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Chris's biting political commentary on President Trump.
Chris's political views defy conventional classification.

From his discovery on the internet towards 2017, Chris has been quite vocal about his political views. He was once a moderate and then leaned left. Following his shift in gender identity from 2011 onward, he moved further left. His progressing support of the LGBT+ community may have been why he has been more vocal about politics. In the post-merge era, he mentions politics infrequently (thankfully) as he's too busy pretending to be the goddess of his imaginary world. (oh....)

General views

Before the 2010s, Chris was a self-described moderate. His views were eclectic – they could best be described as fiscally liberal and socially conservative. He would therefore receive criticism from both sides of the political fence. Liberal trolls criticized Chris for his racism, sexism, homophobia, and black-and-white view of the world, as well as his poor understanding of science. Conservative trolls criticized him for his lack of a job, reliance on the government, unusual behavior, and obscure interests.

After the close of the Classic era, Chris's social views started to shift left, while his fiscal views shifted even further.

Reasons for Chris's political shift

Shift in identity

Chris's transgender identity has left him open to political influence from others, particularly as he has begun socializing within the LGBT community and other generally progressive outlets. He even became accepting of gay men, a group he once vehemently opposed.

Financial problems

Main article: Financhu Crisis

Chris's deteriorating financial situation, continued dependence on government money, and growing health problems for himself and his mother have enhanced his sensitivity to social spending and fiscal policy. In particular, one of Pmurt's most prominent policy goals was the repeal of the current Affordable Care Act; while the exact effects of the law on healthcare costs and availability for common people are debatable, it is generally considered at least partly effective. Chris has no doubt heard about Republican repeal efforts from his limited political news exposure, and likely holds them against Trump and his allies.

Politics in the Trump era and beyond

Chris discussed his political opinions by using toys to role-play a conversation.[1]

Chris voiced criticism of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump throughout 2016; after Trump's surprise victory, he issued outright death threats against President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. After they were inaugurated, he viewed himself as part of the anti-Trump resistance, although he did little aside from post memes and additional messages telling them to die. Chris's interests in LGBT+ issues likely played a role in his attacks on the then-new administration. However, in 2018, under the influence of the Idea Guys, he talked in a video about opposing Nazis, and claimed to be a member of Antifa. He also destroyed a toy pony under the impression that Nazis (a recurring antagonistic presence in the Idea Guys lore) had bugged it. As Chris became more enthralled by the concept of the Dimensional Merge, he generally tuned out of politics as he became more focused on alternate dimensions and his role in ensuring that cartoons and video games could become real.

Chris would eventually voice support to Joe Biden's presidential campaign, but he voted for Lisa Simpson in 2020 because he actually believes that she will become POTUS after the Dimensional Merge takes place[2]. While he continued to hate Trump and Pence, the outcome of the election didn't matter to him as much personally due to his belief in the delusion. His belief that Lisa is president presumably takes its influence from The Simpsons episode "Bart to the Future", which is set years in the future after she succeeds Donald Trump's then-fictional administration, which substantially increased the national debt before she took office. However, the events of "Bart to the Future" are not predictive, despite numerous viral videos promoting such misconception: Donald Trump considered running for the job in 1999, one year before the episode aired, and the first of the six bankruptcies to affect his businesses (which the national debt joke referenced) occurred in 1991.[3]

Views on policy

Chris's political views resemble a third-grade child's "if I were President" social studies assignment; possessing a shallow understanding of major world issues.

A rather insightful example of his limited understanding of how the world actually works is his video A Public Announcement for Congress, in which Chris explains in detail the actions he would take if elected President of the United States.

One doesn't even need to play the video to know that Chris is full of shit, as the title "A Public Announcement for Congress", contradicts itself. The video is not directed at Congress in any way, but rather is a stump speech directed at the American people. Anyone familiar with Chris's unique manner of speaking knows that he makes a habit of using fancy-sounding words (to him, at least) to make himself sound more intelligent than he actually is. Since Chris has no idea how to actually use these words, the results often make him sound even more like a total moron.

A Public Announcement for Congress
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Stardate 18 October 2010
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In the video, Chris displays to the world that he has no idea how anything works.

Chris's first 100 days as President would be as follows:

  • Use federal funds to create massive government housing complexes in every major city for the homeless.
  • Drastically lower the sales tax of the state of Virginia from 5% to 2.5%
  • Not lower "benefits" for retirees.
  • Subsidize pharmaceutical costs for retirees.
  • Confiscate all firearms owned by civilians.
  • Legalize gay marriage in every member state of the United Nations.
  • Construct FBI stations to monitor the activities of internet trolls.

Ideologically, Chris's views are all over the place, ranging from conservative (e.g. slashing tax rates in half) to extremely liberal views (e.g. setting up a massive welfare initiative in the form of "soup hotels").

Notably, the "five percent" tax rate Chris wants to be halved refers to the Virginia sales tax rate, and not a federal income tax. Besides the fact that sales tax rates are set by the states and not by the federal government, and President Chandler would have no power to change this, Chris's misunderstanding of the distinction between income and sales tax points to the fact that, to nobody's surprise, Brob probably filed all of Chris's taxes for him during those three incredible months when Chris was actually employed.

Since Chris most likely has never seen a W2 in his entire life, his approval of cutting taxes was most likely the influence of his late father. This is also most certainly the case with the next two points, which both relate to benefits for retired persons.

He would also take away all firearms from the civilian population, a direct violation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. He then immediately backtracks on this idea, instead settling to just confiscate and ban the sale of ammunition. This ammunition would then be redistributed to the population in the event of an attack from 'another nation or planet". Not even considering the fact that such a plan would be a logistical nightmare, Chris seems to forget that the United States already has a military to defend itself, so exactly why Chris believes the U.S. population would have to be engaged in Guerrilla-style warfare against a foreign invader is a mystery.

Chris's final proposal is perhaps the most egregious, suggesting that the resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a federal agency which is, among other things, dedicated to stopping foreign and domestic terrorist plots, should be used to investigate people who type "ur gay" over the internet.

In short, Chris's views on politics at that time were mostly the product of the influences of his conservative parents, combined with a well-meaning, yet naïve understanding of complex sociopolitical issues like poverty and gun violence.

Other Issues


On 15 November 2015, Chris wrote a piece on the ISIS attacks in France.

He demonstrated a very simplistic notion of ISIS, comparing it to a cartoon villain “looking to gather energies and power for themselves.”

He also tried to understand the motives of the terrorists by using his own life experiences against trolls, saying “I feel the terrorists, regardless of country, are misguided with paranoia and fear of others.”

His solution for world peace is simply to “stand together, combining our hearts and souls in the efforts to share the lights of friendship and love.” This ignores all underlying motives for sociopolitical tensions and is a solution more fitting for a fight among small children.


In the 2009 Father Call, Matthew called out Chris on his lack of patriotism, for making Twin Falling Towers, saying, “Don't tell me you're an American.” Chris took it literally, responding with “I was born in America, I was raised in America my whole life, I never left the United States of America.”

On 3 May 2017, Chris naïvely appealed to North Korea, a foreign totalitarian regime, for a coup against the President of the United States.

Chris's Involvement in the Political Process


Chris, to many people's shock and horror, has voted in multiple United States presidential elections. In 2008, Chris voted for Democratic candidate Barack Obama. His main reason for doing so was the fact that he had watched a set of documentaries on both Obama and his Republican opponent, John McCain. Chris, in True and Honest form, said he voted against McCain because he couldn’t identify with him on a personal level. In December 2008, he stated:[4]

I saw more of myself in Obama when I watched his A&E Biography, than in McCain's A&E Biography; both downloaded from the Playstation Store.

Who would you vote for; a war hero that you couldn't feel that much for, or the guy who you feel like is similar to you in social dilemmas?

Chris's reasons for choosing Obama over McCain are understandable, given the number of candidates, successful or otherwise, who has campaigned as a "man of the people." However, exactly what qualities of Barack Obama an obese manchild saw in himself is currently unknown. Chris elaborated further in 2014, during a date with Catherine:

I kind of felt like um, with my mental stabil-, with my mental problems and whatnot, I felt like I could similarly relate to him? I felt more related, felt more relatable to him in that sense than McCain was. As he was the, uh, prisoner in that other country he insisted, he did not want to be released early. He wanted to go out with the r-, with as s-, at the same time as errybody else. Uh I mean, that is, that is admirable [he pronounces this word all wrong].

Chris would go on to vote for Obama a second time in 2012 for, once again, no real reason besides his claim that he personally identified with him, saying, "I felt like I wanted to make sure that I had good reason to decide from the change and having a first black president. Aside from that, cause if I had done that, if I had done it on just that alone, that would have been racist."


Chris, after casting his vote for Hillary Clinton

Despite having four more years of opportunities to actually understand how a country functions, Chris's reasoning for his choice in the 2016 Presidential election remained laughably shallow. Chris repeatedly made clear his preference for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during this election cycle; his main reason being that she is a woman. In February 2016, Chris said, "I feel like American [sic] needs a woman's touch finally after all these years"[5] as a reason for why he wanted Hillary Clinton to become president.

Chris did make a slight attempt to develop his political views from the Obama era. Instead of just voting for Clinton because she reminds him of himself, he read up on the issues. Unfortunately, this consisted of skimming clickbait articles written by LGBT activists. He also cited an episode of The Simpsons as one of his major sources for being opposed to Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.[6]

When a fan asked him for reasons to vote for Clinton, he responded:[7]

  • Hillary will Tax the Fat Cats and fill the middle class and lower and get the country less in debt.
  • She is PRO-LGBTQ and Immigrants
  • She is more beneficial for EVERYONE in General.
  • AND, this country is long Overdue for a Woman's touch.

Despite claiming to be a feminist, the sexism in Chris's "woman's touch" remarks seems to elude him.

Chris has also given many reasons for opposing Trump.

2016 Election Results

Chris, after learning of the election results

On 9 November 2016, Chris reacted to news of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton by throwing a huge temper tantrum. During that time, he:

  • Asked someone to kill Trump with “a sniper rifle”
  • Made videos and Facebook posts depicting the President-elect, and later the Vice President-elect, being murdered in effigy, using Transformers and Legos
  • Posted to the comments section of an LGBT Facebook page and asked its readers to pray for Trump’s death

He also signed an online petition asking the Electoral College to disregard the results of the 2016 election and install Clinton into the presidency which did not happen.

Chris has refused to recognize Pmurt as his president, saying, “Trump is Not president, mayor, or Anything in Cwcville.[8]

Open Letter to Pmurt on the LGBT

Upon reading that Pmurt had said he would sign the First Amendment Defense Act if passed by Congress, a bill opposed by liberals due to potentially enabling discrimination against the LGBT community, Chris first reacted by making a death threat, then writing an open letter directed at Pmurt.

Hey! #DonaldTrump. I have a puzzler for you.

In the alternate reality/dimension/universe where A, Every person there is the Opposite born gender from here (in an example, the Donald Trump there is a Woman, and Every President of the United States of America there has been Female), and B, the LGBTQ is the Norm and the discrimination happens against the Straight People. Would You, the Donald Trump of This reality/dimension/universe, allow the Donald Trump(ette) in That opposite reality/dimension/universe, Sign the Anti-Straight Law, that would allow discrimination of Yourself, Ever?

If your answer is No, then it should be fit that you Not discriminate against us, the LGBTQ, as the people there Discriminate against the Straight.

Yet, if your answer remains Yes, then you, sir, would end up being a Self-Loathing Person, as you allowed the continuing of Discrimination of Yourself in that reality/dimension/universe that is the Very Same Planet, AND the Very Same United States of America, that You, Yourself, regardless, dare to reside and take office in.

#DonaldTrump, Abdicate the Office and let Hillary Clinton run this country, For the Love of Religion, and for any shred of Self-Love you have for yourself. Or die from yours or someone else's hand.

Good day.

Though confusing, Chris's point seems to be that he wants Pmurt to consider the perspective of an LGBT-oriented person before making his decision on the bill. Aside from the death threat at the end, it is a fair effort by Chris, whose own autism often makes it difficult for him to empathize with other people. In any case, said bill was never passed or signed by Pmurt.


Right on! I say No to Drumpftastic infinity squared.
Chris, giving support to the Biden/Harris campaign in response to Jason Alexander's endorsement.[9]
For a time, Chris was part of the Yang Gang.

By the time he encountered the Idea Guys, Chris had shifted his focus from being invested in following LGBT+ groups to being invested in his imaginary world. Without the influence from LGBT groups, Chris seemed to have left his hatred of Trump and his interest in politics behind, preferring to occupy himself with his polyamorous marriages and alternate dimensions. Nonetheless, Chris vocalized his support for Andrew Yang in October 2019, during the lead-up to the Democratic Party primaries to select a nominee for President. This was most likely due to Yang's support of universal basic income, which Chris probably hoped would upgrade his monthly tugboat significantly. Conversely, he practically ignored any and all news concerning Trump's impeachment in December 2019 and the months that followed, which demonstrated Chris's comparative lack of interest in politics at this point in time. After all, the impeachment process would have been the earliest point that he could have been removed from office besides January 2021, presuming that he lost his 2020 re-election bid (which he eventually did).

However, Chris did become slightly more engaged with politics much closer to the 2020 election, starting around the time that news that Donald Trump contracted COVID-19 got out. Taking to social media during October 2020, he replied to Ben Saint to dispel his claims that Chris was responsible for Trump's ailment via a curse; Chris also took a moment to proclaim that COVID-19 would not be the cause Trump's demise, but that his end will come by other means, as his death is foretold as part of Chris's own Dimensional Merge prophecies. He then vocalized support for Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a few days later, after their respective debates against Donald Trump and Mike Pence, ensuring that they received the critical Sonichu vote in the election. Chris also appreciated the schadenfreude of someone reportedly hacking into Trump's Twitter account after it was reported to have very minimal security protection. True to Chris's prophecy, Trump recovered from his infection.

The actual election arrived on 3 November. Despite Chris’s opposition to Trump and the uncertainty of the election, he tweeted that he would vote for Lisa Simpson, likely due to his belief that she would lead the nation after the Merge.[10] Provisional results indicate that Chris may be one of only two write-in voters in Ruckersville.[11] Regardless of whether or not Chris really wasted his vote on Lisa Simpson, Biden then won Virginia later that night by nearly ten points and eventually won enough states for both an electoral college and popular vote victory over Trump. Chris eventually watched a Saturday Night Live segment that he later tweeted about, expressing jubilation that Trump would not get a second term.

Amid a recent attempt to retreat into his fantasy world,[12] Chris did not comment on the outcome of the run-off Senate races in Georgia, which gave Biden a bare majority in the Senate, the storming of the U.S. Capitol on the following day, or Trump's second impeachment on charges of incitement to insurrection as a result of the storming. However, Chris did comment on Trump's ban from Twitter, which also occurred as a result of the storming.[13]

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