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Escapism is the act of seeking distraction, or desperately searching for a coping mechanism, in order to intentionally avoid any and all unpleasant realities. Chris can easily be considered the king of escapism, as he does anything he can to avoid the harsh realities of his life. Chris's rise to utter insanity, and his refusal to accept things as they are, has been popping up now and then throughout Christory, though it wouldn't fully come to light until April 15, 2020, where he no longer even considers himself "Christian" or “Christine”, but instead believes to have swapped bodies with his creations. He now calls himself "Sonichu inside of Christine's body"


Most people tend to use escapism in small amounts as a tool to cope with a stressful situation. For someone that’s done almost nothing in his life, Chris leads a very stressful life.

World-Building and Comics

Possibly one of the earliest examples of Chris coping with stressful situations is by replicating them in his Sonichu comics. Chris originally made these comics for his lovechild, Sonichu. There it would have showcased his adventures, where he’d overcome various bad guys, even this was swept away to the curb a bit in Issue 0.


Chris has a history of roleplaying. In a phonesex conversation, Chris roleplayed as Sonichu, this was mostly for sexual pleasure. In recent times he roleplays to escape reality. His first recorded roleplay was of Magi-chan on 15 august 2019, he stopped it a month later and declared that Chris has come back to 1218. He also uses his sock puppet account NightStar2891 for roleplaying as Magi-chan, how Magi-chan types without a body is something only Emmanuelle would know. He started to role play as Sonichu from 31 March 2020 as a coping mechanism for the cancellation of BABScon. On 19 April 2020 appeared in a video where he asked the host to refer to him as "Sonichu in Chris's body".
When Chris roleplays, he refers to himself in third person, in videos he (tries to) change his voice and vocabulary. When roleplaying as Sonichu he calls himself “Mama”. When roleplaying, he sometimes changes the profile picture and display name to match the OC he is "possessed" by. He also changes his signature to match the OC's name. This behaviour was not seen from Chris till the Idea guys and Teen troon squad roleplayed as characters from CWCville to influence Chris into their will. After they were brought down, Chris retained the idea of roleplaying by saying his OCs are manifesting in dimension 1218 (the real world) through his body to help in preparation for the dimensional merge or so Chris can attend an event in C-197 which has been cancelled or delayed in real life.
When roleplaying, Chris thinks people actually believe he is possesed by his OCs. He says things that would sound incredibly weird or creepy if it came from "Chris's" mouth, for example he called Barb a guilty pleasure waifu while roleplaying as Magi-chan. There could be two reasons for this, he might say this to prove that he no longer is Chris, so it is no longer incestuous or he uses his "possession" as an outlet for things that he always wanted to say but couldn't. It could also be a mix both of these reasons.

Roleplayed as From To Reason
Sonichu 13 February 2009 13 February 2009 Sexy time with a 13 year old boy 19 year old girl
Magi-chan 14 August 2019 14 September 2019 None
Sonichu 31 March 2020 Ongoing To attend BABScon in C-197
Mewtwo 14 May 2020 14 May 2020 White knighting himself on twitter


History of Chris's escapism

This habit became especially prevalent in the years following the September 2011 death of his father, after which Chris found himself thrust into the world of adult responsibilities as he had to do tasks such as pay his bills and help take care of his mother and pets. Chris was 29 years old when his father passed away; while most people would be accustomed to dealing with responsibilities by that age, Chris was unprepared for the burden since his parents had sheltered him up to that point (one example being, up until he died, his father had managed Chris's bank account for him due to his fiscal irresponsibility[1]).

When my father was alive, I had more freedom; now that he has passed, I lost a lot of freedom and remain to take after the tasks he had left behind. [...] You can only escape in your mental depths and recluse for so long before you are pulled back to reality, and too many things leave you feeling like you get little peace at home.

Chris occasionally whined on social media about his position in having to help take care of his mother and pets — his statements gradually revealing more of his retreat into escapist fantasies.

In September 2012, he complained:

Everybody else gets to go out for a fun and good time; I am stuck care-giving my mother and our dogs, and it is Very Stressful on me.[3]

In January 2013, Chris was hoping for a sweetheart to rescue him from his life:

I need my Sweetheart-to-be to make me happy; my heart hurts literally from my depression and loneliness. Serving my mother is not a final purpose to me, and my social life is very slim. I feel like I lack direction in my life as well.[4]

By October 2017, Chris was immersed in his escapism; from his list of reasons for refusing to get a job, half involved his devotion to his fantasies:

I Have a TON and S***-Load of Responsibilities and Worries here at home care-taking my mother, dogs, cats, and to my own passion of my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon Family, my City of Cwcville, my own Only-Me Psychic Connection to my family and friends there, in that dimension. So, I'll be darned if I Do Not already have enough on my plate[5]

Chris's desire to be rescued from reality left him desperate for his fantasies to be validated, his mentality similar to people willing to join cults. On 25 October 2017, the first of the Idea Guys entered the picture.

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