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This new information can be found from the following sources:
https://www.instagram.com/p/CHms9kGlhc3/ (archive: https://archive.ph/K6ojQ)
The Place chats - Piezoelectric Crystals
Naught DMs#Chris wants to activate the Merge by playing with taser
Thinking with Portals#Praetor and the Taser
The Place chats - Watchmen-Praetor confrontations
Taser Discussion
List of Chris's comments on YouTube#Chris Chan is Convinced to Taser Himself

A taser is a weapon capable of delivering an electric shock. Chris believed he could harness a taser's power as a means to activate the Dimensional Merge.


Taser vs stun gun

While they share a similar function to deliver electrical shocks, tasers and stun guns differ in that a taser fires projectiles at a target to deliver the shock, whereas a stun gun uses direct contact with a target.

The two terms have sometimes been used interchangeably to describe Chris or Praetor's alleged plans, in particular from a rumor by Watchmen member MKR,[1][2] leading to confusion. In addition, Praetor has referred to plans to film a video involving a stun gun in November 2020[3] - it is unclear whether or not this is related to Chris's plan to use Praetor's taser on his quartz crystals in February 2021.[4] In any event, no evidence has been found of Chris using either a stun gun or taser.

Piezoelectricity and Chris's crystals

Piezoelecticity is an electrical charge occurring from certain types of matter, such as crystals, to which mechanical energy is applied, such as striking a crystal.[5]

Quartz crystals work with the piezoelectric effect. Chris has at least two quartz crystals - a piece of quartz he has dubbed the "Gate Crystal" and a Lightning Struck Quartz piece he has dubbed the "Celestial Key."

Chris has applied magical thinking to his quartz crystals. He believes the Gate Crystal can open a warp gate and has been enchanted and blessed by himself to have the power to open a portal between dimensions.[6] He believes the Celestial Key is a component to the Dimensional Merge.[7]


The shopping cart image Praetor posted.

On 15 November 2020, the Praetor Instagram account posted an image of an online store's shopping cart.[3] Within the cart was 1 Pikachu mask and 1 VIPERTEK VTS-989 560 BV stun gun. Accompanying the post was the message:

As Praetor, we always work hard to produce the best videos we can. Good works are in progress!

February 2021

The Gate Crystal in TSSSF form.

The Celestial Key in TSSSF form.


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