my uh, my judges there are Kacey, my sweetheart, you know, I det- I dedicate this song to her, I love you Kacey. And, uh, you know I got the, uh, got the, uh, I got, I got my, uh, my YouTube friend, Seth, and, uh, my, my other YouTube friend, SpazKid. So... Those are my, uh, three judges. And, uh, you know, I mean, I mean, I, I, I suppose, you know, the impostor would have a sweetheart as a judge, but, uh, you know, somehow I doubt he has one.

[Jump cut]

Oh, and another thing, I am not cheating, I have my com- I have my computer here, but, uh, it's...

[CChanSonichuCWC turns the camera around to reveal his laptop running iTunes]

It's only, uh, it's only on iTunes, you know, so it's only, uh, gonna be for pressing play. Yeah.

[Jump cut back to CChanSonichuCWC in frame. The song is started and CChanSonichuCWC sings along]

Your play!

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