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Presenting the latest in Userbox technology, here is the list of all updated userboxes. Content was mostly copied from the old awards-style templates, but some have new colours. SPEAKING OF WHICH I'll probably have to simplify the colours of some userboxes as they don't look so nice when stacked up with other boxes IMO.



American Flag Americunt: This user is an Americunt and refuses to use unnecessary vowels. Uncle Sam would be proud!


Flag of Australia Australian: This user hails from the land down under and lives in constant fear of bush fires. When the eBarrier Reef comes, this user will be unable to read the CWCki.


Union Jack Britfag: I say! This user is a Britfag who, by order of The Queen (God Save Her), is required to use unnecessary vowels. Jolly good!


The Maple Leaf Canuckfag: This user hails from the Great White North and has milk in bags.
Cet utilisateur est originaire du Grand Nord Blanc et a du lait dans des sacs.


Flag of Europe Eurofag: This user is a Eurofag and insists on using unnecessary vowels.


Flag of Mexico Mexicant: This user is a day laborer from Mexico who edits CWCki for 35 cents an hour.
Este usuario es un jornalero de México que escribe en CWCki por 4 pesos la hora.

Religious Stance


Robert G. Ingersoll Agnostic
This user is agnostic and finds your claims about deities highly skeptical.


Penn Jillette Atheist
This user is an Atheist and refuses to believe that there is a god.


Bahá'í Star Bahá'í
This user is a follower of the Bahá'í Faith and under the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh, believes that humanity is one race.


Christian cross Christian
This user is a Christian and has accepted GodJesus as his/her savior.

God Complex

God God Complex
This user has a God Complex and believes that you should get on your knees now.


Om Hindu
This user is a Hindu and believes in reincarnation.


Star of David Jew
This user is a JEW! Unlike Chris, the
CWCki likes Jewish people.
Mazel tov!


Star and crescent Muslim
This user is a Muslim and has accepted the teachings and revelations of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Faravahar Zoroastrian
This user is a Zoroastrian and worships the Creator Ahura Mazda, who has no evil originating from Him.

Fucking Cats


Desi Chandler Desi
This user thinks Desi is the best Chandler cat! :3


Kitty Chandler Kitty
This user thinks Kitty is the best Chandler cat! :3


Lucy Chandler Lucy
This user thinks Lucy is the best Chandler cat! :3


Scampers Chandler Scampers
This user thinks Scampers is the best Chandler cat! :3


Skittles Chandler Skittles
This user thinks Skittles is the best Chandler cat! :3



Asexual Asexual
This user is a got-dang asexual and doesn't have hanky panky. They don't want to be "cured", thank you very much.


Bisexual Bisexual
This user is bisexual and likes both pickles and china. Simonchu would be so proud!


Homo Homo
This user is a homosexual and likes pickles. Magi-Chan is watching you masturbate.


Lesbian Lesbian
This user is a lesbian and likes china. Chris doesn't care that you don't like ducks.


This user is STRAIGHT. The men like dykes and china while the women like pickles & balls. Unlike Chris, they don't mind da homos.


Transgendered Transgendered
This user is transgendered and would very much like to become the opposite sex. If Chris ever falls off the straight path, he'll join you.



Asian Asian
This user is an Asian and takes pride in their math skills.


Niggo Black
This user is black and doesn't appreciate Chris's rampant racism.

Native American

Chris's Imaginary Ancestor Native American
This user is Native American and finds Chris's portrayal of their race offensive.


Chris Acting Black White
This user is white and finds Chris's race relations embarrassing.



Admin CWCki Admin
This user is an admin on CWCki and is SERIOUS BUSINESS.


Bureaucrat CWCki Bureaucrat
This user is a bureaucrat on CWCki. Nag them if you want to become an admin.

Quality Control

Janitor Quality Control Jerkop
This user is a Jerkop who ensures high quality Bavarian standards for all content on CWCki.


Jerkop CWCki Jerkop
This user is a Jerkop on CWCki who bans vandals from this region.


Hero Hero
This user is Heroic. He/She has defeated Chris-Chan. The way trolling was meant to be done.


Legend Legend
This user is Legendary. He/She has defeated Chris-Chan on his own turf. Again and again...


Observer Observer
This user is taking it Easy. He/She has followed Chris-Chan's movements. They haven't contributed to the trolling efforts.


Warrior Warrior
This user is Normal. He/She has contributed to trolling Chris in some way, shape, or form.

Order of the Pickle

Pickle Order of the Pickle
This user has performed selfless service above and beyond the call of duty for the glorious Motherland.





Art Palette CWCki Artfag
This user is an official CWCki Artfag who contributes to the Artist Commune project.


Asperchu Asperpedia Regular
This user is a regular contributor to Asperpedia.


Ass Burger Ass Burger
This user has Asperger's Syndrome and tries to take the Shine and Limelight away from True Autistics.

Boyfriend Free Girl

Female Boyfriend-free Girl
This user defies all odds and is a boyfriend-free girl. They must watch out for horny manchildren.

ED User

ED Encyclopedia Dramatica User
This user forges lulz and spreads drama throughout his/her homeland.

Grammar Natzi

BLANK Grammar Natzi
This user edits the CWCki to exterminate all typos and grammatical errors.


HAM! Ham
This user is a HUMONGOUS HAM and enjoys the fine art of MELODRAMA!


The Void On Hiatus
This user has been sucked into the Time Void and won't be able to edit for a period of time.


BLANK Hikikomori
This user should SUCK IT UP and DIVE RIGHT IN to the public scene.


mIRC #sonichu Reg
This user is a regular in #sonichu


This user is A JERK and takes away all the girls.


Awesomeface Krapplefag
This user regularly posts on /cwc/


OxiClean Mayor
This user is the mayor of CWCville and will clean the streets up with the power of Oxiclean.


Miscreant's Logo Miscreants Member
This user is a known agent in The Miscreants.


Naïve Naïve
This user isn't saying they're dumb... or naïve.


This user is a member of PVCC. Praise Mary!


Pedofork Pedofork
This user is not a Pedofork, you dorks.


You're Winner Rigist
This user is a Rigist and believes that everyone is WINNER until proven otherwise.


Squirtle Yawning Squirtle
This user is a bonafide Squirtle, and as such is very fond of hash and the motherfucking moon.


BLANK CWC Superstar
This user has been mentioned in a Chris video, specifically this one.


Pic Unrelated Sweetheart
This user is someone's sweetheart, but that doesn't mean they're safe from Chris (just ask Kacey).


I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcibes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.


TVTropes Logo Troper
This user would edit the CWCki, but they're too busy browsing TV Tropes.


Kimmi Weeaboo
This user is a weeaboo and is devastated by Chris's taste in animu.
Because this person is geek, anime was not liked by Sudie Endure chestnut.

Help Stuff


What are they?

Templates are a simple way to insert content in to an article without having to use a lot of Wiki markup. They are most often used for complex things like navigation boxes at the foot of articles, of fancy infoboxes.

  • Templates are stored in the Template namespace e.g. Template:Captain's Log
  • When a template is updated, the changes are rolled out everywhere the template is used
  • They can make use of variables, to insert information in specified places in the template.

How do I use one?

Inserting a template in to an article varies according to the template being used.

  • For a simple template without any parameters, you use the code {{templatename}}
  • If a template has named parameters, you use the code {{templatename |paramname=Some |paramname2=Content}}
    • Spaces are not needed between parameters, but can help make the template more readable to editors
    • In the template code, named parameters appear as {{{varname}}}. Text you enter for that parameter will be inserted in its place.
  • If the template doesn't have named parameters, any text placed after a vertical pipe | is treated as a numbered parameter: {{templatename|Some|Content}}
    • In the template code, numbered parameters appear as {{{1}}}. Each subsequent pipe adds a new numbered parameter.

Be careful with pipes

Any vertical pipes placed within the template braces {{ }} will be interpreted as the start of a new parameter. If you need to insert a pipe as part of a parameter's content, use: {{!}} (Usage)

Captain's Log

Captain's Log

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I have another plan in mind for this - as you can tell, this first idea didn't work out too well :(

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